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* Kurousagi is in her room, brushing her hair as she waits for Himura to come
* Himura has been barred from seeing Samanta... haha
* Himura has decided to stage a little drama for the people of Venice
* Kurousagi has been playing the tearful girl after being forbidden from seeing Gianni
* Kurousagi is a prisoner in her own home! Poor her!
* Himura is prentending to be drunk and singing loudly as he poles a gondola along to under the Monti home, positions himself under her balconey
* Himura waited until a time when people would be getting ready for bed, but not yet really asleep
* Himura chuckles to himself and then takes a deep breath and gets into character... tearful, in love, yes
* Kurousagi is looking very lovely with her hair out and dressed in a light nightgown and a dressing gown over it
* Himura looks up at her lighted window and yells
<Himura> SAMANTA!!!
* Kurousagi has been getting into character, too
* Kurousagi gasps slightly and gets up, rushing over to her window and looks down
* Himura watches as lamps are lighted around him
* Himura looks anguished
<Himura> SAMANATA!!!
* Kurousagi sees Gianni and hurries to her balcony instead
* Kurousagi leans over the railing and looks down at him
<Kurousagi> Gianni!
<Himura> Samanta! I can't live without you!
* Kurousagi blushes a bit
<Kurousagi> Gianni... don't... my uncle will hear you...
* Kurousagi looks as if she's about to break into tears at the thought
<Himura> I don't care
<Himura> he can kill me, for it's the same as telling me never to look on you again
<Himura> every particle of my being tells me I must be with you! How can I stand this misery?
<Kurousagi> Don't talk like that... it's... I'd... don't you know I'd die if you did?
* Kurousagi looks longingly at him
* Himura looks back
<Himura> to live like this is to die every day
* Himura notes that there are heads at almost every window now
* Kurousagi nods a bit and then looks away, wiping her eyes
* Himura falls to his knees in the boat
<Himura> Samanta, tell me now, do you love me?
* Kurousagi leans over the railing again, blushing
<Kurousagi> Don't you know? Can't you feel it? Yes! Yes, I do love you...
* Himura claps his hands to his chest
<Kurousagi> With all my heart... and that's why... why I worry for you...
<Himura> then before all of Venice, I swear to you, with all my heart, I am yours forever and whatever it takes, I will take you as my wife
* Himura sobs noisily
* Kurousagi smiles and blushes, teareyedly
<Himura> I need you, the fire of my soul could light the entire sky
<Himura> I could mount the seas on the passion in my heart
<Kurousagi> I need you too, Gianni
<Kurousagi> and... and I'll talk to my uncle...
<Kurousagi> I'll try...
* Himura nods
<Himura> I'll call on him tomorrow...
* Kurousagi looks like she very much doubts her pleas will work, though
<Kurousagi> be carefull...
<Himura> he can only kill me
<Himura> it can't be worse than life without you
<Kurousagi> Gianni... if you die... if you die, then I'll follow you... for I couldn't bear to be in a world without you
<Himura> then together we live or together we die
<Kurousagi> yes...
* Himura nods
<Himura> you have my word
* Kurousagi leans further over the railing
<Kurousagi> and you have mine... and my heart
* Himura stands up and reaches as tall as he can, brushing the tips of her fingers with his
* Kurousagi smiles slightly as they touch
* Himura does as well
<Himura> goodnight my love
<Kurousagi> ~too bad we've already done the balcony stunt, eh? *wink*~
<Himura> ~indeed, but that was almost as good~
<Kurousagi> ~*grin*~
<Himura> ~they're practically hanging out of their windows to see~
<Kurousagi> goodnight, Gianni... goodnight
* Himura blows her a kiss and then struggles with the pole, pushing the gondola away, his eyes on her
* Kurousagi looks after him, tightening her dressing robe around herself
* Himura poles the gondola back to its docking place and staggers back home
* Himura laughs to himself as soon as he's alone
<Himura> ~oh, well done~
* Kurousagi stays there for a few minutes after he has disappeared and then goes back inside, turning out the lights and going to bed
<Kurousagi> ~yes, I thought so, too~
<Kurousagi> ~and you~
<Himura> ~most gracious of you~
<Himura> ~shall I come over?~
<Kurousagi> ~either that, or I can go to your place~
<Himura> ~your neighbours will be listening now, hoping to hear a fight, or you crying...~
<Kurousagi> ~yeah~
<Kurousagi> ~want to fight?~
* Himura chuckles
* Himura teleports to her side
<Himura> oh, darling, you know how I love a good tussle
* Kurousagi smiles up at him
* Himura smiles back
* Himura changes his voice to that of the uncle and gets up
* Himura lights a candle and slams the door
<Himura> how dare you carry on like that and disgrace your dead father's name?
* Himura speaks just loud enough to be heard by neighbours
<Kurousagi> Uncle!
* Kurousagi sits up
<Himura> all of Venice could hear your shame
<Kurousagi> It... it's not a shame!
<Kurousagi> I love him!
* Himura scoffs
<Himura> Love!?
<Himura> you know nothing of love!
<Himura> you think drunken acts of boldness make him a man worthy of you?
* Kurousagi looks down
<Kurousagi> He's good and kind
<Kurousagi> and even if he hadn't come tonight, I'd love him
<Himura> I am of half a mind to send you back to the country
<Himura> this city has made you mad
<Himura> a sensible match can be made for you there
<Kurousagi> oh, uncle! I'll die if you take me from here!
<Himura> the drama of youth will be forgotten when you are properly wed
<Kurousagi> I could never forget him!
<Kurousagi> please, uncle...
* Kurousagi sounds like she's nearing tears again
<Himura> Samanta, I am only doing as your father bade me, look after you
<Himura> I shall have that boy beaten for his insolence, he will see that idle threats don't frighten me
<Himura> now, go to sleep
<Himura> if I hear any more, I shall move you from the city this very night!
<Kurousagi> uncle... *pleading*
<Himura> good night Samanta!
* Himura slams the door again, extinguishing the candle
* Himura shakes with silent laughter
* Kurousagi breaks down into tears... yes, clearly terms and not laughter
* Himura climbs up onto the bed
* Himura crawls over to her
* Kurousagi sniffles adorably at him
* Himura does his best not to howl with laughter
<Himura> ~you are too cute for words~
<Kurousagi> ~you think so?~
<Himura> ~I know so~
* Himura mind caresses
* Kurousagi calms down from her tears until she's at the silent sobbing level, which the neighbours wouldn't hear anyway, so she stops and grins at him
* Himura grins back
* Himura puts an arm around her and teleports them back to his place
* Kurousagi gasps, is still looking like Samanta after all
<Kurousagi> Gianni! what -are- you doing?
* Kurousagi winks
* Himura relaxs into Himura and kisses her deeply
<Himura> ~running away with the fair lady~
* Kurousagi kisses back, relaxing her features as well
<Himura> mmmm
<Kurousagi> ~we could run away together~
<Kurousagi> *winks*
* Himura chuckles
* Himura nibbles her lip and pulls away
<Himura> we could at that
<Himura> but it's more fun if we have a public drama about it
<Kurousagi> true
<Himura> are you having fun?
<Kurousagi> I could also commit suicide if my uncle actually decided to send me away *winks*
<Kurousagi> hmm? yeah
<Kurousagi> lots of fun
<Kurousagi> *grins*
<Himura> I won't take it that far
<Kurousagi> good
<Himura> did you hear them whispering?
<Himura> "that poor girl"
<Kurousagi> hmmm, a bit, yeah
* Himura chuckles
<Kurousagi> but I was also busy crying *winks*
<Himura> true
<Kurousagi> did they say something else?
* Kurousagi moves closer to him
<Himura> "it's shameful how he treats her"
* Himura caresses her
<Himura> "I hope they elope"
* Kurousagi grins
<Kurousagi> so, how're we going to bring this together?
* Kurousagi runs a hand down his back
<Himura> mm, I don't know
* Himura shivers
<Kurousagi> hmmm
* Kurousagi looks thoughtful
* Kurousagi rests her hand on his ass
<Himura> any suggestions?
* Himura chuckles
<Kurousagi> well, we -could- elope, of course
<Himura> yeees
* Kurousagi gropes his butt lightly
<Kurousagi> or we could convince my uncle somehow
<Himura> or, the uncle could meet with an accident
* Himura slides his hand under the dressing gown and traces her figure through the thin nightgown
* Kurousagi smiles slightly
<Kurousagi> mmm... yeah, he could
<Kurousagi> but if I'm in mourning, I can't really marry you all that soon, can I?
<Himura> of course... we could reveal some horrible crime of his in the past and he can flee in shame, never to be seen again *winks*
<Kurousagi> hmmm... that could work
<Kurousagi> or I could become sick by the thought of not seeing you again, and convinced of the depths of my feelings... *chuckles*
* Himura pulls her to him, kissing along her jaw
<Himura> how deep are those feelings, Miss Monti?
<Kurousagi> mmm, plenty deep, mr Rossi...
* Kurousagi shrugs out of her dressing robe
<Himura> shall I plumb the depths to test them?
<Kurousagi> mmm, yes
* Himura kisses down her throat
* Kurousagi presses closer to him
<Himura> that *kiss* could be *kiss* an involved *kiss* process
<Kurousagi> mhm....
* Kurousagi runs her hands up his back
* Kurousagi teleports them out of their clothes, grinning at him
* Himura grins back
<Himura> mmm, so glad I taught you that trick
* Himura rubs her leg with his
<Kurousagi> so'm I
* Kurousagi still usually lets him do it, but, yeah
* Kurousagi rubs back
* Himura continues the rubbing and kisses further down to her chest
* Kurousagi moans, caressing his skin slowly
<Kurousagi> mmm, mr Rossi, this is so... so... immoral
* Himura moans as well
<Himura> sinful
<Kurousagi> very much so... aah
<Kurousagi> and so very... delightful
<Himura> mmmm, Miss Monti, you are such a temptress
<Kurousagi> I know *grins*
<Kurousagi> I mmmmean... what do you mean, mr Rossi?
* Himura kisses and sucks at her skin ~I mean, you taste like heaven and you feel like silk under me~
* Kurousagi smiles and wraps her legs around him
* Himura moans, grinning
* Kurousagi moans in return
<Kurousagi> If I'm to be a temptress, I might as well act the part...
* Kurousagi shifts her hips against his, moaning again
<Himura> why, Miss Monti, that was *pant* a very forward move on your part
* Himura groans in return, gritting his teeth
* Himura plumbs her depths as thoroughly as he can, which is quite thoroughly
* Kurousagi has fun with the plumber... oh, yes.
* Himura quite likes this particular job
* Himura collapses beside her when things have been entirely plumbed and explored
* Kurousagi clings to him once the plumbing is finished. "So, are you convinced about the depths of my feelings?"
<Himura> quite
<Himura> impressive, your depths
<Himura> worth a second look
<Himura> but... not just yet
* Kurousagi chuckles and kisses him
* Himura kisses back
<Kurousagi> so... do you think me falling terribly ill would do it? *grins a bit*
<Himura> it could
<Himura> a wasting illness
<Himura> you're already so pale *winks*
<Kurousagi> yep
<Kurousagi> and I'm going to die in a few years anyway, eh? *winks*
<Himura> exactly
<Kurousagi> by... consumption, didn't we say?
<Himura> very chic
* Kurousagi grins at him
* Himura kisses her quickly
<Kurousagi> so, I guess that means tomorrow's conversation won't be going too well
<Kurousagi> I'll be sitting by my window to look for you, though *kisses him*
<Himura> how many bruises should I sport?
<Kurousagi> hmmm... a fair number, I think
* Himura nods
<Kurousagi> and perhaps a cut lip, too
<Himura> I'm sure I can manage something horrible to look at
<Kurousagi> just slightly
* Kurousagi smiles and touches his lips
<Himura> you blood thirsty little vixen
<Kurousagi> right... here *touches his lips again and then kisses*
* Himura bites his lip there when she pulls away
<Himura> like that?
<Kurousagi> hmmm, something like that, yeah
* Kurousagi sucks his lip lightly
* Himura smiles at her mentally
<Himura> ~hungry?~
<Kurousagi> ~a bit~
* Kurousagi lets go of his lip and smiles at him
<Kurousagi> anyway, I'll be very worried about your bruises tomorrow *grin*
<Himura> and I will be in so much pain, but soldiering on for your love
<Kurousagi> hmmm, wonder if I could sneak out somewhere suitably public and try to kiss them better *grins*
<Himura> oh dear
<Himura> how scandalous
<Kurousagi> I'm young, and in love *winks*
<Kurousagi> and our future is so uncertain
<Himura> true
<Himura> maybe a little kiss... very chaste
<Himura> you're the ideal girl, don't forget
<Kurousagi> hmmm, true
<Himura> so, nothing too untoward
<Himura> I think a little innocent kiss to your battered love could be acceptable though
<Kurousagi> yeah
* Kurousagi smiles and strokes his back
<Kurousagi> what about a hug?
<Himura> that is certainly acceptable
<Kurousagi> a hug and a kiss and lots of worrying
<Kurousagi> hmm
<Kurousagi> I think I can do that
* Himura nods
* Kurousagi kisses him in a rather non-chaste way
* Himura kisses back non-chastely
<Kurousagi> mmm
<Kurousagi> poor Gianni, all beaten up
<Kurousagi> and nasty uncle for having had you beaten up
<Himura> and sweet, lovely Samanta, like a fresh breeze
<Kurousagi> I'll be looking tired and pale, though
<Kurousagi> having cried most night
<Himura> but lovely, still
<Himura> in a tragic way
* Kurousagi grins
<Kurousagi> of course
* Kurousagi changes her face to that of Samanta Monti, all tired and teary-eyed
<Kurousagi> "oh, Gianni!"
* Himura laughs
<Himura> oh gods, it's so hard to take you seriously when you look like that
* Kurousagi flutters her eyelashes at him, looking very innocent
<Kurousagi> I do not know what you're talking about, I'm sure
* Himura tickles her
<Himura> you know -exactly- what I mean
* Kurousagi laughs and relaxes her features again
* Himura kisses her
* Kurousagi kisses back
<Himura> I can't help prefering you this way
<Kurousagi> better suited for my real, evil personality?
<Himura> you're not evil
<Himura> manipulative, greedy, grasping, murderous, and lustful
<Himura> but not evil *winks*
* Kurousagi chuckles
* Himura snugs up
* Kurousagi snugs back
* Himura stretches
<Kurousagi> you know, that's what some people would define as evil
<Himura> psht
<Himura> they're just caught up thinking of things from the human point of view
<Himura> from our perspective, it's just survival
* Kurousagi kisses him deeply
* Himura kisses back
<Himura> do you think you're evil?
<Kurousagi> not really
<Kurousagi> a bit, maybe
<Kurousagi> because I was like this when I was human, too
<Himura> hmm
<Himura> I was manipulative and lustful as a human
<Himura> not all that greedy, really
<Himura> a bit, perhaps, I like nice things
<Himura> but I'd never killed until I was turned
<Himura> then again, killing is much more difficult to get away with in my time
<Kurousagi> mhm
<Kurousagi> of course, I didn't get away with it either
<Kurousagi> but then, I actually killed whole villages on my own
* Himura sighs
<Himura> why did you?
<Himura> you never talk about that time...
* Kurousagi shrugs slightly
<Kurousagi> I was young and stupid?
<Kurousagi> thought I was going to live forever
<Himura> well, you are...
* Kurousagi grins slightly
<Kurousagi> oh, yeah, there's that
<Kurousagi> uhm... I don't know why I did it
<Kurousagi> to see if I could, maybe?
* Himura nods
<Kurousagi> or because I was angry with the world or something *shrugs*
<Himura> you were a very confused girl
<Kurousagi> yep
<Himura> I suppose maybe you were evil...
<Himura> and now you're normal, for a vampire
<Kurousagi> yeah
<Himura> you didn't seem evil in that hut
<Himura> you seemed... hurt
* Kurousagi shrugs slightly
* Himura hugs her to him
<Himura> I know you don't like to talk about it, I'm sorry
* Kurousagi hugs back
<Kurousagi> it's ok...
<Himura> I think... I think you did what you did because... you sought power to be secure, who wouldn't after your past?
* Kurousagi nods slightly
<Himura> and once you found someone powerful, it drove you to... keep up
<Himura> you wouldn't have killed those people unless he'd ordered it
<Himura> you couldn't very well court death by refusing
<Himura> now, that's not to say you wouldn't have killed, you might have... but you were having to keep up with youkai, the animal-strength and depravity
* Kurousagi nods slowly
<Kurousagi> yeah...
* Kurousagi rubs her temples slightly
<Kurousagi> I guess you're right
* Himura caresses her arm
* Kurousagi closes her eyes and cuddles close
* Himura kisses her cheek
<Himura> sleepy?
<Kurousagi> just a tad
<Himura> mm, alright
<Himura> sleep well
* Kurousagi kisses him
<Kurousagi> ~should I go home?~
<Himura> ~stay, at least until it's light~
<Kurousagi> ~alright~
* Kurousagi cuddles close
* Himura closes his eyes, settling closer to her
<Kurousagi> sleep well...
<Himura> you too...
<Kurousagi> mhm
* Kurousagi falls asleep in his arms... aww
* Himura falls asleep in HER arms, more aww
* Kurousagi and Himura are very awwwdorable
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