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* Gyoshoku is on his way back to his house
* Gyoshoku has been gone for a week and a day, and has spent several hours at the shrine writing his report as quickly as possible and meeting with Midoriko, he now has three days off
* Kumiko is sweeping outside the house, and TRYING not to look to the road every ten seconds, but really... it's been a day over a week and she's really anxious for her husband to get back
* Gyoshoku is very tired, and very dirty, but also extremely happy to be going home
* Gyoshoku is sort of half jogging as he gets closer, he has missed Kumiko so much
* Kumiko looks up because she thinks she hears the clink from the shakujou, and... yay! it's him!
* Gyoshoku sees her and starts actually running
<Gyoshoku> Kumiko!
* Kumiko puts the broom against the housewall and goes to meet him
<Kumiko> Gyo!
* Gyoshoku catches her up in his arms and twirls her around
* Kumiko giggles slightly and then just hugs him tight
<Kumiko> I've missed you!
* Gyoshoku sets her down and hugs her in return
<Gyoshoku> I've missed you, too
<Gyoshoku> every minute, every second
<Gyoshoku> ah gods, it's good to see you
<Kumiko> yes... gods... I've missed you
* Kumiko clings to him
<Kumiko> and I'm very very VERY very happy to have you back
* Gyoshoku grins
<Gyoshoku> probably about as happy as I to be back, then
<Kumiko> yeah...
* Gyoshoku sighs happily
<Gyoshoku> 8 days is too long
<Kumiko> yeah...
<Gyoshoku> I kept being afraid I'd forget something about you
<Kumiko> it hurt to be apart from you... *sighs*
<Kumiko> but you're back...
<Kumiko> and that makes me so happy that THAT almost hurts too
* Gyoshoku laughs
<Gyoshoku> oh no, we can't have that
* Gyoshoku kisses her
* Kumiko kisses back
<Kumiko> it's a very good sort of hurt
<Gyoshoku> I think I know what you mean
* Gyoshoku strokes her back
<Gyoshoku> I almost feel like crying, I'm so happy
* Kumiko nods
* Kumiko kisses him again
* Gyoshoku kisses back
* Gyoshoku lets the kiss linger a long time
<Gyoshoku> mmm, guess what
<Kumiko> hmmm... I don't know
<Gyoshoku> I have the next three days off completely
* Gyoshoku grins
* Kumiko smiles back
<Kumiko> good
<Kumiko> because I do intend on making up for lost time, you know
<Gyoshoku> mmm, very good
<Gyoshoku> ohh, that sounds promising
* Gyoshoku sighs happily again
<Gyoshoku> I missed you so much
<Kumiko> and I missed you
* Kumiko kisses him
* Gyoshoku kisses back and then pulls back
<Gyoshoku> I stink
<Kumiko> yes, you do
<Gyoshoku> it's been four days since we passed a place with a decent spring
<Kumiko> but I'm too happy to see you again to mind much
* Gyoshoku laughs
<Gyoshoku> and how have you been, hmm?
<Gyoshoku> any trouble with the girls, or the little one?
<Kumiko> not really... or, well... I was very ill the other morning, but that might've been just as much from missing you as the little one...
* Gyoshoku frowns and strokes her hair
<Gyoshoku> my poor koishii
<Kumiko> but it's alright, because you're back...
<Kumiko> everything's good now
* Kumiko hugs him again
* Gyoshoku hugs back
<Gyoshoku> I stink and I ache and I need a bath... but for some reason, all I want to do is hold you
<Kumiko> yeah... *sighs happily*
<Kumiko> know what? I have some water warming... you could take a quick bath... and go lie down...
<Kumiko> and still get to hold me
<Gyoshoku> hmmm
<Gyoshoku> are you offering to take a bath with me in our little tub?
* Kumiko giggles. "I -could- be."
<Gyoshoku> if you are... then I would definitely agree
* Kumiko kisses him
<Kumiko> alright
* Gyoshoku kisses back
<Gyoshoku> but...
<Gyoshoku> I also insist on rinsing off first
<Gyoshoku> so I'll go get some rinsing water and you get the tub ready, alright?
<Kumiko> alright
* Gyoshoku kisses her again, quickly
* Kumiko kisses back
<Gyoshoku> you certainly know how to make a man feel welcome *winks*
* Gyoshoku pulls away and hands her his shakujou, going to get a bucket and then fill it with water from the icy stream behind their house
* Kumiko takes the shakujou and goes back inside with it, picking up the broom as well on the way
* Kumiko puts them both away and then goes about getting the tub ready
* Gyoshoku brings the water back and gets undressed, piling his clothes up in a big lump
* Gyoshoku then douses himself with the water, which is very cold, and squeals a little, but most of the surface grime is gone and he won't be making the tub a nasty mess the minute he climbs into it
* Kumiko finishes preparing the bath and starts with untying her obi instead
* Gyoshoku sits just inside the door, shivering a little, and wipes his now muddy feet on his clothes
* Gyoshoku comes up behind Kumiko and kisses the back of her neck
<Gyoshoku> let me?
<Kumiko> alright..
* Gyoshoku finishes untying the obi and pulls it off of her, then peels the rest of her robes down her body to fall at her feet
* Gyoshoku runs his hands down her back, slowly
<Gyoshoku> I love you so very much
<Kumiko> and I love you...
* Gyoshoku slips his arms around her
<Gyoshoku> good
* Kumiko relaxes against him
<Gyoshoku> now let's get in the tub before I freeze to death, ne?
<Kumiko> yeah... my poor Gyo
<Kumiko> I'll warm you up
* Gyoshoku chuckles
* Gyoshoku lets go of her and steps into the tub, sighing as the hot water starts to ease his aches
<Kumiko> better?
* Kumiko stands just next to the tub, smiling
* Gyoshoku grins and nods slowly
* Gyoshoku sits down and tries to make room for her
<Gyoshoku> I think it will work if you sit right on my lap
* Kumiko smiles wider and climbs into the tub and sits in his lap
<Kumiko> yeah...
* Gyoshoku waggles his eyebrows at her
* Kumiko giggles and kisses him
<Kumiko> I've missed you so much
* Gyoshoku kisses back, quickly
<Gyoshoku> I can see that
<Gyoshoku> and I'm sure you can tell how much I've missed you *winks*
<Kumiko> hhmmm... I have an idea, yeah
<Gyoshoku> nothing gets by you, does it?
* Kumiko giggles. "I'm very observant, sometimes."
<Gyoshoku> mhm
<Gyoshoku> so... what's a nice teagirl like you doing in a compromising position like this?
* Gyoshoku cups his hand and pours some hot water over her shoulder with it
<Kumiko> what do you mean? is there something wrong in helping my husband clean himself after a long trip?
<Gyoshoku> wrong? oh no
<Gyoshoku> definitely not wrong
<Gyoshoku> I am the envy of every husband who ever lived
<Gyoshoku> and probably ever will
* Kumiko grins and kisses him
* Gyoshoku kisses back
<Gyoshoku> do we even have any soap?
<Kumiko> we do, yes
<Kumiko> very flowery such
* Gyoshoku makes a face...
* Gyoshoku makes a not very happy face
<Gyoshoku> how flowery?
* Kumiko reaches over the edge of the tub to get it
* Gyoshoku likes the way the reaching makes her skin slide against his
* Kumiko gets the soap and holds it up for him
* Gyoshoku leans forward to sniff it, sighs, and looks resigned
<Gyoshoku> it's better than what I smell like now, I suppose
<Kumiko> yes
* Kumiko kisses him
<Kumiko> you can get more manly soap next time I let you out of here
<Kumiko> which won't be in a while, mind you
<Gyoshoku> oh really?
<Kumiko> nope
<Gyoshoku> you're going to keep me in the bathtub?
<Kumiko> well... not the bathtub precisely
* Gyoshoku pretends not to understand
<Gyoshoku> then what could you possibly mean?
<Kumiko> and probably not just inside the house, we might need water as well sometime in the next three days, and so
* Kumiko kisses him
<Kumiko> you know what I mean, silly
* Gyoshoku kisses back, laughing
<Gyoshoku> so I do
<Kumiko> good
* Gyoshoku shifts a bit and puts his arms around her
* Kumiko snugs close to him
<Gyoshoku> this is nice
<Kumiko> yes
<Kumiko> it is
<Gyoshoku> even with flowery soap
* Kumiko sighs happily
<Kumiko> yeah
<Gyoshoku> of course, I'm not getting much cleaner *winks*
<Kumiko> hmm... no
<Kumiko> I should do something about that
* Kumiko stays as she is for a few more moments, then moves back a bit
* Gyoshoku smiles at her
<Gyoshoku> don't lose the soap, I don't think we'd ever find it again in this crowded tub
<Kumiko> heh, I'll try not to
<Gyoshoku> good, good
* Kumiko kisses him quickly and starts lathering him up
* Gyoshoku closes his eyes and enjoys it, smile still on his face
* Kumiko works his chest and arms first, rinsing him off inbetween, before going a bit lower... to his feet and up his legs
* Gyoshoku moans when she works over his calves, they are very sore
* Gyoshoku did a lot of jumping and fighting, his shoulders and his lower legs got more of a workout than usual
<Kumiko> does that hurt?
<Kumiko> I'm sorry...
<Gyoshoku> it's alright
<Gyoshoku> just a little sore
<Kumiko> alright...
* Kumiko massages his calves gently before moving on up
<Gyoshoku> no matter how much you train, actual fighting uses different muscles
<Gyoshoku> and in ways you can't expect
<Kumiko> yeah...
<Kumiko> my poor Gyo
* Gyoshoku chuckles
<Gyoshoku> it's alright
<Gyoshoku> I don't think we were ever in much real danger
<Gyoshoku> and the slayers are much easier to travel with than the priests are to train... they appreciate my skills, at least
* Kumiko smiles
<Kumiko> good
<Kumiko> I appreciate your skills too... though those might be of the kind you don't show the slayers *giggles*
* Gyoshoku raises his brows
<Gyoshoku> I think you're right
* Gyoshoku pulls her into a kiss
* Kumiko kisses back
<Gyoshoku> mm, I definitely need to work on those skills, though
<Kumiko> you do?
<Gyoshoku> yep...
* Kumiko smiles and kisses him again
<Kumiko> well, I'm happy to help you in any way I can...
<Gyoshoku> 8 long days... I'm feeling out of practice
* Gyoshoku nibbles on her ear
<Gyoshoku> I bet you are *chuckles*
<Kumiko> 8 very long days... yes
* Kumiko moans happily and goes to kiss his neck
* Gyoshoku tilts his head to give her access
* Kumiko kisses from below his ear and down, stopping to nibble once in a while
* Gyoshoku groans and tightens his hold on her
<Gyoshoku> you can drop the soap now... I think we're officially done with it
<Kumiko> yeah...
* Gyoshoku pulls her much closer and kisses her lips
* Kumiko kisses back and, having dropped the soap by now, runs her hands up and down his back
* Gyoshoku needs more space than this little tub can provide, but he's also nice and warm and she's very close, and... he's torn
* Kumiko kisses along his jawline
* Gyoshoku runs his hands down her back and settles them on her backside
* Gyoshoku gropes, happily
* Kumiko smiles and kisses him full on the mouth again
* Gyoshoku kisses back
<Kumiko> should we stay in the bath or... get out...?
<Gyoshoku> out, I think
<Gyoshoku> my feet are starting to cramp
<Kumiko> aww, poor Gyo
<Gyoshoku> I don't mind... much
<Gyoshoku> there are advantages
<Kumiko> but there are advantages to bed, too, ne?
<Gyoshoku> mmm, hai
<Gyoshoku> but I hate letting go of you
<Kumiko> yeah, me too
<Kumiko> but in bed, we can *whisper*
* Gyoshoku laughs
<Gyoshoku> up you get
* Kumiko kisses him quickly and gets out of the bath
* Kumiko gets a piece of cloth to wipe off the worst wetness
* Gyoshoku follows her out of the bath, a little more slowly to allow for blood to get back to his feet
* Gyoshoku dries off as well and then slips his arms around her again and backs her toward the bed
* Kumiko giggles and backs
* Gyoshoku picks her up when they get to the futon and then lies down, setting her down beside him
<Gyoshoku> I love you *kiss* so very much
<Gyoshoku> and I've *kisskiss* missed you
* Kumiko kisses back and wraps her arms around his neck
<Kumiko> I've missed you more... there's more of you to miss *kiss*
<Gyoshoku> maybe, but there's more of me missing you
* Gyoshoku nibbles his way down to her chest and spends some time entertaining himself there
* Kumiko moans very happily
* Gyoshoku kisses further down after a little while, resting his head on her stomach briefly to feel the spark of the baby and then continuing his journey
* Kumiko communicates her satisfaction with his oral attention to her, to him
* Gyoshoku eventually kisses his way back up to her lips
* Kumiko is breathing rather heavily at this point
* Gyoshoku smiles at her and brushes her cheek lovingly
* Kumiko smiles back breathlessly
<Gyoshoku> you alright?
<Kumiko> yeah...
<Kumiko> I just... gods, I missed you
* Gyoshoku laughs
<Gyoshoku> you have me now
<Kumiko> yeah, I know...
* Kumiko kisses him
* Gyoshoku kisses back
* Kumiko shifts her hips against his
<Kumiko> I love you...
* Gyoshoku shifts back, moaning loudly
* Kumiko kisses along his neck
<Gyoshoku> mm, I love you, too
* Gyoshoku pulls her closer and completes his homecoming, quite happily
* Kumiko is quite happy about completing his homecoming, yeah
* Gyoshoku feels very much at home
* Gyoshoku holds her close
* Kumiko snuggles back
<Kumiko> I'm glad you're back
<Gyoshoku> gods... so am I
<Gyoshoku> soooo very glad
<Gyoshoku> so very, very, very, very, very, very glad that even if I kept saying very for ten years it would not be enough, but I would have a very sore throat
* Kumiko giggles
<Kumiko> VERY glad
<Kumiko> I know what you mean by it
<Gyoshoku> mhm
* Gyoshoku kisses her face
<Kumiko> are you hungry?
<Gyoshoku> that's why I love you
* Gyoshoku laughs
<Gyoshoku> not hungry enough to get up, or let you up
<Kumiko> I have some riceballs left over from lunch
<Kumiko> I could get them really quickly
<Kumiko> and we could get rice crumbles in the bed and have fun doing so, too
* Gyoshoku chuckles
<Gyoshoku> hmm
<Gyoshoku> if you hurry
<Kumiko> I will
* Kumiko kisses him, gets the riceballs really quickly and returns
* Kumiko climbs back into bed and puts her feet against his leg to rewarm them
* Gyoshoku yelps
<Gyoshoku> eep, cold
<Kumiko> sorry
<Gyoshoku> I don't mind
* Gyoshoku kisses her neck
* Kumiko smiles and hands him a riceball
* Gyoshoku takes it and muches happily
<Kumiko> poor Gyo, without my cooking for DAYS
<Gyoshoku> days and days
<Gyoshoku> and I saved the riceballs you gave me for five days just to have a taste of home
<Gyoshoku> and they were wonderful
* Kumiko smiles and kisses him
* Gyoshoku kisses back and then eats more riceball
<Gyoshoku> I did manage to eat, though
<Gyoshoku> we roasted a lot of fish on sticks over fire
<Kumiko> good...
<Kumiko> I took care of myself, too...
<Kumiko> though it was hard to go to sleep without you...
<Gyoshoku> I know what you mean
<Gyoshoku> no you, no roof, no futon
<Kumiko> poor Gyo
<Kumiko> I had a roof and a futon...
<Gyoshoku> it's all better now
<Kumiko> but my home is in your arms
<Gyoshoku> I have all three
<Kumiko> mhm
* Kumiko munches riceball too
* Gyoshoku drops rice in her hair
* Gyoshoku tries to pick it out again
<Gyoshoku> forry
<Kumiko> heh, it's alright
<Kumiko> I don't mind if you mash an entire riceball into my hair, right now
* Gyoshoku licks the stray rice from his fingers
<Kumiko> because I'm so happy
<Gyoshoku> why would I ruin perfectly lovely hair and a perfectly tasty riceball doing that?
<Kumiko> I don't know
<Kumiko> but it couldn't destroy my mood, even if you did
<Kumiko> so there
* Gyoshoku laughs
<Gyoshoku> fair enough
* Gyoshoku finishes his food and snuggles up to her
* Kumiko giggles and finishes her food just a while later and snuggles back
<Kumiko> I'm glad you're home
<Gyoshoku> mm, me too
<Kumiko> because if you're not home, I miss my home, too
* Gyoshoku smiles
<Gyoshoku> I like being your home
* Kumiko smiles at him
<Gyoshoku> we have three days to just spend together
<Kumiko> yeah
<Gyoshoku> but who knows when the next news will come
<Gyoshoku> if only we'd made some progress
<Gyoshoku> but all we found were some ruined villages and a lot of small youkai feeding off the remains
<Kumiko> yeah...
* Kumiko snugs
<Kumiko> I'm sorry...
<Gyoshoku> scavengers... it was awful
* Gyoshoku snugs back
<Gyoshoku> we'll find Kagai some day...
<Gyoshoku> we have to
<Kumiko> yeah...
<Kumiko> you will
<Kumiko> and it'll all work out...
<Gyoshoku> you're such a happy person
<Gyoshoku> I need that
<Gyoshoku> I need you...
<Gyoshoku> not just to hold, though that is one of the best things in the world
<Gyoshoku> but because you keep me from falling into despair
* Kumiko hugs him
<Kumiko> I'm here, Gyo...
<Kumiko> for you to hold, and to hold you...
* Gyoshoku hugs tightly
* Kumiko hugs back
<Kumiko> I'll keep you from despairing, and you'll help me with the same...
<Gyoshoku> since when do you despair, hmm?
<Kumiko> well... I don't... because I have you
<Kumiko> and you're strong and cool and you'll make everything alright, so there
* Kumiko did actually despair... a little little bit when she was bit by that spider and thought she was going to die... but most of all that time she ran into Gyo with Kurou... yeah. Because that hurt so much.
* Kumiko isn't really thinking about that right now, though
* Gyoshoku kisses her
* Kumiko kisses back
<Gyoshoku> I hope I can always make everything right for you
<Kumiko> I trust you
<Gyoshoku> and I trust your judgement
<Kumiko> good...
* Kumiko snuggles
<Kumiko> I think we could use some rest now
* Gyoshoku plays with her hair idly
<Gyoshoku> yeah
<Gyoshoku> I know I could
<Kumiko> yeah... I can see that in your eyes...
<Gyoshoku> mmm, you see me so well
<Kumiko> and I could too... I did mention I had a hard time falling asleep without you here, didn't I?
<Gyoshoku> you did, yes
* Gyoshoku kisses her again
* Kumiko kisses back
<Gyoshoku> sleep, koishii, and rest well
<Kumiko> mhm
<Kumiko> and you too
* Gyoshoku nods
* Gyoshoku holds her well past the time when they are both asleep
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