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* Gyoshoku wakes Kumiko up early for some *ahem* alone time and then the family starts their day, officially ^_^
* Hanaai waddles into their room a bit after they're done with their alone time, sleepily
* Gyoshoku and Kumiko are used to this and so always get redressed very quickly
<Gyoshoku> ohayou, little flower
* Amida is still asleep
* Hanaai yawns
* Aiko is awake but hasn't gotten up yet, is thinking about the day
* Aiko is excited
* Hanaai snuggles down between
<Aiko> *whispers* Maruppe, are you awake?
* Hanaai warms her feet against Gyo's leg
* Kagemaru blinks open an eye
<Kagemaru> mmm... am now
* Gyoshoku starts a little at the cold, but just laughs and snugs Hana-chan
<Kumiko> ohayou Hana-chan
<Hanaai> ohayou mommy, daddy
<Aiko> sorry, did I wake you?
<Amida> mmm, shutup'mtryin'tosleep *turns over and puts his arm over his ear*
<Kagemaru> hmm... nope
* Kagemaru grins slightly
<Kagemaru> let's get up and let Amida-kun sleep a bit longer?
* Aiko nods and sits up, yawning
<Hanaai> are we gonna cel'brate Aichan 'n Maruppe today?
<Gyoshoku> that's right
<Hanaai> 'kay
<Hanaai> I wrote poems for'em
<Hanaai> did I show you?
* Gyoshoku smiles
<Gyoshoku> hai, four times
<Hanaai> ok
<Gyoshoku> and they're very nice every time
<Hanaai> and I wrote my nicestest style, too
<Gyoshoku> I'm sure they'll love'em
* Hanaai nods
* Kagemaru gets up and rubs his eyes
* Aiko gets up and goes behind the dressing screen to put her day clothes on, still yawning a bit
<Hanaai> Are you tired, daddy? I can make you breakfast in bed if you want
<Hanaai> and mommy too
<Gyoshoku> hmmm, well...that does sound nice, but I think since it's such a special day, it's better if we go ahead and get up
<Hanaai> oh... yeah
<Hanaai> we're gonna make onigiri, right mommy?
<Kumiko> Right *smiles*
<Gyoshoku> watch out, though
<Hanaai> what for?
<Gyoshoku> you know all about the onigiri of doom
* Hanaai giggles
<Hanaai> I'm not afraid of any onigiri!
<Gyoshoku> one false move and he grabs you and *tickles her* drags you away
<Hanaai> 'cause I have daddy and Maruppe and Amida to save me from it *giggles and squirms around*
<Hanaai> and Aiko can be pretty scary too
* Gyoshoku chuckles
<Gyoshoku> it was your mommy who saved me from it, once
<Gyoshoku> so don't count her out
<Hanaai> Oooh, yeah
<Hanaai> well, see
<Hanaai> I don't have to be afraid, anyway
<Gyoshoku> smart girl, I can't even scare you anymore
<Hanaai> nope, 'cause I know you'll save me
* Hanaai smiles at him
<Gyoshoku> I guess I should just give up and crawl away to become an old youkai who tells nasty stories to scare children because my little flower wouldn't even pretend *sighsigh*
<Hanaai> noooo
<Gyoshoku> no?
* Hanaai hugs him tightly
* Gyoshoku grins and hugs her back
<Hanaai> I feel safe with you, daddy *nods*
<Hanaai> so that's why you can't scare me
* Aiko emerges into the main room and walks around it, straightening up a little
<Hanaai> because I know all scaryness will go away
<Hanaai> because mommy and you're the best
<Gyoshoku> aw darn, Kumiko, I can't scare this one anymore, we'll have to have another one
<Kumiko> oh no, we don't *chuckles*
<Hanaai> but I'd like another one, mommy
<Hanaai> a baby brother
<Hanaai> and I could teach him like Maruppe and Aichan and Amida did me
<Hanaai> and he'd be like me and not wanna leave home ever
<Hanaai> and then I wouldn't be lonely when Maruppe and Aichan and Ami-chan have gone away
* Gyoshoku laughs
* Kumiko shakes her head and kisses Hana's head
<Gyoshoku> nope, it looks like you're destined to be the baby forever
<Hanaai> Oh... ok
<Gyoshoku> my wife seems adamant about it
* Hanaai sighs slightly
<Gyoshoku> she is the one who has to carry the babies for 9 months, you know... and then feed them
<Gyoshoku> she should have some say
<Hanaai> yeah, I guess
* Hanaai turns and hugs Kumiko tightly
<Aiko> Hana-chan, come get dressed and I'll let you wake Amida up with the water over his head again
<Hanaai> I love you, mommy
* Kumiko hugs back. "Love you too, little flower... now go wake up your brother... without water, please."
<Hanaai> But Aichan said... *looks between her parents*
* Gyoshoku raises a brow
<Gyoshoku> you heard your mother
<Hanaai> *sighs* ah, ok
* Hanaai crawls out of bed and walks over to Aiko
* Kagemaru escapes yawning from the kids' bedroom
* Aiko holds her hand and takes her into the other bedroom to get dressed and wake up Amida
* Aiko winks at Kagemaru as she passes
<Gyoshoku> maybe we should get dressed, too....
<Kagemaru> You girls are way too awake this early in the morning
* Amida is snoring
<Kumiko> Mhm... maybe
<Aiko> someone has to get you sleepyheads going
<Kumiko> or we can hold the celebration in our bed
<Gyoshoku> ohh, good idea
<Kumiko> it's big enough... *winks*
* Gyoshoku chuckles
<Kumiko> we *have* had the entire family in it before, at least
<Gyoshoku> you think if we went back to sleep anyone would notice?
<Kumiko> they might
* Kumiko strokes his cheek
* Gyoshoku smiles at her and strokes hers in return
* Kumiko gets dressed
* Gyoshoku watches
* Gyoshoku is feeling very lazy
* Amida continues to snore
* Hanaai lets Aiko help her get dressed
* Hanaai is spoiled
* Aiko doesn't mind, likes dressing Hana
* Hanaai smiles at her
<Hanaai> Can we wake Ami-chan now?
* Aiko nods
<Hanaai> 'kay!
* Hanaai gives Amida a big hug. "Wake up Ami-chan..."
<Amida> ugh...getooffffffmeeeeeeeeeeee
* Gyoshoku eventually gets out of bed and dressed as well
* Amida tries to shove Hanaai away, is grumpy when he wakes up
<Hanaai> nooo.... don't wanna
* Hanaai kisses his cheek
<Amida> moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!
* Aiko laughs
<Hanaai> *whispers* we're gonna celebrate Maruppe and Aichan today
<Amida> I know, I know, get off already, sheesh
<Gyoshoku> you've been paged
* Hanaai lets go of him. "Don't you want a hug from your favourite little sister?"
<Amida> my only little sister *wipes his cheek but smiles at her as he does so*
* Kumiko sighs, smiles, and heads into the children's room
<Hanaai> Uh huh
<Kumiko> Is there a problem here?
<Amida> Hana-chan is covering me with girl slobber
<Aiko> girl slobber, eh? *bends over and kisses him on the forehead all slobbery*
<Amida> Mom, make 'em stop!!
* Kumiko smiles slightly and heads into the room, pulling a cloth out and wiping his forehead for him. "Aichan, Hana-chan, stop teasing your brother."
* Gyoshoku heads out into the main room and smiles at Kagemaru sleepily
<Aiko> but it's so much fun
* Amida sticks his tongue out at her
<Hanaai> I was just gonna wake him
<Hanaai> and you said I couldn't pour water on him
<Hanaai> I wasn't gonna pour much water either
<Amida> water! Oh, I'm gonna dunk you in the river
<Hanaai> I din't!
<Amida> next time, then
<Hanaai> and it was Aichan who said to
<Aiko> and I'm too big to dunk, so there
* Kagemaru grins back sleepily at Gyo
<Amida> I'll get Maruppe to help me
<Kagemaru> remind me, is it always *yawn* this lively here in the mornings?
<Amida> Maruppe! Help me dunk Aichan!!
* Amida gets up and runs to his older brother
<Gyoshoku> always
* Kagemaru blinks and pats Amida's head slightly. "What, and break the little trust she has in me?"
<Amida> she KISSED me!
<Kagemaru> Well, Amida, in a few years, you will realise that when a pretty girl kisses you, it's something to be happy for *winks*
<Gyoshoku> Ami-kun, no dunking your sisters, either of them, and Maruppe... I think we need to have a talk
* Gyoshoku chuckles
<Kagemaru> Mmk *clears his throat slightly*
<Amida> uh, you always take their side
<Gyoshoku> ohhh, is my Ami-chan jealous of his sisters? *picks him up and cuddles him like a baby*
* Kumiko smiles slightly and heads to Gyo's side
<Kumiko> Stop teasing your son, Gyo
<Gyoshoku> get dressed and stay out of trouble, then *sets him down*
* Amida runs back to the bedroom to get dressed
<Amida> get out, girls, I'm getting dressed
* Hanaai gets out
<Hanaai> 'kay
<Aiko> and I used to change your diapers, so there *gets out as well*
* Hanaai heads over to Kagemaru and looks generally adorable
* Aiko didn't really, but watched a lot
<Amida> girls, ptthhpt
* Amida gets dressed
* Kagemaru picks her up. "I think you've grown since I was here last, Hana-chan."
<Gyoshoku> not much, though, she's going to be short like her mother
* Hanaai grins. "I'm gonna be taller than her."
<Hanaai> I decided so
<Aiko> oh really?
* Hanaai nods
<Hanaai> just a bit *shows with her fingers, maybe half an inch*
<Aiko> if not you can always pile your hair on top of your head like a geisha
<Aiko> then you'll be taller
<Hanaai> or wear really thick-soled sandals
<Hanaai> or or or... walk on stilts!
* Gyoshoku laughs
<Hanaai> then I'll be taller than daddy too
<Aiko> come on, stilt girl, let's go get some water so mom can make breakfast
<Hanaai> Mmk *squirms in Kagemaru's arms*
* Amida emerges, his hair a total mess, but his clothes on
<Kagemaru> What, you want to get down, my tall flower?
* Hanaai nods
<Hanaai> and I'm not tall yet
<Kagemaru> for a flower, you are *winks and lets her down*
* Amida wanders outside to get wood for the stove like he does every morning
* Hanaai goes with Aiko to get water
* Amida brings the wood back in, still yawning, and stokes the fire in the stove
<Gyoshoku> so....*clears his throat a little* about that talk...
<Gyoshoku> let's take a walk
* Kagemaru nods. "Alright"
* Gyoshoku and Kagemaru walk out back toward the woods
* Kumiko gets started with breakfast
* Amida does fetching and carrying things and then sits down to work on his present for Kagemaru, which he hasn't finished yet
* Aiko and Hanaai help prepare breakfast
<Gyoshoku> so....
* Kagemaru looks to Gyo
<Kagemaru> So... ?
<Gyoshoku> .....
<Gyoshoku> so.....
<Gyoshoku> about girls
<Gyoshoku> man, this is a lot harder with your son....
* Kagemaru grins slightly
<Gyoshoku> ok... so... girls
<Kagemaru> What about them? Going to tell me about flower and bees and the like?
* Gyoshoku is getting no where
* Gyoshoku chuckles
<Gyoshoku> no... I think we're a little past that
<Kagemaru> Mhm, might be
<Kagemaru> Let's see... you heard me tell Amida that when one gets older, you learn to appreciate getting kissed by pretty girls?
<Kagemaru> and you want to know how much of the kind I've been doing?
<Gyoshoku> well, in so many words...but also to warn you about things you might not understand yet
<Kagemaru> I haven't done more than, at some occasion, kiss a girl... happy?
* Gyoshoku smiles a bit
<Gyoshoku> for your sake, yes
<Gyoshoku> was she cute? *winks*
* Kagemaru nods
* Gyoshoku grins wider
* Kagemaru might be blushing just a wee bit
* Kagemaru is trying to seem cool about it, though
<Gyoshoku> listen, I know you're not a child any more, and you can make decisions about girls for yourself
<Gyoshoku> the gods know when I was your age..well, never mind, the point is, I do trust you
<Kagemaru> Heh, alright
<Kagemaru> they tend to keep me confined at the monastary, actually
<Gyoshoku> sounds familiar
<Kagemaru> something about how you acted when you were my age
* Gyoshoku chuckles a bit
<Kagemaru> and not having enough salt
* Gyoshoku laughs out loud
<Gyoshoku> trust Tendo to bring that up
<Kagemaru> Mhm... point is, I haven't been on many missions yet
<Gyoshoku> well, that will change with time
* Kagemaru nods slowly
<Gyoshoku> and you're going to have desires, everyone does
* Kagemaru nods again
<Gyoshoku> and you're going to experiment, I imagine, because you're young and it's fun
<Gyoshoku> but... girls are different
<Gyoshoku> they attach feelings to things that we might not even consider
<Kagemaru> yeah... I know, I have a sister
<Gyoshoku> heh, well...
<Kagemaru> I know you meant differently
* Gyoshoku nods
<Kagemaru> I just... meant that I understand that girls think differently
<Gyoshoku> I think I probably broke some hearts at one time, and I wish now I could go back and change that
<Kagemaru> and you don't want me to?
<Gyoshoku> I don't want you to have regrets like I do
<Gyoshoku> the simple truth is, girls are going to be drawn to you
<Kagemaru> Ok... that sounds like good news
<Gyoshoku> all kinds of girls, and it's your job to make sure you only... avail yourself... of the ones who won't be hurt... that's all
<Kagemaru> so I should stay away from the good girls with a promising future, ne?
<Gyoshoku> unless you intend to stick around, yeah
<Gyoshoku> I'm not going to tell you to avoid women, or sex... there I said it, sheesh, I never had trouble with this before... but... be selective
* Kagemaru nods
<Kagemaru> I will try to
* Gyoshoku smiles at him
<Gyoshoku> good
<Gyoshoku> and never promise more than you're willing to give...
<Gyoshoku> that's the other thing, it's not worth it, in the long run... even jaded girls can cry
<Kagemaru> and then I'll feel like a complete cad, eh?
* Gyoshoku grins
<Gyoshoku> yep
<Kagemaru> ok... I'll remember that
* Gyoshoku pats him on the shoulder
<Gyoshoku> good... good
<Gyoshoku> whew, I feel better
* Kagemaru grins at him
<Kagemaru> so... anything about how to keep them happy?
<Gyoshoku> oh, my son... volumes... more than I can ever even begin to impart
<Kagemaru> you can give me a hint or two, though
<Kagemaru> because I'd rather not make a complete fool of myself... *is turning slightly red again*
<Gyoshoku> eh... well... I'll tell you this much, the neck and ears are a good place to start... and let the girl take her own obi off until you get good at it, because otherwise you'll just wind up making it tighter
<Gyoshoku> those knots are complicated on purpose
<Kagemaru> I have an idea how to tie an obi...
<Gyoshoku> that's a good place to start
<Gyoshoku> I've probably lost my touch after all these years
<Kagemaru> I did help Aichan on a few occasions... but that was probably a quite simple knot, heh
<Kagemaru> Don't you still help mother?
<Gyoshoku> yes, but that's always the same knot
<Gyoshoku> I used to know dozens
<Kagemaru> ah... I guess I'll have to learn on my own, then
<Gyoshoku> I'm not giving lessons, no
<Gyoshoku> Kumiko would never forgive me
* Kagemaru laughs slightly
<Gyoshoku> here's a hint, think about it when you meditate
<Gyoshoku> it's good to have something to focus on
<Gyoshoku> gods, I really am the worst father in history
<Kagemaru> And it will help enlighten me?
* Gyoshoku chuckles
<Gyoshoku> yeah, something like that
<Gyoshoku> so you really haven't done more than kiss, eh?
<Kagemaru> No...
<Gyoshoku> heh, they really must keep you locked up
<Kagemaru> was some pretty long kisses, though ^_^;
* Gyoshoku laughs
<Gyoshoku> uh huh
<Kagemaru> and I think you're a good father, for the record
<Kagemaru> you're not trying to scare me away from everything... sexual...
<Kagemaru> I mean, knowing me, that'd probably just make me more eager to try it...
* Gyoshoku chuckles
<Kagemaru> so, instead, you explain to me how not to hurt people... *shrugs slightly*
<Gyoshoku> sex can be healthy, and fun, and there's no point ignoring the fact that you're going to want it... neither is it helpful to pretend you're not going to face the temptation with willing girls, given your looks
* Kagemaru runs his hand through his hair
<Gyoshoku> I can't believe Tendo let you get away with keeping your hair
<Gyoshoku> he used to get so mad they let me keep mine
<Kagemaru> I told him what you said to tell him
<Kagemaru> that he was focusing too much on the outside
<Gyoshoku> heh, works every time
* Kagemaru grins
<Kagemaru> So, is the fatherly advice imparted well enough to go back now?
<Gyoshoku> yeah, I think so
<Gyoshoku> unless you have questions
<Kagemaru> well... uhm... *looks thoughtful*
* Amida looks up from his work and shows his carving to his mother... he's carved a little verson of their house for Kagemaru so he can "take home with him"
<Kagemaru> if I'd... uh... find out I made a girl pregnant... what should I do?
<Gyoshoku> ah... well... you should offer to take the child and raise it to the best of your ability... or send them here, I guess...
<Kumiko> That's so nice, Amida... Maruppe will be so happy for it *smiles and hugs him*
* Kagemaru nods
<Kagemaru> Ok... I was thinking something along those lines, but... yeah
* Amida hugs back and then puts it away in his robes
* Amida grins "so it's good?"
* Kagemaru is concerned about it
<Gyoshoku> well... unless you love her
<Gyoshoku> and then you marry her and thank your stars you found her
* Kumiko nods. "It's great... you're so good at that, Amida-kun."
* Amida beams
* Kagemaru grins slightly. "Alright."
* Hanaai agrees
<Gyoshoku> and just for the record, that's NOT why I married Kumiko
<Gyoshoku> so stop looking at me like that
* Kagemaru laughs
<Kagemaru> didn't you get married in june?
* Gyoshoku nods
<Kagemaru> and Aichan is born in march
<Gyoshoku> I knew I should never have taught you to count
* Kagemaru grins widely
<Gyoshoku> it's just a coincidence
<Kagemaru> but then... it's hard to tell so early, isn't it?
<Gyoshoku> yes <if you don't have youkai around to tell you>
<Kagemaru> so... even if she was carrying Aiko then... you wouldn't have known
<Kagemaru> so, I guess I'll have to believe you
* Gyoshoku smiles at him and pats his shoulder again
<Gyoshoku> any other questions or can we go have breakfast now?
<Kagemaru> Hrm... not really, no... breakfast sounds nice
<Amida> mom, how come I didn't get to go on the walk with Maruppe and dad?
* Aiko snickers into her hand
* Gyoshoku and Kagemaru start to head back
<Kagemaru> I haven't had mother's cooking in so long... the food at the monastary is nowhere near as nice
<Kumiko> Because your father had to talk to him about things he should know when being away from home
<Gyoshoku> of course it's not, it's made by houshi
<Kumiko> and you're not going away yet... but eventually, he'll have the talk with you too...
<Amida> oh...
<Kagemaru> Uh huh
<Amida> like what things?
<Kumiko> things that are good to know if you're going to be a houshi like your father and Maruppe
<Gyoshoku> tell me, do they let you cook?
<Kagemaru> Ehehe, rarely
<Amida> but I -am-!
<Amida> I'm gonna be a houshi just like them
* Gyoshoku grins
<Gyoshoku> you can thank me for that, too
<Kumiko> but you're not quite there yet, Amida-kun
<Amida> but I wanna know
<Kagemaru> I'm better at cooking than you, father... maybe they'll discover that some day
<Gyoshoku> you'd better hope they don't
<Kagemaru> Heh, yeah, I am
* Aiko sets the table
<Kagemaru> they do tend to treat me like I really was your son, though... and I guess I take after you enough that it doesn't matter I was adopted, ne?
<Aiko> he's talking to him about girls, nosy boy
<Amida> nuh uh, why'd they go all the way outside to talk about that?
<Gyoshoku> they know I consider you my son in every way
* Gyoshoku stops himself saying any more
<Amida> mom, did they go to talk about girls?
* Kagemaru grins at him. "I'm glad you were the one to take care of me, father..."
<Kumiko> maybe, Amida
<Gyoshoku> so am I
<Gyoshoku> speaking of which, I have something important to tell you...
<Kagemaru> oh?
<Gyoshoku> after the celebration, we'll have a long talk, alright?
* Kagemaru nods
<Kagemaru> alright
* Gyoshoku nods back
<Gyoshoku> good *deep sigh*
<Amida> that's a stupid thing to talk about
<Kumiko> Maybe you won't always think so, Amida... *smiles slightly*
<Kumiko> but it's ok if you think so now
<Amida> I guess *looks thoughtful*
* Gyoshoku and Kagemaru arrive back at the house
* Kumiko smiles as they re-enter
<Gyoshoku> smells great in here
<Kagemaru> Mhm, wonderful
<Kagemaru> I missed you cooking, mother
<Hanaai> I helped too!
* Kagemaru chuckles. "...and I missed Hana-chan's onigiri, too, of course..."
* Aiko eyes him and sets a plate of pickles down
<Kagemaru> Are you trying to prove something, Aichan?
<Aiko> me? prove something? never ^_^
* Amida goes and stands next to Kagemaru, looking up at him "if you like girls, they must not be all bad..."
* Gyoshoku raises his brows
* Aiko snickers behind her hand again
* Kagemaru grins at Amida. "Girls can be pretty interesting, little brother, but if I say more than that, I fear I'm going to get told off by mother or father."
<Gyoshoku> or both
<Kagemaru> Yes, could be both
<Gyoshoku> and I see you laughing there, Aichan
<Kagemaru> My sister laughing at something as serious as this?
<Kagemaru> No way!
* Aiko looks at him pulling the innocent face "I was simply amused by something else... I beg my honourable father's pardon"
* Gyoshoku rolls his eyes
<Gyoshoku> yeah, yeah, yeah
* Gyoshoku sits down to eat
* Kagemaru sits down as well
* Amida sits next to Kagemaru and keeps looking at him thoughtfully
<Kagemaru> see anything interesting, Amida-kun?
<Amida> you look like dad when you laugh
* Gyoshoku thinks Amida is entirely too intelligent for his own good
<Kagemaru> I do? I hadn't noticed
<Kagemaru> Note to self: look at own laughing face more often.
<Amida> no, you can't cause you close your eyes when you laugh
<Kagemaru> oh, darn
<Amida> but you do, doesn't he mom?
<Kumiko> maybe a bit... *bites her lip thoughtfully*
* Aiko looks between her parents and then between her brothers...senses an odd tension
<Aiko> let's eat! ^_^
* Kagemaru ruffles Amida's hair
<Kagemaru> Are you planning on shaving your head when becoming a houshi, little brother?
* Aiko starts serving the men "Hana-chan, sit down"
* Aiko gives Kagemaru lots and lots of pickle
<Kagemaru> or are you going to follow the family tradition of refusing?
<Amida> hmm, I dunno
<Amida> I will meditate about it and decide then *nods*
<Kagemaru> that's more serious than I think I was
<Kagemaru> but maybe I'm just vain about my hair
<Amida> of course, I don't want to get cold...
<Kagemaru> I think I'd look like an egg if I shaved my head
<Amida> so I guess I'll be like you
* Amida smiles at him in a hero-worshippy sort of way
<Kagemaru> and father
<Kagemaru> he wouldn't shave his head either
<Amida> so I can't go against tradition
<Kagemaru> Clearly not
<Amida> that would be... sacriledge?
<Kagemaru> Breaking such a deeply established family tradition would be a shame... yes
* Amida smiles
<Amida> I wanna be just like you
<Kagemaru> Alright
<Amida> and you can be my teacher!
<Kagemaru> Mhm, maybe
* Amida grins and then turns to his plate and waits for the girls to sit down
* Hanaai sits!
* Aiko serves her
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