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* Kagemaru keeps walking... quickly... steers for a settlement a while away... gets there after some hour or so
* Meimei is the daughter of a merchant in that settlement, has left her parent's house to take a night walk, which she sometimes does despite warnings not to, is fourteen and knows everything
* Meimei is attractive and well kept, which money will do for you
* Meimei sits by the well and looks up at the stars
* Kagemaru walks into the settlement... heads for the well, thinks some water might help him
* Kagemaru has been through her some time before, so knows approximately where the well is
* Meimei isn't paying attention and doesn't expect anyone to be out at this time, so has her guard down
* Kagemaru approaches the well... sees a girl sitting by it
* Meimei looks up at the stars and plays with her hair
* Kagemaru notes that the girl is very pretty
* Meimei finally hears something and looks over at Kagemaru, startled... jumps to her feet
<Meimei> oh... houshi-sama... you scared me
* Kagemaru grins wryly. "I'm sorry if I did, nee-san..."
* Meimei blushes, he's so cute when he grins
<Meimei> it's alright... I'm not supposed to be out, you see...
<Kagemaru> Ah, I do recognize the situation...
<Kagemaru> Gods, I'm thirsty
<Meimei> you look like you've been walking a long time, let me get you some water
<Kagemaru> Your kindness is like that of the fabled celestial maidens, nee-san
<Kagemaru> in fact, I think you must be one, for how could I otherwise explain your beauty?
* Meimei giggles and then smiles at him shyly
<Meimei> you're very kind to someone as plain as me, houshi-sama
* Meimei draws water for him and holds the dipper out
<Kagemaru> You, plain? If you're plain, then I don't think my eyes could stand to look at true beauty
* Meimei blushes deeper and looks away
* Kagemaru takes the dipper from her hand, making sure to brush her fingers with his
* Meimei shivers when he does so and then brings her hand up to her chest quickly, trying to hide her excitement
<Meimei> I should go home
* Kagemaru drinks thirstily, studying her from the corner of his eye
<Kagemaru> Yes... you probably should... after all, there are lots of dangerous people around at this time of night
<Kagemaru> Travelling houshi, and who knows what else
<Meimei> you don't seem dangerous, houshi-sama
<Meimei> and I feel safer here with you than I would at home... I mean *blushes* in case of youkai
<Kagemaru> Oh, yeah, youkai
<Kagemaru> nasty buggers, aren't they?
<Meimei> I've... never met one
* Kagemaru got most of his experience with youkai from Saku
<Meimei> have you? *looks up again and catches his eye*
<Kagemaru> Oh, yeah... I fought with one before I had even turned a year... but that's not really important
* Meimei blinks at him
<Meimei> wow... that's very heroic
* Kagemaru is technically telling the truth... if you consider jumping at Saku's tail and trying to bite it "fighting"
<Meimei> you must be the bravest houshi I've ever heard of <and so cute>
* Kagemaru grins slightly at her again
* Meimei swoons at his smile... did I mention she was fourteen?
<Kagemaru> so, what's your name, oh beautiful one? or do angels perhaps have no names, only beautiful faces?
<Meimei> oh *brings her hands up to cover her burning cheeks* it's Meimei
<Kagemaru> Meimei... that's a lovely name... it suits you well
* Meimei gives a little bow
<Meimei> it's just a nickname, really... but everyone calls me that
<Kagemaru> Ah, alright
<Meimei> I think... I think I must really be sleeping
<Meimei> and this is a dream
<Kagemaru> Why is that, Mei-chan?
* Meimei giggles at the familiarization
<Meimei> because... brave, handsome houshi don't normally talk to me, houshi-sama
<Meimei> I'm not very good at being holy
<Kagemaru> Well... brave, handsome houshi who don't speak to you don't know what they're missing, then...
* Kagemaru reaches in and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear
<Kagemaru> There's more to life than being holy, Mei-chan...
* Meimei smiles at him and takes a deep breath when he touches her, he smells like salt and night air, and insense
<Meimei> if it's a dream, it's the best dream I've ever had
* Kagemaru is in emotional turmoil, and an hormonal teenager, and GYO and KUROU's son... losing himself in a pretty girl seems like a very good idea to him
* Meimei is a pretty girl!
<Kagemaru> I'm glad if I can be the man of your dreams, Mei-chan... *leans in slightly, stopping his face a few inches from hers*
* Kagemaru runs his fingers softly over her cheek. "Tell me to stop if I'm overstepping any boundaries, Mei-chan..."
* Meimei sighs softly and shakes her head, feels like this must be some sort of dream... things like this just don't happen
* Kagemaru leans in and kisses her softly... keeps stroking her cheek softly as he does so
* Meimei lets herself be kissed, has never kissed a man like this before, only her father and brothers
* Kagemaru is so dead when said father and brothers find out, isn't he?
* Meimei isn't thinking about them right now, just about his finger on her cheek and his lips on hers
* Kagemaru is pretty stuck in the moment, too
* Meimei pulls away a bit and breathes heavily
<Meimei> are you real?
<Kagemaru> I was the last time I checked... *grins wryly*
* Meimei is feeling lightheaded from the kiss and everything seems surreal
* Meimei reaches out hesitantly and puts her hand on his upper arm, testing to see if he's substantial... ohhh...
* Kagemaru may not be as big as some others, but he has plenty of muscles... haha
* Meimei thinks he's plenty muscled... is impressed in her fourteen year old way
<Meimei> you feel real *kneads his upper arm with her fingers, looking for any excuse to touch him*
* Kagemaru grins and kisses her again. "Not like a dream, then?"
* Meimei moans into the kiss and finally kisses back a bit
<Meimei> like a dream, too... *blinks* I don't know, it's very odd
<Meimei> because if you're real, then this is wrong...
<Meimei> but it doesn't feel wrong
<Kagemaru> Maybe your ideas about right and wrong are a bit off, Mei-chan...
<Meimei> well, you're the houshi... you should tell me what's right and wrong
* Kagemaru kisses from her mouth to her ear... remembers someone said ears are a good spot... kisses lightly under it. "What does your heart tell you?"
<Kagemaru> Does this *kiss* feel right or wrong?
* Meimei gasps and grasps his arms tightly with both hands before relaxing against him
<Meimei> ahhh... houshi-sama... I... right
* Kagemaru likes that reaction... keeps experimenting with that spot of skin... nibbling, kissing, sucking lightly. "Well, then... if it feels right, it probably is right, ne?"
<Meimei> mmm, oh... oh gods... it must be
* Meimei feels very warm all of a sudden, and tingly... very tingly
* Kagemaru wraps his free arm around her waist, pulling her close to him
* Meimei reaches up and runs her fingers along the back of his neck, sighing at the contact
<Meimei> houshi-sama... I feel strange
<Kagemaru> mmm... you do, do you?
<Meimei> yes... like I'm warm and... all wound up
<Kagemaru> ahh... yeah, me too... *nibbles lightly from her ear down her neck a bit*
<Kagemaru> I've heard of a cure for it, though...
* Meimei moans in the back of her throat and presses against him, feels like if she could just touch him it would help somehow
<Meimei> oh?
<Kagemaru> Mhm... *trails his hand up and down her back a bit*
<Kagemaru> Do you trust me, Mei-chan?
* Meimei nods silently
<Kagemaru> Well, then... *keeps kissing, thinking slightly*
* Meimei tugs on his hair and pulls his mouth free from her neck, then kisses his lips
* Kagemaru returns the kiss happily... doesn't want to think at all... just wants to lose himself... pretty girl...
* Meimei likes the neck nibbling, but wants to participate somehow and this is all she knows to do
* Meimei presses against him even tighter and snakes her arms around his neck
* Kagemaru pulls her closer to him, still kissing
* Kagemaru lets one hand rest on her obi, but doesn't start untying it, doesn't want to scare her
* Meimei likes the way he makes her feel, and likes the smell and feel of him, rests her head against his chest when she pulls away to breathe
<Meimei> your heart is racing like mine
<Kagemaru> is it? I wasn't aware...
* Kagemaru strokes her hair softly
* Meimei catches his hand and moves it over her heart so he can feel it
<Meimei> see?
* Kagemaru swallows slightly
<Kagemaru> yeah...
* Meimei takes her hand away from his and moves it back up to play with his hair
* Kagemaru is struggling with himself, actually... on one side he wants to lose himself in the pretty girl, on the other, he doesn't want to hurt her in any way...
* Kagemaru tries to push his conscience away... stupid thing, trying to keep him from getting some
* Meimei is pretty willing, but is also pretty innocent, has only some small idea where all this is leading
* Meimei just doesn't want the exciting, happy, warm, tingly feeling to end
<Meimei> your hair is very soft...
<Kagemaru> So is yours... *runs his hand through her hair*
* Meimei shivers happily
<Meimei> I brush it a hundred strokes every night
<Kagemaru> it's very nice...
<Meimei> mmm, thank you
* Kagemaru leans in, nibbling lightly at her ear again. "Do you want me, Mei-chan?"
<Meimei> want you, mmm, to what?
* Meimei doesn't really understand the question
* Kagemaru smiles slightly and pulls away, knows now that he won't be able to go through with it... the thought of deflowering a girl is bad enough as it is without adding to it that she's too innocent to even understand his question
* Meimei frowns as he pulls away
<Kagemaru> Never mind, Mei-chan... *kisses her forehead lightly* I'm sorry
<Meimei> don't stop
<Kagemaru> You were right before, it's wrong... I was wrong... I'm so sorry
* Meimei blinks, very confused
* Kagemaru strokes her cheek. "Relax, it was a dream, nothing more..."
<Meimei> but... it felt so good... and... *presses against him* please don't stop
* Meimei stares up at his eyes, not sure what to think
* Kagemaru whispers lowly into her ear. "It was a dream... you saw the handsome young houshi at the well, and offered him some water... he drank it and went on... and then you fell asleep and dreamt about him..."
<Meimei> I did?
* Meimei doesn't feel asleep, feels very very awake
<Kagemaru> Yes... you did... things like these don't happen, Mei-chan... it was all a dream...
<Meimei> but... it feels so real
<Meimei> and I've never had a dream like this before
* Kagemaru places a pretty chaste kiss on her lips. "You're growing up, Mei-chan, there's a first time for everything."
* Meimei runs her fingers over his lips and then brings them to her own
* Meimei blinks away a tear and then turns and runs back to her house, willing the dream, if it is a dream, to end
* Kagemaru sighs and shakes his head
* Meimei will fall asleep in her room still dressed and wake up to convince herself it really was all in her mind
* Kagemaru goes on with his journey... still very depressed and stuff... and now a bit, eh, frustruated in another way too... yeah
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