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* Himura is amused
* Himura and Kurousagi have managed to wrangle invitations to the same ball without seeming to
* Himura is now playing to part of overawed country gentleman impressed with the fineries of the city
* Himura finds this very funny
* Amedeo is a rich young man who has taken it as his job to make sure Gianni gets into the right social circles... and also to make sure he meets the suitable young women of the city
* Kurousagi has taken the identity of Samanta Monti, a young woman whose father was from Venice, though he died while away... but now his darling daughter has returned to the city and taken up living there
* Kurousagi also finds it rather amusing to be pretending not to know Himura
* Marita thinks Samanta is so sweet and charming and tragically lost from the city that should have been her own, Monti was a well known man in his day
* Marita met her on the street and took an instant liking to her, especially as she seemed to notice Marita's new clothes and compliment her on her new nuptuals
* Marita is very proud of being newly married to a rich man, and feels she much help Samanta reach the same end
* Marita guides her into the main room
<Marita> you do know how to dance, don't you?
* Himura is sitting and pretending to be too shy to join in with the crowd
* Kurousagi smiles at Marita. "Yes, I have learned that... though I fear I might not have had time to practise as much as I'd like."
* Marita pats her hand
<Marita> well, I'm sure you will impress the young men anyway, I've never seen hair like yours
* Amedeo pats Himura on the shoulder
<Amedeo> How is it, Rossi... are you not having fun?
* Himura looks up at him
<Himura> oh, hello
<Himura> yes, yes it's very nice
* Kurousagi smiles at Marita. "I like your hair too..."
<Himura> I'm just a little... well, there are so many people
* Himura smiles nervously
* Marita laughs a bit too loud
<Marita> you're a kind girl, sure enough
* Marita doesn't mention that she's not exactly built right to get the kind of attention Marita herself got
* Amedeo chuckles slightly, this country man is so shy! "Oh, it will get better if you find someone to talk to, I'm sure."
* Marita is plump and full figured in a time and place where that is considered the height of beauty, she pities Samanta's slight build, but thinks the dark hair is a crowning glory
* Himura looks around
<Himura> everyone seems to know each other already
<Amedeo> Come on, I will introduce you
* Himura gets up and smiles at Amedeo
<Himura> you've been so kind to invite me, I hope I don't embarrass you
<Amedeo> Oh no, of course not
<Amedeo> Here, come along now
* Marita looks around, same old faces... hmm, there's a new one, and a handsome one, with young Amedeo
* Himura follows Amedeo
<Himura> ~where are you? have you made it yet?~
* Amedeo steers through the crowd, introducing Gianni Rossi to a few people along the way
<Kurousagi> ~yeah, I'm here at the ball... where are you?~
* Himura meets them with impeccable manners and a slightly nervous air
<Himura> ~I'm on the east side of the room, just met some daft countess~
* Marita pulls Samanta up to the front of the crowd on the west side of the room, across the dance floor from Amedeo and his stranger
<Kurousagi> ~I'm being led to the west side... *sigh*~
* Kurousagi tries to make Marita lead them the other way
<Marita> now, now, don't be shy, many people knew your father
<Marita> you'll be the belle of the ball
<Himura> ~it's alright, I have a dramatic idea~
<Kurousagi> ~oooh, dramatic ideas sound good~
* Marita worms her way through the crowd, showing off her new find
<Himura> ~there should be a pause in the music in a few moments... contrive to look across the ballroom at my aura~
<Kurousagi> ~oooh, right.~
* Himura waits for the pause and then stares directly at Kurousagi from across the room
* Kurousagi looks back, finally actually seeing him
* Himura also plays a little mind trick on everyone so it is suddenly perfectly silent and the air seems to be filled with the smell of flowers
* Himura steps out, in that moment and teleports to the middle of the room, so that people watching would swear he had moved like lightning, it's amazing what people will believe if they feel they are in a story
<Himura> ~join me~
* Kurousagi does the same, smiling slightly at him
* Amedeo blinks... what is going on..?
* Himura then lets everyone's minds go and in the moment of their confusion, reaches for her hand and kisses it gently
* Marita shakes her head, looks around for Samanta
* Marita spots her in the middle of the ballroom with the handsome stranger from before... oh my!
* Kurousagi affects a slight blush
* Marita hears people around her murmuring about time having stopped and feels her heart racing, her little Samanta is out on the dancefloor
* Marita turns to the women around her to brag
* Himura speaks just loud enough to be heard by people straining to eavesdrop
<Himura> Sweet angel, how is it that I have come to meet the woman who has haunted my dreams here?
<Kurousagi> I don't know... I thought your face was but a dream, and yet, now I see it while wide awake...
* Amedeo speaks to his friends about the sudden change in that Rossi man... just a moment ago he seemed so shy...
* Himura sweeps Kurousagi into a dance and they are the center of attention for the whole room
* Marita watches with tears in her eyes, oh, it's so sweet
* Kurousagi gazes all lovingly into his eyes while almost seeming to float over the floor... more gracefully than she let Marita know she could dance
* Himura gazes back at her, leading her in the simple dance and then bowing when it is over and drifting away from her as if the dance itself was a dream
<Himura> ~go back and pretend not to understand~
<Kurousagi> ~alright... hehe, this is fun~
* Himura finds Amedeo and lets his face go pale, pretends to shake
<Himura> what... happened?
* Marita is trying not to squeal with excitement as she sees Samanta return
* Kurousagi looks slightly blank when returning, blinks at Marita
* Amedeo takes his arm. "Why, you... you danced."
<Amedeo> With a lovely girl
<Himura> a girl?
<Himura> it seemed that the lights dimmed, and I moved as if in a dream... she was real, then?
<Amedeo> Yes... I think she's in the company of Marita...
* Marita grins widely at her and pulls her aside
<Kurousagi> What just happened?
<Marita> Oh, Samanta, it was so romantic!
<Marita> you were beside me, and then, you moved so fast, it was amazing... you were dancing with that handsome stranger *nods over at him*
<Himura> Marita?
* Himura scans the crowd, looking confused
<Kurousagi> it was real, then?
<Kurousagi> it seemed a dream...
<Amedeo> I'll introduce you to her...
<Marita> ohh, it was real
<Marita> everyone was watching you
<Marita> you moved like a princess
<Marita> I've never seen anyone dance that way... and he was so dashing
* Himura nods, smiling weakly
<Himura> I... thanks...
<Kurousagi> Do you know who he is, Marita?
* Marita shakes her head
<Marita> no, I've never seen him before tonight
<Marita> it looks like he's young Amedeo's guest, though... oh, and they're moving this way, let's go and meet them
* Amedeo leads Himura toward Marita and her friend
* Marita leads Kurousagi along so they can meet halfway
* Himura keeps his eyes down, affecting the shy look again, raises them to meet Kurousagi's when they reach the same area
* Kurousagi meets his eyes too, seemingly unable to look away
<Kurousagi> ~you look dashing today, did I mention?~
<Himura> ~no, but you look beautiful as well~
<Amedeo> Marita, this is Gianni Rossi... Rossi, Marita Belloni.
* Marita curtsies
<Marita> charmed
* Himura bows, his eyes still on Kurousagi
<Marita> and this is Samanta Monti, Samanta, Amedeo Mancini and... Gianni Rossi
<Marita> <ohh, I think I know the Rossi name... old family from the country>
* Kurousagi opens her mouth, seemingly speechless
* Himura bows to her
* Marita sidles over to Amedeo to exchange gossip
<Kurousagi> I'm... glad to make your acquintance, mr Rossi...
<Kurousagi> ~don't I play this character well?~
<Himura> and I yours, Miss Monti...
<Himura> ~I'm charmed off my feet... how am I doing?~
<Kurousagi> ~excellent~
<Himura> my friend tells me we shared a dance, but I can't imagine approaching a woman as lovely as you with my poor humble request
<Kurousagi> I have heard the same thing, yet it seems like a dream
<Himura> my very words
<Himura> and it seems as though I have long known you, though your name is unfamiliar to me
<Kurousagi> yes, it does...
<Kurousagi> I'm not usually as bold as to dance with a man I've not been introduced to... I hope you do not think ill of me for it?
* Himura looks down
<Kurousagi> ~I'm usually a lot bolder~
<Himura> If you will not think ill of my for my presumption
<Himura> ~stop it, you're going to make me laugh~
* Marita is, of course, listening to every word... wants to shove these two shy people together, but she can see that they are both much too delicate for that
<Kurousagi> oh... no...
* Kurousagi looks down as well
* Marita tsks, they have no idea what they're doing
* Marita nudges Amedeo with an elbow
<Marita> aren't you having a garden party soon?
<Amedeo> so I am...
<Marita> might I persuade you to let me bring Miss Monti along as my guest?
<Amedeo> Of course
<Marita> she is so pale, it will do her good to get out in the sun
* Himura looks up, his face both hopeful that he, too, will be invited, and fearful that he will, because it means he will have to be around more people
* Kurousagi blushes slightly and looks between Himura and Amedeo
<Himura> I think she is stunning as she is... *looks suitably embarrassed*
* Amedeo chuckles slightly. "Will you allow us the pleasure of your presense there, Rossi?"
<Himura> I *blushes*
<Himura> yes... yes, I will be there
* Marita chuckles to herself... these young people need so much help...
* Kurousagi smiles
* Marita ignores the fact that Himura looks 10 years her senior
* Kurousagi at least looks younger
* Himura turns back to Kurousagi
<Himura> I look forward to seeing you again at that time, Miss Monti
<Himura> but... until then... would you *ahem* would you grace me with perhaps another dance?
<Kurousagi> I would be delighted to, mr Rossi...
* Himura bows again and offers his arm
* Kurousagi takes it, looking back to Marita. "If you'll excuse me..?"
* Marita grins
<Marita> of course, of course, have fun
* Himura nods to Amedeo and then leads Kurousagi back out onto the dance floor
<Himura> ~How on earth did you find such an idiotic woman?~
<Kurousagi> ~luck?~
<Himura> ~you're too good for that~
* Himura is glad he took the time to brush up on his dancing for this little game
<Himura> you dance divinely
* Kurousagi seems a bit more shy this time
<Kurousagi> thank you, mr Rossi...
* Himura does as well
<Himura> are you new to the city?
<Himura> Amedeo didn't seem to know you
<Himura> he swore he knew everyone
* Himura is well aware that there will be listening ears all over the ballroom now
<Kurousagi> My father was from Venice, though he moved from here many years ago, and I only recently moved here myself, after his passing.
<Himura> so you're alone in the world? how very difficult that must be... and lonely
<Kurousagi> Yes... though, I've been lucky to find friends here.
<Himura> I know the feeling
<Himura> my family is quite well known in the countryside, but I am the first to see Venice in many generations
<Himura> in fact, I'm almost all that is left of the family
<Kurousagi> As am I...
<Kurousagi> Are you lonely too, then? *blushes* I'm sorry, I don't mean to seem too forward...
* Himura blushes as well
<Himura> I don't mind...
<Himura> it does get very... lonely sometimes
<Himura> and this is such a large city, after all
<Himura> it makes a man feel insignificant
<Kurousagi> I know...
<Himura> but now... seeing you *misses a step out of seeming nerves to break the moment*
<Himura> I'm sorry...
<Himura> I'm so clumsy
* Kurousagi looks down, blushing. "It's alright..."
<Himura> something about these crowds... about this place
<Himura> I promise you, I'm not always like this
<Kurousagi> I'll take your word for it
<Himura> I'll understand if you don't wish to dance with me again, though... as clumsy as I am
* Kurousagi shakes her head, then looks embarrassed
<Kurousagi> I'd... like to dance with you again... if you wish to dance with me
* Himura smiles, trying to hide his embarrassment as well
<Himura> I do wish to... but perhaps I should allow others the pleasure as well
<Himura> will you save the last dance for me?
* Himura blushes at his forwardness
<Kurousagi> Yes...
<Himura> you have my eternal gratitude
* Himura bows as the music ends
<Himura> I look forward with all my heart to the last dance
<Kurousagi> do I...
* Kurousagi curtsies
* Himura kisses her hand and steps back to the sides, knows Amedeo will soon join him and ask him all the details
<Himura> ~well played, darling, well played~
<Kurousagi> ~very well played, that was fun~
* Kurousagi retreats back to Marita
* Himura sits again where he was before, waiting for Amedeo to come to him
* Marita smiles as Kurousagi come back
<Marita> well, how did it go?
<Kurousagi> it went great...
* Kurousagi sighs happily
* Amedeo goes to look for Rossi again
* Marita grins at her
<Marita> come, let's get you a drink, you're looking more healthy than I've even seen
* Marita steers her toward a waiter and grabs two glasses of wine for them
* Amedeo finds him
<Amedeo> How did it go?
* Himura smiles at him
<Himura> *sigh* it was... heavenly
* Kurousagi takes the glass offered to her. "He's very handsome, isn't he?"
<Amedeo> Heavenly, eh?
* Marita chuckles
* Amedeo leans against a chair, looking at Himura
<Himura> she is... stunning
<Marita> he is pretty nice looking, yes
<Marita> a little pale for my tastes
* Kurousagi is quite pale, too
<Marita> better yet, I think I've heard of his family... very wealthy
<Marita> and he seems quite taken with you
<Amedeo> She is quite beautiful, yes
<Amedeo> A little pale, but then, so are you
<Himura> and I feel overjoyed... and frightened out of my wits *rubs his forehead*
* Amedeo chuckles and pats him on the shoulder
<Kurousagi> you think so?
<Himura> she is the very flower of innocence *mental smirk*
<Marita> oh, indeed
* Kurousagi blinks at Marita, all SHOCKED, TRULY, that she thinks that handsome man could be interested in her
* Kurousagi is laughing on the inside
<Marita> you may not have the best figure, but you're quite an attractive girl
<Marita> and he seems shy... so your shyness isn't out of place
* Himura stands up to catch a glimpse of her
* Himura sighs again when he sees her
<Himura> there are no girls like that at home
* Kurousagi affects another blush
<Amedeo> there aren't, hm?
<Amedeo> perhaps you would do well to make sure there is at least one, then *laughs*
* Kurousagi looks over in Himura's direction
* Himura winces internally but nods as if thinking about this piece of wit
* Kurousagi sighs slightly all smitten-ly-ish
<Marita> if you want my advice, though, dance with some other fellows
* Marita nods to a man who is eying her
<Marita> nothing like a little competition to make a man long for you
* Kurousagi nods slowly
<Himura> Amedeo... do you know much about women?
<Amedeo> I know a bit, I suppose...
<Amedeo> Do you want advice on how to gain her attention?
* Himura nods
<Kurousagi> Who should I dance with, then, Marita...?
<Marita> hmm
* Marita names a few people and points them out
<Marita> if you'll just stand a little forward, I'm sure they will ask
<Amedeo> Well... *looks thoughtful*
<Kurousagi> I will try, then... *looks slightly embarrassed*
* Kurousagi is laughing so hard inside
* Himura is as well
<Kurousagi> ~oh gods, Himura... this is just so hilarious~
<Himura> ~the idiot is trying to give me advice~
<Himura> ~advice on women... ME~
* Himura watches as a well dressed man comes and asks Kurousagi to dance
<Kurousagi> ~*laugh* and I've been told I should dance with other men to make you long for me by dancing with other men~
* Himura gives what he hopes is a longing look
<Himura> ~seems to be working~
* Kurousagi accepts his invitation after a moment's hesitation, looking over to Himura as well
* Himura watches her dance and sighs
<Himura> she moves like a princess
* Kurousagi dances, but makes sure her eyes keep moving in Himura's direction, and also zoning out a bit from conversation every once in a while
* Marita watches approvingly and helps herself to some food
<Amedeo> maybe you should try to be a bit bolder... really capture her attention
<Himura> you mean... like a romantic gesture?
<Amedeo> well... yes
<Amedeo> and also to try to be the kind of man who'll just sweep her off her feet, or something. *looks thoughtful again*
* Himura looks worried
<Himura> I asked her to save her last dance for me
<Himura> is that bold enough?
<Amedeo> it's a step in the right direction, sure
<Himura> hmm
* Himura scans the room
<Himura> she's dancing with someone else... but she keeps looking at me
* Amedeo chuckles slightly
<Amedeo> she seems rather taken with you, yes
<Himura> maybe I should dance with some others too...
<Himura> to practice being bold?
<Amedeo> yes, that would be a good idea
* Himura nods and goes off to ask other girls to dance, the whole time being shy and charming
* Kurousagi returns from her dance, looking over the room, trying to spot Himura again... he's not where he was before!
* Kurousagi looks for Marita instead
* Himura dances with a rather normal looking girl
* Marita pats her on the shoulder when she comes back
<Marita> well? are you having a nice time?
<Kurousagi> I... yes...
<Kurousagi> did you see where mr Rossi went...?
<Marita> he's dancing with Isabella
* Marita nods in their direction
* Himura looks over at Kurousagi at that moment
* Kurousagi looks in that direction, meeting Himura's eyes and looking slightly despairing
<Marita> aww, now, it's good that he's not pining away
<Marita> you don't want a melancholy man
<Kurousagi> ~oh gods... I'll need to take a break to laugh soon~
<Kurousagi> I guess not, no...
* Kurousagi looks as if she'll be pining away, though
<Marita> ahh, and I see he's still looking for you despite being occupied
<Kurousagi> you think so?
<Marita> yes, and the dance is almost over
<Kurousagi> yes...
* Himura bows to the girl he was dancing with and then stands as if trying to pluck up his courage before striding across to where Kurousagi and Marita are standing
<Himura> e... *ahem* excuse me
* Marita flutters her fan
<Marita> yes, Mr Rossi?
* Kurousagi looks happier than she properly should, and then blushes when she "realises" it
<Himura> I was planning to walk out and take some air... I wondered if Miss Monti would be willing to join me?
* Kurousagi looks to Marita as if to ask permission
* Marita raises her brows
<Marita> well, she is my charge... I suppose I can trust you, Mr Rossi?
<Himura> I hope so... do you trust me, Miss Monti?
* Kurousagi gazes into his eyes and nods slowly. "Yes... I do..."
* Marita giggles into her fan
* Kurousagi blushes again
<Marita> well, then
<Marita> I see no harm
* Himura offers Kurousagi his arm
<Marita> do be careful of your dress, Samanta
<Kurousagi> I will... thank you, Marita...
* Kurousagi takes Himura's arm
* Himura leads her out of the ballroom and into the hallways, then out into the narrow gardens
* Himura teleports them away to his rented home when they are out of sight of anyone else
* Kurousagi breaks down in laughter as soon as they teleport away
* Himura does as well
<Kurousagi> oh gods... it's just too much
* Himura bends double, laughing
* Kurousagi laughs, glad she doesn't really need air, as she'd have trouble getting that now
* Himura sits on the floor trying to get control of his mirth
* Himura gasps for enough air to speak with
<Himura> your face
<Himura> and the... *breaks into laughter again*
<Himura> ~the way you were staring like a wounded puppy... too much~
* Kurousagi sits down as well, then just lies down, holding her tummy and laughing
<Kurousagi> ~you don't like my wounded puppy look? I'm hurt, truly.~
<Kurousagi> ~if you'll just wait until I can stop laughing, I'll show you just how hurt I am~
* Himura lies back as well, holding his sides and smiling over at her
* Kurousagi eventually calms down a bit
* Himura rolls over and kisses Kurousagi deeply
* Kurousagi kisses back
* Himura mind caresses and slides a hand up the inside of her thigh
<Kurousagi> mmm
<Himura> ~I like this life~
<Kurousagi> ~so do I...~
* Kurousagi sighs slightly
<Kurousagi> they'll think we've done something bad if we're gone too long
<Himura> mmm, perhaps
* Kurousagi kisses him quickly
* Himura kisses back and then slides down her body and bites into her femoral artery
* Kurousagi moans slightly
<Himura> ~I need a romantic gesture... feel like fainting?~
<Kurousagi> mmm... ~sure~
* Kurousagi closes her eyes
<Kurousagi> ~maybe I'll faint... from a balcony?~
<Kurousagi> ~could you catch me if I did that?~
* Himura chuckles and pulls away, having taken enough to make a mortal quite woozy
* Himura licks the wound and then his lips
* Kurousagi is a little lightheaded
<Himura> I would be honored
<Kurousagi> mmm... alright
* Kurousagi sits up a bit
<Himura> try to hold on a little while, though...
<Himura> I don't want them thinking I hurt you
<Kurousagi> of course not
* Kurousagi kisses him again
* Himura grins and kisses back
<Himura> you taste delectable tonight, by the way
* Kurousagi smiles
* Himura gets to his feet and offers her a hand up
* Kurousagi takes his hand and gets up
<Kurousagi> my clothes aren't rumpled, right?
<Himura> well, maybe a bit
* Himura straightens it up
* Himura brushes his own clothing and then offers his arm to Kurousagi again
<Kurousagi> because little Samanta Monti wouldn't be making out with the man she just met, of course
* Kurousagi takes his arm
<Kurousagi> even if he's handsome and makes her make wounded puppy dog faces
<Himura> of course not
<Himura> and Gianni Rossi would never press a lady for more than a dance
* Kurousagi grins at him
<Himura> even if she is the sexiest woman on the continent... these Europeans can't hold a candle to the line of your neck
* Kurousagi smiles at him
<Kurousagi> let's go back before they start suspecting us of snogging in some corner of the gardens
* Himura nods, puts on his Gianni face, and teleports them back
* Himura escorts her back into the ballroom, the flush on his face from the embarrassment of his boldness, not from drinking blood... no
* Kurousagi is a bit paler, but looks quite happy
* Himura leaves her with Marita and bows low
<Himura> thank you, Miss Monti, for an enchanting walk
* Kurousagi curtsies. "Thank you for company, mr Rossi..."
* Himura bows to Marita and then goes back to Amedeo
* Marita turns to Kurousagi, her eyes alight
<Marita> ohh, tell me everything
<Kurousagi> we just went for a walk...
* Kurousagi doesn't have enough blood left to blush, or she would do that now
<Marita> did he say anything romantic?
<Marita> he wasn't inappropriate was he?
* Himura settles back into his chair with a happy sigh
* Kurousagi shakes her head. "No... no, he wasn't..."
<Kurousagi> We talked a bit...
<Kurousagi> ~any romantic words you wish to have said during our walk?~
* Amedeo finishes dancing with a girl and notices his friend Rossi sitting alone again
<Himura> ~just that I will spend the rest of my life dreaming of the moment I finally met you *mental wink*~
<Kurousagi> ~perfect.~
* Himura closes his eyes and leans back in his chair, apparently in another world
<Kurousagi> he said... *looks down, embarrassed*
* Amedeo sits down next to him, studying his expression
<Amedeo> you look as if you've been to heaven
* Marita leans in
<Marita> yes?
* Himura sighs again and opens his eyes to look at Amedeo
<Himura> do you think heaven could be found here on earth?
<Kurousagi> he said he'll spend the rest of his life dreaming... of the moment he finally met me... *blushes*
<Amedeo> perhaps... what were you doing, eh?
* Marita squeals a bit and claps her hands in excitement
<Marita> ohh, how thrilling
<Himura> just walking... she's even more lovely in the moonlight
<Amedeo> just walking, and you seem to have found heaven on earth
* Kurousagi nods slightly
<Himura> what else would a gentleman do with a lady?
<Marita> well, my dear
<Marita> that is excellent luck
<Marita> my goodness, your first outing in Venice and you meet a handsome man who swears to dream of you
* Kurousagi looks embarrassed
<Kurousagi> yes...
<Amedeo> oh, nothing, nothing
* Marita grins
* Himura leans in
<Himura> you seemed to have something else in mind...
<Marita> come and have something to eat, you're so very thin!
<Amedeo> oh, not really... I'm just surprised that with how taken you seem to be by her, that you didn't even steal a kiss... *shrugs*
* Kurousagi goes with Marita
<Kurousagi> I fear I don't have much of an appetite, though...
* Himura blushes
<Himura> that kind of thing is... well... it's not for a true gentleman
<Himura> I would frighten her away
<Amedeo> perhaps...
<Amedeo> she does seem rather delicate
* Marita leads her to the table, there is some rare beef there with a bit of a bloody side that she might enjoy... is expecting her to eat the fruit of course, but plies her with a bit of everything
<Himura> yes... she does
<Himura> and I would be the worst kind of brute to take advantage of her
* Kurousagi does eat a bit of the beef and a little of some of the other things... generally makes sure to keep her appetite low, though
<Amedeo> somehow, with the looks she's been giving you... I'm not sure she'd mind
<Amedeo> though you are of course right not to want to take advantage of a lady
<Himura> well... I'll admit to feeling a certain... attraction
<Himura> to be honest, I've never been much of a social person
<Himura> this might surprise you, but at home I'm something of a loner
* Marita watches her with a little bit of worry
<Marita> you've hardly touched your food... is everything alright?
<Kurousagi> oh... yes... I just... don't have much of an appetite...
* Kurousagi keeps looking over in Himura's direction
* Marita sees the looks and smiles
<Marita> now, Samanta, men like a healthy woman
<Marita> I know you're excited, but don't make yourself ill
<Kurousagi> I just can't help myself...
<Amedeo> are you, now? I never would've guessed
* Marita sighs happily
* Amedeo chuckles slightly
<Marita> ah, young love
<Himura> I've kissed women, of course...
<Himura> well... a woman... unless my mother counts?
* Kurousagi blushes and looks at Marita with big eyes
<Kurousagi> I didn't... he... we're not...
<Marita> oh, don't look so shocked, I've rarely seen two more smitten people
* Amedeo laughs and pats Himura on the shoulder
<Amedeo> don't think your mother counts, no
<Himura> I thought not
<Marita> you may not admit it now, but I predict a confession within the month
* Marita nods knowingly
<Himura> anyway, she was a nice girl, and very... keen... but not... well... much of a lady
* Kurousagi looks highly embarrassed
<Kurousagi> ~when should we do the fainting routine, anyway?~
<Himura> ~soon, I'm ready to unpeel you from that expensive frock~
* Amedeo chuckles
<Himura> I don't want to presume that Miss Monti... or any other lady... would want my affection
<Amedeo> of course not
<Amedeo> yet... the looks she's sending your way...
<Himura> so... I should kiss her?
<Amedeo> if it feels like the right thing to do, I guess
<Amedeo> I'm not saying you should or shouldn't... I'm just saying I wouldn't have been surprised if you had done... or were to do... so
* Kurousagi puts down her plate
<Kurousagi> ~so, which balcony?~
* Himura glances around the room
<Himura> ~there's one above you, if you can contrive to abandon the harpy at your elbow~
* Himura looks thoughtful
<Himura> what would you do?
<Amedeo> I don't know... it's up to you, really
<Kurousagi> I'm feeling a bit faint... I'll just stretch my legs a moment, if you'll excuse me, Marita?
* Himura makes a wretched face
<Himura> I want to do the right things!
<Marita> oh my
<Marita> maybe you should lie down if you're feeling faint
<Marita> I can help you upstairs, it's quieter there
<Himura> I feel so awkward
* Kurousagi nods. "Yes, that would be nice... thank you."
<Kurousagi> I think I just need to get away from all the sound for a moment...
* Marita helps her up the stairs
* Himura gets to his feet
<Amedeo> I'm sure it'll all work out for you
* Amedeo smiles at him and gets to his feet as well
<Himura> Amedeo, I can't get her out of my mind
<Himura> I'm going to ask her to dance again
<Amedeo> Sounds like a good plan
* Amedeo smiles at him
* Himura makes his way across the room and positions himself below the balcony, pretending to look for her
<Himura> ~alright, I'm in place~
* Kurousagi makes her way to the balcony
* Marita helps her up, but is momentarily distracted by someone calling her name, turns away
* Kurousagi steps up to the railing, which isn't quite high enough to stop people falling over it
* Kurousagi looks around, seemingly scanning for Himura
* Marita doesn't notice, is talking to a friend now
* Himura is directly below her, looking for her amongst the crowd
* Kurousagi tries to steady herself against the railing, looking faint again, half turns to Marita before fainting and slowly toppling over the railing
<Kurousagi> ~now~
* Himura steps back just slightly and look up and Marita screams
* Himura catches Kurousagi in his arms, remembers to step back and pretend it was a little difficult
* Marita screams some more, as do several other women, and tries to run downstairs
* Kurousagi looks all sweet and passed out in his arms
* Himura stands there, stunned and turns around slowly, all eyes are on them
<Himura> she's... I couldn't let her fall...
<Himura> ~nice crumble~
* Amedeo makes big eyes and makes his way across the room, only saw someone falling
<Kurousagi> ~it was very nice, if I may say so myself~
<Kurousagi> ~how long do you think I should stay passed out?~
* Himura pulls her close to his chest and then makes his way to a low couch, sets her gently on it and kneels beside her
<Himura> ~hurry up, I see people with smelling salts~
<Himura> ~those will really hurt your head~
* Kurousagi blinks open her eyes
* Himura sighs in mock relief
<Himura> she's alright!
<Kurousagi> oh... what happened...?
<Himura> shh, shh, you fell, but it's alright
* Marita finally makes her way downstairs as the music starts up again, people will talk about this one for years
* Kurousagi focuses her eyes on Himura and smiles at him as if he's the only thing in her world
* Himura smiles back
<Kurousagi> fell..?
* Marita shoves her way over to the couch
<Marita> oh, Samanta! it was so scary!
<Marita> you fell off the balcony... I thought you were dead for sure
* Himura looks at Marita worriedly
<Himura> she's fine, though...
<Himura> I caught her
<Marita> Oh, Mr Rossi, you're quite the hero
* Kurousagi blushes
<Himura> no... *looks to Kurousagi* I just -had- to save her... it was fate
<Marita> it certainly was
<Marita> now, no excuses, Samanta, I'm taking you home
* Kurousagi sighs slightly
<Kurousagi> I... alright
* Kurousagi looks to Himura
<Himura> may I call on you tomorrow?
<Himura> I want to be sure you are well
<Kurousagi> Yes... I'd be glad to see you...
* Marita nods
<Marita> you wait here, I will fetch a boat to take us home
<Kurousagi> alright...
* Marita bustles out, quite worried and secretely thrilled to have been a player in one of the most exciting balls ever to take place in Venice
* Kurousagi smiles at Himura all lovingly
* Himura smiles back, oblivious to the world around them
<Kurousagi> fate seems to keep pushing us together...
<Himura> I am only happy I could be the one to catch you, fairest one
<Himura> be it fate or providence, I can be only grateful for the push
<Kurousagi> yes...
* Kurousagi gazes lovingly at him
* Himura blushes a bit at her gaze for the benefit of those around them
* Kurousagi notes this and looks down, blushing a bit herself
* Himura gets to his feet as footmen come to help Kurousagi to the waiting gondola
<Himura> I shall call upon you as soon as I am able, fair lady
<Himura> until then, may my thoughts and prayers carry you on wings of peace
* Kurousagi looks to him again, looking as if she knows she's staring too much at him, but yet can not help it. "I'm looking forward to seeing you again, mr Rossi..."
<Himura> and I, you
* Himura nods, embarrassed, and steps out of the way
<Kurousagi> ~wings of peace...~
<Kurousagi> ~*mental chuckle*~
<Himura> ~yeah, sorry, it just came to me~
* Himura is very aware of the fact that every woman in the room is now thinking about him and how they'd like to be caught by a handsome man and spoken to in such a way
* Kurousagi is helped out and away, looking back over her shoulder at him, and waving one last time before getting into the boat to take her home
* Himura waves back
* Himura then sighs and seems to realise the time
* Himura makes his apologies to Amedeo and others and then goes... it's still early by Venice standards so the ball will last much longer, but he wants to create an air of mystery... besides he has to find something for Kurou to eat
<Kurousagi> ~you never got to dance that 'last dance' with me... I guess you'll have to claim it next time we meet.~
<Himura> ~I plan to claim it tonight, actually... but yes, officially, next time~
<Himura> ~let me know when you've been put to bed and are alone, I'm hunting now~
<Kurousagi> ~alright, will do~
* Kurousagi gets home, is taken care of... undressed, washed, put in a nightgown and sent to bed... plays too tired to protest.
* Himura stalks through the alleys, because even Venice has them, and surprises a young thief, who he disables
* Kurousagi waits for everyone to leave. ~coast is clear~
* Himura teleports to her bedroom with the thief in tow
* Himura grins at her in the darkness
* Kurousagi grins back
<Himura> hungry?
<Kurousagi> yes
* Kurousagi sits up
* Himura sits beside her and lays the thief across her lap
<Himura> I doubt he's even 18
<Kurousagi> A perfect meal
* Kurousagi picks him up and bites in
<Himura> that's what I love about Venice, so many expendable people, so many places to leave the bodies
<Himura> you know, I could have had any woman in that room tonight
<Kurousagi> ~yeah...~
* Kurousagi smiles at him, then goes back to draining the boy
<Himura> funny how you're the only one I wanted
<Himura> maybe it's this role I'm playing
<Kurousagi> ~probably is, yeah...~
* Himura picks up the boy's arm and bites his wrist, didn't take all that much from Kurou earlier, is still a bit hungry, and there's more than enough for one vampire in the average adult human body
<Himura> ~it's easier to pretend when I'm not distracted by others~
<Kurousagi> ~yeah... and it's a fun game~
<Himura> ~mhm... of course, quite a few of those men where desiring you as well~
* Himura drops the wrist, letting her have whatever remains
* Kurousagi finishes drinking and lies back happily
<Kurousagi> they were, weren't they?
<Himura> oh yes... I know you could feel their thoughts trying to undress you
* Kurousagi grins
<Kurousagi> yeah
<Himura> wishing your skirt had flown up a bit more in your elegant fall
<Himura> they were properly ashamed of the thoughts, but they had them anyway
* Kurousagi laughs
* Himura pushes the body of the thief onto the floor, they'll deal with it later
* Kurousagi wraps her arms around his neck and smiles at him
* Himura kisses her deeply
* Kurousagi kisses back
<Himura> ~maybe we should make it just us while we're here...~
* Himura runs his hands down her body
<Himura> ~Gianni isn't the cheating type~
* Himura doesn't just want her all to himself, no no
<Kurousagi> ~yeah... nor is Samanta, really...~
<Himura> ~if we're going to make people believe, we have to play the game the right way~
<Kurousagi> ~yeah... alright, just us...~
* Kurousagi kisses him again
* Himura kisses back
* Kurousagi is sort of happy to have him just for herself, too... but of course won't admit to that.
<Himura> ~and this is too much fun to rush through~
<Kurousagi> mmhmm
<Himura> ~all we need now is a suitable obstacle to our perfect union~
* Kurousagi trails her hands down his body
* Himura teleports them out of their clothing and into his bed, where they can make more noise
* Kurousagi presses close to him. ~an old feud between our families?~
<Kurousagi> ~of course, people around here would be more likely to know that than us...~
<Himura> ~perhaps a disapproving uncle... he can show up a few times and be seen with you... your mother's brother, protective of your fortune~
<Himura> ~just enough to make people really want us together~
* Himura is good at playing uncles
<Kurousagi> ~oooh, uncle 'muuuura~
* Kurousagi trails kisses along his jawline
* Himura growls under his breath and tilts his head back to give her better access
* Kurousagi nibbles lightly ~sounds like a good idea, yeah...~
* Himura attempts to remember what they were talking about but he's lost in the sensations now, floods her mind with the desire he's feeling instead
* Kurousagi gasps and presses closer to him, still kissing and nibbling along his jaw
* Himura follows this up with a practical demonstration of his feelings
* Kurousagi is quite happy with the demonstration and demonstrates her feelings as well
* Himura is pleased with her demonstation as well, in fact
* Himura trails his fingers over her skin when they have reached the end of the mutual demonstrations
* Kurousagi smiles at him
* Himura smiles back, pushing his hair back out of his eyes
<Kurousagi> that was good
<Himura> Why, Miss Monti... I never would have guessed at the fire you possess. You seem such the innocent flower.
* Kurousagi giggles
<Kurousagi> when we get married again, I'll play miss Monti for real *winks*
<Himura> if your dastardly uncle allows it, of course
<Kurousagi> of course
* Kurousagi kisses him
<Himura> you know how male relatives can be, so protective of the little flower being plucked
* Kurousagi grins
* Himura kisses back
<Kurousagi> mmm, yes
* Himura chuckles
<Himura> if only they all knew how much you liked... plucking
<Kurousagi> oooh, yes
<Kurousagi> what say I show up at that garden party with flowers in my hair, looking all delicate and stuff?
<Himura> mmm, I like that
<Himura> white flowers..and pink
* Kurousagi smiles
<Himura> then again...only white
<Himura> and I will give you a pink rose...
<Himura> the symbolism is as important as the act itself
* Kurousagi chuckles
<Kurousagi> yeah
<Kurousagi> so... I guess I should wear some dress that really makes me look all young and innocent and flower-like, too?
<Himura> if you can, yes
<Himura> mm, I will make the rose red and you can wear it in your waistband...
<Himura> even better
* Kurousagi smiles
<Himura> perhaps I will wear white as well
<Himura> I left Mancini with the impression I was rather innocent
* Kurousagi smiles
<Kurousagi> yeah... and then we can be a bit shocked that we seem to have dressed to match, unknowingly
<Himura> it's a garden party after all, and white is seasonal
<Himura> if only I could wear my sunglasses, it's a good thing we're old enough to put up some defenses
<Kurousagi> yeah
<Himura> there will definitely be a hat, though... and I suggest a parasol for you
* Himura caresses her skin slowly
* Kurousagi nods slowly
<Kurousagi> yes, a parasol
<Kurousagi> to protect my sensitive skin
<Himura> the lovely petals of your youth
* Kurousagi runs a hand down his side
<Kurousagi> mhm
* Himura smiles
<Himura> why, Miss Monti, are you trying to seduce me?
* Himura winks
<Kurousagi> yes
* Kurousagi chuckles
<Himura> yes, I thought as much from where your hand ended up
<Kurousagi> remind me, how old is Mr Rossi supposed to be?
<Himura> how old does he look? I was aiming for 29 or so
<Kurousagi> yeah, about there
* Kurousagi smiles and kisses him
<Kurousagi> just checking
<Kurousagi> because with how innocent you're playing him...
<Himura> yes, it's a little far fetched, I admit
<Kurousagi> yeah
<Himura> but Gianni is a sportsman...
<Himura> he's from the country, he runs his estate, he hunts, he has little time for affairs of the heart
<Himura> and now he's out of his element, you see...
<Kurousagi> yeah...
<Kurousagi> Samanta is just young and confused... *smiles*
<Himura> you pull those off so convincingly *kisses her lightly*
* Kurousagi kisses back
<Kurousagi> so, how old does she look? *grins*
<Himura> when you're playing coy, about 16
<Himura> otherwise, I could almost believe 18
* Kurousagi chuckles
<Kurousagi> So, she's 16 then
<Kurousagi> or maybe 17
<Himura> yeah, 17
<Himura> maybe just 17
<Kurousagi> or maybe getting close to 18, so I really ought to be growing out of it, but I have such an innocent heart...
* Kurousagi giggles
* Himura chuckles
<Himura> that sounds good to me
* Kurousagi grins
<Kurousagi> so, a twelve-year difference
<Himura> better than reality
<Kurousagi> yep
<Himura> you evil cradle robber, marrying a man 800 years your junior
* Kurousagi laughs
<Kurousagi> of course, with that timetravel thing... you're 16 years my senior
<Himura> tsk
<Kurousagi> 17
<Kurousagi> sorry
* Kurousagi smiles
* Himura grins
<Kurousagi> in other words, old enough to be my father
<Himura> and young enough to be your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great... shall I go on? ...grandson
<Kurousagi> well... you are, aren't you?
<Himura> mmm, it's possible... probable even
<Himura> though my sister is remarkably like little miss goody two shoes
<Kurousagi> mhm
<Kurousagi> and you're remarkably like me *winks*
<Kurousagi> got all the good genes, you did
* Himura laughs and kisses her
* Kurousagi kisses back, hugging him tight
<Kurousagi> my lil' grandson
<Himura> little, hmm?
<Kurousagi> my biiiig grandson
<Kurousagi> *laughs*
* Himura laughs as well
<Himura> do you suppose people would be more upset if they knew we were involved in a disgusting incestuous affair, or that we drink the blood of the living to sustain our undead bodies?
<Kurousagi> hmmmm
<Kurousagi> considering how many generations are between us, I don't think most people would count that as really incestuous
<Himura> oh, probably not
<Himura> you're certainly not grandmother material
* Himura snuggles up
<Himura> though you do give excellent kisses when I'm feeling down
* Kurousagi snuggles back
<Kurousagi> mhm
<Kurousagi> as do you
* Himura doesn't comment about how much he looks like the houshi, and how there were several years there when she wouldn't have sex with him for days after seeing her son because they looked too much alike
<Kurousagi> and I'm glad you don't see me as grandmother material
<Himura> nope, if anything you're like the great ancestors everyone is supposed to revere so much
<Himura> more like a goddess than a grandma
* Kurousagi laughs
<Kurousagi> good
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