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* Gyoshoku returns to the prison, a week later, carrying some dango with him... Kumiko made it after all
* Kurousagi is meditating... does that sometimes
* Gyoshoku comes in and sits on the guard bench, waiting for her to finish
* Kurousagi was almost done, anyway
* Gyoshoku eats one of the dango while he waits, he never said he'd take them -all- to Kurou
* Kurousagi finishes and sighs, leaning back against the wall
<Gyoshoku> good morning
* Kurousagi looks up. "Hi."
<Gyoshoku> brought you some dango
* Gyoshoku gets up and walks over to hand it to her
<Kurousagi> Oooh... thanks *smiles, normally for once*
* Kurousagi is pretty calm after having meditated
<Gyoshoku> no problem, didn't even have to swipe them
* Kurousagi was also having serious cravings for dango
<Kurousagi> you mean your perfect wife made them for mean lil' me?
<Gyoshoku> well, yes, and she made enough for the family too
<Kurousagi> well, I guess you should send my thanks to her, then
<Gyoshoku> she thinks you're going good, you know
* Kurousagi laughs, shaking her head slowly
<Gyoshoku> yeah... that's what I said
<Gyoshoku> but she'd have made them for you anyway
<Gyoshoku> that's just how she is
<Kurousagi> heh, alright
<Gyoshoku> how've you been?
<Kurousagi> Alright... a bit sick, but not too bad
* Gyoshoku nods
<Gyoshoku> don't eat those too fast, then
<Kurousagi> I'll try not to
<Gyoshoku> and if you need help finishing them off, I'm available ^_^
<Kurousagi> Heh, I think I'm more than able to eat them all
* Gyoshoku fakes a disappointed look
<Gyoshoku> darn
* Gyoshoku winks
* Kurousagi chuckles
<Kurousagi> Hey, you have someone who'll make more for you if you just hint the least at wanting them...
<Gyoshoku> are you feeling up to a walk today?
<Gyoshoku> yes, I know
<Gyoshoku> and I've had four this morning, and one of yours already
<Gyoshoku> so... I'm not suffering
<Kurousagi> Meanie. *sticks out tongue at him*
* Gyoshoku grins
<Gyoshoku> payback's a bitch
<Kurousagi> yeah yeah
<Kurousagi> I would like a walk, though
* Gyoshoku nods and calls the guard over, who procedes to unlock the cell, tie their hands and go back to ignoring them
* Gyoshoku and Kurousagi walk outside
<Gyoshoku> let's go the other direction today... it's a feast day, did you remember?
<Kurousagi> it is?
<Gyoshoku> yeah, so everyone's mostly inside
<Gyoshoku> doing celebration things, praying, sanctifying things
<Kurousagi> I don't really keep track of the dates at the time...
<Kurousagi> yeah, I know what you do on feast days...
<Kurousagi> I did spend a few years training to be a miko, you know...
<Gyoshoku> really? I'd never have guessed that
<Gyoshoku> what with you being so ignorant of religious and spiritual matters
<Kurousagi> Oh, yes, really ignorant... *chuckles*
<Kurousagi> Not caring is not the same as not knowing
<Gyoshoku> I know the feeling
<Gyoshoku> I brought something else for you, but I didn't want the guard to see
* Kurousagi blinks. "Oh?"
<Gyoshoku> well, again, Kumiko sent it... she said if she were locked up, she'd miss seeing colours... so, she sent you this *holds out a blue and green scrap of cloth*
<Gyoshoku> it's from the leftovers after making Seisui's new kimono, she thought you might want to tie your hair back with it, or something
* Kurousagi takes it, shaking her head and smiling a bit. "Gods... she really is too good for this world, isn't she?"
<Gyoshoku> I hope not, I like having her in this world
<Gyoshoku> and I wanted to tell you, in case it was unclear last time, in case you got the wrong impression... I'm very devoted to my wife, and... nothing is going to happen between us
<Kurousagi> I know
* Gyoshoku nods
<Gyoshoku> just... making sure
<Gyoshoku> I said some stupid things last time
<Kurousagi> Heh, we all do...
<Gyoshoku> I suppose
<Gyoshoku> I seem to say more than my fair share, but still
<Kurousagi> Well, you're a man of many words
<Gyoshoku> yes, perhaps I should change my name from "lechery" to "talks too much"
* Kurousagi laughs
* Gyoshoku smiles
<Gyoshoku> I mean, if we're going for descriptors
* Gyoshoku shrugs
<Kurousagi> Yeah... you're more of the latter, these days, aren't you?
<Gyoshoku> anymore, yes
<Gyoshoku> I earned my name, though, over many years
<Gyoshoku> so, I'll live with it
<Kurousagi> but it's your real, original name?
<Gyoshoku> the only one I've ever had
<Gyoshoku> you know, apart from "boy" "child" "bastard" and houshi-sama
<Kurousagi> you know, I'll not comment on the other names I've heard used about you, shall I?
<Kurousagi> because I think you'll get mad then
* Gyoshoku chuckles
<Gyoshoku> I've heard them
<Gyoshoku> I promise, I've been called everything from "lowly worm" to "pretty as a chinese whore"... that last one was a personal favourite and earned the guy two broken ribs
* Kurousagi laughs
<Kurousagi> I had a normal name when growing up, really
<Gyoshoku> lucky girl
<Kurousagi> but I changed, and my name with it
* Gyoshoku nods
<Gyoshoku> you took a professional name, for lack of a better term
<Kurousagi> yeah
<Kurousagi> changed it at the same time as my job title, so... yep
<Gyoshoku> I'm going to guess the kuro part was your idea
<Kurousagi> my parents were some of the least imaginative people ever, I think
<Kurousagi> they had a kid born in the year of the rabbit, so they named her Usagi
<Gyoshoku> aww, Bunny's a cute name
* Gyoshoku wiggles his nose at her
* Kurousagi makes a face at him
* Gyoshoku grins
<Gyoshoku> be happy you weren't born in the year of the boar, then
<Kurousagi> Oh gods...
<Gyoshoku> or the rat... Kuronezumi is just not as eloquent sounding
* Kurousagi laughs. "Not really, no..."
<Kurousagi> Let's see... you're born... in the year of the monkey, right?
<Gyoshoku> that's right
<Kurousagi> So, you could've been named Yamazaru, if they'd followed the same tradition as my parents
<Gyoshoku> assuming my parents named me *winks*
<Kurousagi> mhm, there's that
<Gyoshoku> no, no, it was fate that named me... the gods themselves
<Kurousagi> uh uh, right
<Gyoshoku> it's true, who else would name a child Gyoshoku?
<Gyoshoku> divine intervention
<Kurousagi> not, say, an evil grandfather?
<Gyoshoku> you've spent too much time in my mind
<Gyoshoku> he's not evil... just... very... ok, evil
<Gyoshoku> and I prefer to think it was fate, thanks
<Kurousagi> I know I did... *shrugs*
<Kurousagi> Worst thing, I guess, is that I don't even know why
<Gyoshoku> don't know why what?
<Kurousagi> why I spent so much time in your mind
<Gyoshoku> why you singled me out?
* Gyoshoku nods to a bench
<Kurousagi> apart from you being hot and good in bed... sorry, grass
<Gyoshoku> you look tired
* Kurousagi nods and goes to sit on the bench
<Gyoshoku> well, that is an important combination *laughs a little nervously*
<Kurousagi> sure is *grins wryly*
* Gyoshoku goes with her as they're tied together
<Gyoshoku> I figured it was because I was stupid enough to think the best of you
<Kurousagi> Oh, yeah, there's that
<Kurousagi> because you kept buying everything I fed you in my overdramatical little ways
<Gyoshoku> it's seductive, thinking you can save someone
<Kurousagi> in particular a pretty girl who looks too weak to fight down a puppy?
<Gyoshoku> there's that
<Gyoshoku> but just, I don't know
<Gyoshoku> if you'd been old or ugly, I'd have still tried to save you
<Gyoshoku> not with as much... spirit, perhaps
* Kurousagi smiles
<Kurousagi> I almost guessed
<Gyoshoku> guessed what?
<Kurousagi> that you wouldn't have been quite as keen on helping me if I hadn't looked like this *shrugs*
<Kurousagi> or, you know, like I did then
<Kurousagi> not that I look particular strong right now either, though
<Gyoshoku> oh no, right at this moment, you're ripe for the saving
<Gyoshoku> thankfully, I know you can do that very well on your own
* Kurousagi grins wryly.
<Kurousagi> Yeah...
<Gyoshoku> I guess I just need to be needed
<Kurousagi> Mhm
<Gyoshoku> to feel important to people
<Kurousagi> Hero complex
* Gyoshoku shrugs
<Gyoshoku> I don't think of it that way
<Gyoshoku> people need help, I help them... I can't help it if I've drawn to those who need help more often
<Kurousagi> Heh, alright
* Gyoshoku sighs
* Kurousagi watches the sky. "...I started meditating a bit, again..."
<Gyoshoku> yeah, I saw that when I came in
<Gyoshoku> why did you stop?
<Kurousagi> well... I guess, because earlier, I just used it to gather my powers so I'd be able to use them in a better way...
* Gyoshoku nods
<Kurousagi> and when I got put in there, I didn't see the meaning in doing so...
<Gyoshoku> makes sense, if that's all you thought of it as
<Gyoshoku> I guess the years in the monastary drilled it pretty well into me
<Kurousagi> *nods*
<Kurousagi> I mean, I know it's more, but... I just couldn't be bothered with it
<Gyoshoku> I feel... out of whack, if I don't
<Gyoshoku> it's not like you had a lot else to do
<Kurousagi> no, not really
<Kurousagi> still *shrugs*
<Gyoshoku> why'd you become a miko anyway?
<Gyoshoku> you're obviously talented and all, but...
<Kurousagi> well, the people I were staying with at the time probably only took me in because they felt they had to
<Gyoshoku> oh yes, the joy of being an obligation
<Kurousagi> so when I displayed signs of powers, they thought it was just as good just to dump me with the closest miko instead
<Gyoshoku> you've mucked around in my brain, what do you know about my past?
<Kurousagi> uhm... lessee... bastard son of... someone pretty noble, not sure quite how... and your father was a monk... hm
<Gyoshoku> I don't -really- have to explain how, do I?
<Kurousagi> no
* Kurousagi chuckles
<Gyoshoku> thought not
<Gyoshoku> anything else?
<Kurousagi> and your grandfather named you, and you were sent off to the monastary as a kid
* Gyoshoku nods
<Kurousagi> and you went off on some adventure when in your young teenages, and have been sleeping around since
<Kurousagi> until now
<Gyoshoku> some adventure... heh
<Gyoshoku> I wish you didn't know those things...
<Gyoshoku> it makes me feel exposed
<Kurousagi> well, if it makes you feel any better, I'm not likely to be able to use them against you, what with my short life expectancy span and all
<Gyoshoku> it's not that
<Gyoshoku> it's not even that I think most people would be shocked that I have a sordid past
<Gyoshoku> it took me ages to trust someone enough to actually talk about it
<Gyoshoku> and now, I feel like it's out of control
* Gyoshoku shakes his head
<Kurousagi> in particular as you don't trust me?
<Gyoshoku> trusting you would be a very stupid thing to do
<Kurousagi> Yep, it would
<Gyoshoku> you're taking advantage of me even now aren't you?
<Kurousagi> Am I? *looks at him*
* Gyoshoku looks back
<Gyoshoku> don't act innocent
* Kurousagi sighs and shrugs
<Gyoshoku> it's ok, I don't mind
<Gyoshoku> if I did, I wouldn't be here
<Kurousagi> I guess not
<Gyoshoku> ready to go back?
* Kurousagi nods slowly. "I guess..."
<Gyoshoku> we're lucky it's nice today
<Gyoshoku> as the winter really sets in, we won't be able to stay out like this
* Gyoshoku gets to his feet
<Kurousagi> No... probably not
* Kurousagi moves to get up... silly tummy making her slow
* Gyoshoku helps
* Kurousagi gets to her feet
<Gyoshoku> why didn't you take my help, Kurousagi? I could have helped you, I could have gotten you out of that situation
<Gyoshoku> and you wouldn't be here now, waiting to die
<Kurousagi> I don't know
<Gyoshoku> yes you do
<Kurousagi> I guess I didn't think I was going to get caught... that I'd succeed in living forever... I don't know
<Gyoshoku> living forever?
<Gyoshoku> did you really think Kagai would be able to give you that power, even if he wanted to?
<Kurousagi> Not necessarily him
<Kurousagi> but he could help me get a bit on my way
<Gyoshoku> on your way to selling your humanity
<Kurousagi> well, I'm so very sorry for having lost faith in it at a young age
* Gyoshoku sighs
<Gyoshoku> so you just decide to break out of it for good, eh?
<Kurousagi> Maybe I did
<Gyoshoku> ally yourself with the enemy of all humankind
* Gyoshoku shakes his head
<Gyoshoku> I don't understand that kind of thinking
<Kurousagi> I got benefits from it... *shrugs*
* Gyoshoku and Kurousagi walk back toward the prison
<Gyoshoku> was it worth it?
<Kurousagi> at the time, I thought so
<Kurousagi> Now... *shrugs again*
<Gyoshoku> now it's too late to be sorry
<Kurousagi> Yeah, I know
<Kurousagi> It's easy to point to errors after everything's done
* Gyoshoku leads Kurou inside and back to the cell, pulls the tie off
<Kurousagi> at the time, it seemed like a good idea...
* Kurousagi shrugs
<Gyoshoku> I wanted to help you, then
<Gyoshoku> I wish now that I had been strong enough to see the real help you needed
<Gyoshoku> I don't claim to be the paragon of virtue, but... even you must have seen... hurting other people is never the way
* Kurousagi shrugs again... doesn't know what to say
* Gyoshoku just sighs and closes the cell door
<Gyoshoku> have a good day
* Kurousagi looks up as the door closes. "...yeah.... you too..."
<Gyoshoku> being around you depresses the hell out of me
<Kurousagi> it's a choice you make
<Gyoshoku> true
<Gyoshoku> I'll see you later
<Kurousagi> Ok... bye
* Gyoshoku nods and leaves
* Gyoshoku sighs when he's out of there, it's such a waste
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