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* Himura shows up at the garden party all in white
* Himura looks very dapper in his wide brimmed hat... damn sun
* Kurousagi is already there, also dressed in white, and with pretty white flowers in her hair... and wearing a parasol, of course... must take care of that skin, yes.
* Kurousagi looks the epitome of innocense, which she finds very amusing
* Kurousagi looks over in direction of his aura when she notes him arriving
<Kurousagi> ~remember to bring me flower?~
* Himura finds it amusing as well when he spots her across the garden, she's even curled her hair into ringlets
<Himura> ~oh yes~
* Himura has the long-stemmed red rose with him
<Kurousagi> ~good...~ *smiles*
* Himura approaches her after he's said hello to his host and so forth
* Himura bows
* Kurousagi curtsies
<Himura> Miss Monti, it is so pleasant to see you
<Himura> you put the flowers in this lovely garden to shame with your beauty
* Kurousagi affects a slight blush. "I am very happy to see you as well, Mr Rossi... I take it you're in good health and spirits?"
<Kurousagi> ~like my hair?~
<Himura> excellent health and my spirits are all the better for seeing you
<Himura> ~with a passion~
* Kurousagi smiles
<Kurousagi> I am very happy if that's the case
<Himura> I... I brought you this rose... though it does not do you justice
* Himura pulls the rose out and present it to her, affecting a blush of his own
<Kurousagi> Oh... thank you!
* Himura smiles
<Himura> you're so very welcome
* Kurousagi takes it from him, smelling it and touching her lips just lightly to it
<Himura> I hope you like it
<Kurousagi> I do... very much
<Himura> then I am a happy man
* Kurousagi smiles at him
* Himura smiles back
<Himura> would you consent to walking about the garden with me?
<Kurousagi> I'd be very happy to do so, in fact
<Kurousagi> ~should I put the rose in my hair, you think?~
<Himura> ~no, belt... vivid imagery~
<Kurousagi> ~ooooh, right, I forgot~
* Kurousagi puts the rose in her belt
* Himura offers her his arm
* Kurousagi places the parasol in her other hand and takes his offered arm
<Himura> ~we are the center of attention, it's amazing how quickly word travels~
<Kurousagi> ~yes, it's great, isn't it?~
<Himura> ~indeed~
<Kurousagi> ~and everyone tries not to be too obvious about it~
<Himura> ~while all the time goggling like idiots~
* Kurousagi 'notices' someone looking and affects another blush, looking down
* Himura very carefully leads her past just about everyone so they can be thoroughly observed
<Himura> Why, Miss Monti, what could be wrong?
<Kurousagi> Oh... nothing
<Himura> you blush so fetchingly
<Kurousagi> I'm just glad... that we were both invited here
<Himura> ah, yes
<Himura> so am I
<Himura> very grateful indeed
<Himura> in fact, I have had you much on my mind
<Kurousagi> and I you...
<Kurousagi> would it be too bold to tell you that you've appeared in my dreams?
* Himura gasps a bit and blushes a bit
<Himura> no... not too bold
<Himura> in fact, I must admit to having seen you in my dreams as well
* Kurousagi blushes and smiles just slightly
<Kurousagi> you have?
* Himura nods
<Himura> they were very nice dreams
<Kurousagi> so were mine...
* Kurousagi blushes
* Himura does as well
<Kurousagi> though I'm afraid you'd laugh if I told you what happened in them
<Himura> I promise not to laugh
<Himura> please, I am so very eager to know
* Kurousagi lowers her voice quite a bit, probably low enough that nobody would be able to hear... unless they were really trying to listen in "I dreamed we were at some kind of altar... tying our fates together, somehow..."
* Kurousagi blushes deeply
<Kurousagi> it was just a dream...
* Himura blushes as well
<Himura> would it shock you to know I had a similar dream?
<Kurousagi> a bit, maybe
<Himura> we were facing one another with hands held
<Himura> there were candles...
* Kurousagi nods slowly, looking more at him than anything else now... looks a bit shocked
* Himura sighs
<Himura> but as you said, it's just a dream
<Kurousagi> yes...
<Himura> and the fact that we were drawn together out of a crowd of hundreds... how do we explain that away?
<Kurousagi> I don't know...
* Kurousagi looks down
<Himura> perhaps... perhaps we came to this city, both of us outsiders, both of us yearning for something... only to find one another
<Kurousagi> yes...
<Kurousagi> I half didn't know why I decided to come here...
<Himura> I had a comfortable life in the country, but still I felt the need to come here
<Kurousagi> my father was from this place, it's true...
<Kurousagi> but I was born far from here, and coming to live in the city my father grew up in... I don't know why I did it... it was just something inside telling me I had to
* Himura nods
<Himura> as I said, you have been so much on my mind
<Himura> it makes me think there was something else...
<Kurousagi> ...fate?
<Himura> yes... perhaps
<Himura> or the hand of God
<Kurousagi> yes...
<Kurousagi> I like that explanation...
* Himura smiles
<Himura> something certainly guided us to one another
<Kurousagi> yes...
<Himura> but... I am running ahead of myself
<Himura> I meant only to ask you if I might begin calling on you
<Kurousagi> yes... I'd be very happy if you did...
* Himura nods
<Himura> with a suitable chaperone, of course...
<Himura> I don't wish to tarnish your reputation
<Kurousagi> ~yeah, right~
* Kurousagi blushes. "Of course not..."
<Himura> ~it's true... it's more fun if you keep it~
<Himura> ~of course, I don't mind actually ruining you on a regular basis~
<Kurousagi> ~hehe, I know... it just seemed such a silly statement, coming from you~
<Himura> ~*mental chuckle*~
<Kurousagi> and... as I said... I'd be very glad if you'd come
* Himura nods
<Himura> of course, a little time alone to talk together would be lovely
<Kurousagi> yes...
<Himura> there is so much to talk about
<Himura> though it seems I have known you always, we barely know the small particulars that are so important
<Kurousagi> I know...
<Himura> for example, do you have any brothers or sisters?
<Himura> any living family?
<Kurousagi> No, I'm the last of my kin... except for my uncle, but I do not usually see much of him
<Kurousagi> it's like... your face is as familiar to me as my own... your voice feels like the one I've compared all other voices too... but I know almost nothing about you, except for what I learned at the ball, and... a little from asking people of you.
<Himura> you've asked about me?
<Himura> I must admit to doing the same
* Himura blushes a bit
* Kurousagi blushes a bit as well
<Kurousagi> yes... you don't mind, I hope?
<Himura> not at all
<Himura> so, I suppose your uncle is your gaurdian
<Kurousagi> yes...
* Himura nods
<Himura> that's good to know
<Kurousagi> ~in case you need to ask for my hand in marriage?~
<Himura> ~exactly~
<Kurousagi> I... I guess so..
<Kurousagi> though, as I said... I don't see very much of him
* Himura smiles
<Himura> I feel I should write and tell him of my calling on you
<Himura> it is only honourable
<Kurousagi> yes...
* Kurousagi smiles slightly
<Kurousagi> so... are your parents still alive, Mr Rossi?
* Himura shakes his head
<Himura> I am the head of my family
<Himura> there are some distant relations, but when my parents died, I became the last Rossi of my line
<Kurousagi> no brothers or sisters then, I take it?
<Himura> no
<Himura> just me
<Kurousagi> is it... lonely?
* Kurousagi blushes and looks down
<Himura> it can be, yes
<Himura> I always thought it would be simply a matter of finding the right girl to start a family with... but none of the girls I met were right
<Himura> until I saw you the other night
<Himura> and my world was changed
* Kurousagi blinks at him, her mouth hanging open just slightly... her face looking totally transparent, as if she's just thinking 'did he just say I'm the sort of girl he wants to marry?'
* Himura looks down, obviously embarrassed
<Himura> I'm sorry, I said too much
<Kurousagi> I... no... I mean...
* Himura shakes his head
<Himura> I offended you
<Kurousagi> no... not at all
<Himura> I didn't?
<Kurousagi> I'm very happy to... to be the kind of girl you could... perhaps... consider marrying
* Kurousagi looks down
<Himura> you are certainly that kind of girl...
* Kurousagi looks up into his eyes, has to bite the inside of her lip to keep from laughing
<Kurousagi> and you're the kind of man... *stops, affecting yet another blush*
<Himura> in fact, in a way, I feel our souls are already wed...never have I felt such a connection... I... *blushes as well*
<Himura> ~ok, we have to stop or I'm going to choke~
<Kurousagi> ~yeah... oh gods... *mental laughter*~
<Kurousagi> yes... I feel it too...
* Kurousagi looks down
<Himura> perhaps... we should talk of something else
<Kurousagi> I... yes
<Kurousagi> we should
* Himura nods
* Kurousagi clears her throat slightly
* Himura leads her around to a table where they are giving out glasses of punch
<Himura> if there are other people you wish to speak to, please do
<Himura> I don't mean to keep you all to myself
<Himura> I'm afraid given the opportunity I would happily speak to only you all day
<Kurousagi> I think I'd like to speak to you all day, too.
* Himura smiles
<Himura> would you like some punch?
<Kurousagi> yes, thank you
* Himura nods and then fetches them both a glass
* Kurousagi takes it from him
* Himura hands her one and walks with her to the shade under a tree to drink
<Himura> ~bloody Italians and their love affair with the fucking sun~
<Kurousagi> so... what do you enjoy doing, Mr Rossi?
<Kurousagi> ~yeah, I know... sheesh~
<Himura> well, I am a sportsman, a fair hunter *mental wink*
<Himura> and since coming here, I have very much enjoyed the theater and opera
* Kurousagi smiles
<Kurousagi> I hope I will see you there, then
<Himura> ah, yes
<Himura> that would be very nice
<Himura> what about you?
<Kurousagi> oh, I enjoy the theatre and opera too...
<Kurousagi> and reading... do you read a lot, Mr Rossi?
<Himura> yes, I enjoy reading
<Himura> though I usually have little time for it
* Kurousagi smiles at him
<Kurousagi> I have quite a lot of time at my hands... I fear I'm not very skilled at handiwork
<Himura> and what do you like to read, Miss Monti?
* Himura smiles back
<Kurousagi> oh... romance novels are my greatest joy, I'm a little ashamed to admit
* Himura chuckles
<Himura> probably more interesting than feed reports
<Kurousagi> yes... probably
<Kurousagi> they can be rather silly, though... *blushes*
<Himura> and what is it about romance novels that you like so much?
<Himura> I might have called them so a week ago, but I am now a firm believer in romance
<Kurousagi> yes... I feel like I'm living in one, now... I mean... *looks down* I mean, not really... just a little, perhaps...
<Kurousagi> I guess... what I like about them is... is the fact that they allow you to believe there's someone out there for everyone...
<Himura> yes...
<Himura> I can see why that would be appealing
<Kurousagi> someone who fits together exactly with you...
<Himura> I often feel that pull at the theater
<Kurousagi> yes...
<Himura> when the music swells and the couple is standing alone, you wish so much for them to see what is so obvious to you
<Kurousagi> yeah...
<Kurousagi> that they really love eachother...
<Himura> yes...
<Himura> exactly that, yes
<Himura> but... they can't, for whatever reason
<Kurousagi> no...
<Kurousagi> I guess it takes a while to admit to yourself...
<Himura> and to find the courage to say it aloud
<Kurousagi> yes...
* Kurousagi looks into his eyes
<Kurousagi> ~god, these characters just can't stay away from this topic, can they?~
<Himura> ~but it's really funny~
<Himura> of course, in the theater, they have the luxury of... a storyteller
<Kurousagi> yes... there's that
<Kurousagi> but still, you think... when they're standing together and looking into each other's eyes...
* Himura clears his throat slightly
<Himura> yes...
* Kurousagi blushes and looks down, sipping her punch
* Himura sips his punch as well
<Kurousagi> so... you believe in true love, Mr Rossi...?
<Himura> I think I must
<Himura> and you?
<Kurousagi> yes... with all my heart
<Himura> do you think it's possible for two people to find an unshakable love between them?
* Himura smiles
* Kurousagi nods slowly, smiling back
<Himura> ~I should throw you onto the lawn right now and shock all these people~
<Kurousagi> ~or take me against the tree? *wink*~
<Himura> ~ohh, don't give me ideas you evil thing~
* Himura looks down
<Himura> we seem to have finished our punch
<Himura> wait here, I'll take these glasses back
* Kurousagi hands him her glass "Alright..."
<Kurousagi> ~but I like giving you ideas...~
<Himura> ~yes, I know, which is why I called you evil~
<Kurousagi> ~hmmm... I guess I am that~
* Kurousagi smiles shyly at him
* Himura takes the glasses back to the table and dallies a bit, is actually feeling very attracted to her, and the teasing, even if it is a game, is affecting him
* Himura takes a deep and totally unnecessary breath and goes back to her side
* Kurousagi smiles when he returns
<Kurousagi> I missed you...
<Himura> and I, you
<Himura> to be honest, though, while I long for your company, it is also difficult for me
<Himura> I am not clever or witty
<Himura> I am certain I must bore you
* Kurousagi gasps slightly and shakes her head
<Kurousagi> no...
<Kurousagi> though, in fact, I fear the same...
* Himura smiles
<Himura> what a pair we are
<Himura> perhaps someday we will look back on this day and laugh
<Kurousagi> yes... perhaps
<Himura> ~like, in a few hours~
<Kurousagi> ~yep~
<Kurousagi> I just fear... that since I'm so young... you'll be bored by me...
<Himura> oh no
<Himura> you are a delight
<Himura> and your intelligence is that of a much older woman
<Kurousagi> ~really, now? couldn't be because I'm a couple of hundred years old, could it?~
* Kurousagi smiles at him
<Himura> ~not at all~
<Kurousagi> I... I'm glad if you think so
<Himura> I do, indeed
<Himura> were it not for your youthful appearance, I would say you must be at least 25
<Kurousagi> really?
<Himura> at least
<Kurousagi> so you're not bored by me, then?
<Himura> not in the least
<Kurousagi> ~how long are we going to keep their ignorance up, again?~
<Himura> and you're not bored by a dull old country gentleman?
<Kurousagi> you're not old!
* Kurousagi blushes
<Kurousagi> nor dull...
<Himura> ~at least through today, Kurou-chan~
<Kurousagi> and... and no, I'm not
<Kurousagi> ~yeahyeah. *sigh*~
* Himura smiles happily
<Himura> you have made me so very happy
<Kurousagi> I'm happy if you are...
<Kurousagi> *longing gaze*
* Himura gazes back
<Kurousagi> ~*gives him a quick image of something rather dirty*~
<Himura> ~I am so going to make you pay for that~
<Kurousagi> ~you are, huh?~
<Himura> ~*dirty image back*~
* Kurousagi gasps slightly
* Himura grins
<Kurousagi> oh... I'm feeling a bit weak...
<Kurousagi> ~horrible man~
<Himura> oh dear
<Himura> perhaps you should get out of the sun
<Himura> I have a coach... I could give you a ride home
<Kurousagi> yes... that would be very kind of you
* Kurousagi looks a bit weak
<Kurousagi> ~aren't I good at looking like a fragile little girl?
<Kurousagi> ~and it's such a good excuse to get away from people quickly, too.~
<Himura> ~excellent~
* Himura takes her arm and helps her out of the garden, orders his coach
* Himura helps her into the coach when it arrives and climbs in after her
* Kurousagi leans against his arm, looking as if she's about to faint until she gets into the coach
* Himura waits until they are well away to kiss her passionately
* Kurousagi kisses back equally passionately
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