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* Kumiko is home
* Gyoshoku is too, now, and also wet
* Gyoshoku stands at the door
<Gyoshoku> knock knock
* Kumiko looks up. "Gyo!"
* Gyoshoku smiles
* Kumiko gets to her feet. "What're you doing home already? You're all wet!"
<Gyoshoku> I just had to see you
<Gyoshoku> and, it's raining
<Kumiko> Yeah, I know... here, sit by the fire...
<Kumiko> and get out of those clothes, we don't want you getting sick...
* Kumiko gets him a blanket
* Gyoshoku enters and puts his shakujou down
* Gyoshoku undresses and wraps himself in the blanket
<Gyoshoku> thanks
* Gyoshoku goes to sit by the fire
* Kumiko sits down at his side once he's seated
<Gyoshoku> how was your morning?
<Kumiko> Oh, it was good... I'm so glad I'm past that period of morning sickness now...
* Gyoshoku smiles
<Gyoshoku> so am I
<Gyoshoku> you seem a lot happier
* Kumiko smiles at him
<Kumiko> I guess I am
* Gyoshoku puts his arm around her
* Kumiko snugs close to him
<Kumiko> so, how was your morning?
<Gyoshoku> well...
<Gyoshoku> I went to see Kurousagi
<Kumiko> Oh... how did it go? How's she feeling?
<Gyoshoku> better, I guess
<Gyoshoku> she's been writing a lot
* Kumiko nods slowly. "Alright... that's good, that she's doing something, I think... not just sitting around being sad..."
<Gyoshoku> yeah... it's very weird, though
<Gyoshoku> that cell, it's so small and boring and blank, and she's like a different person in there
* Kumiko nods again. "I guess a place like that would change someone..."
<Gyoshoku> I took her for a little walk...
<Gyoshoku> Kumiko, do you think I've changed?
<Kumiko> Since when?
<Gyoshoku> since when we met
* Kumiko bites her lip thoughtfully
<Kumiko> Not much... but a bit, I guess...
<Kumiko> I think... you think much more about how others feel, now...
<Gyoshoku> hmm
<Kumiko> but apart from that... not much, I don't think...
<Gyoshoku> ok
<Kumiko> you're still the wonderful man I gave my heart to *smiles at him*
* Gyoshoku smiles back
<Gyoshoku> you really are too perfect to be real
* Kumiko blinks at him
<Gyoshoku> it's... nothing, never mind
<Kumiko> If you have something on your mind, Gyo...
<Gyoshoku> it's just something she said
<Gyoshoku> I'm confused
<Gyoshoku> and I feel really stupid
<Gyoshoku> I know what she is, what she does, but I can't help getting sucked in
* Kumiko strokes his back. "Sucked in how?"
<Gyoshoku> she says these weird things
<Kumiko> Like what?
<Gyoshoku> like how if things were different, we'd make a good couple... I don't know what she's trying to do
<Gyoshoku> it bothers me, because it makes me consider things I don't want to think about
* Kumiko hugs him. "Do you think she's right?"
<Gyoshoku> that's just it
<Gyoshoku> I don't want to think about it
<Gyoshoku> I don't want to have to think about it, why did she even bring it up?
<Kumiko> Well... things are like this now, and nothing's going to change that...
<Gyoshoku> I guess not
* Gyoshoku hugs her tighter
* Kumiko hugs back
<Gyoshoku> I just had to be here and touch you, and know I wasn't insane
<Kumiko> It's alright, Gyo...
<Gyoshoku> maybe I shouldn't go back
<Gyoshoku> this is where I belong, right here, with you
* Kumiko snugs him
<Kumiko> Are you so afraid for what could've been if everything had been different?
<Gyoshoku> maybe... maybe I just want to know that I deserve to be happy with you, and that I don't belong with her
<Gyoshoku> we're so alike, Kumiko
<Kumiko> I think you belong with me...
<Gyoshoku> you do?
* Kumiko nods
* Gyoshoku sighs
<Gyoshoku> do you think I should go back?
<Kumiko> Well... what would you do if you didn't?
<Gyoshoku> I mean, to see her
<Kumiko> Well... *frowns*
<Kumiko> not if it makes you too uncomfortable, I guess...
<Gyoshoku> I'm the only person who talks to her
<Kumiko> I know... I'm thinking...
<Kumiko> I want you to do what you're comfortable with... though I do pity her, if it really makes you uncomfortable...
<Gyoshoku> it's not that, it's that I'm too comfortable
<Gyoshoku> she gets inside my guard, it's... disturbing
<Kumiko> maybe... maybe she's turning better?
<Gyoshoku> I don't think so, koishii...
* Kumiko sighs and hugs him tightly.
* Gyoshoku hugs back
<Kumiko> Well... I don't know... but...
* Kumiko hugs him. "I love you, and I trust you to make the right decision, whatever that might be..."
<Gyoshoku> I wish I had as much trust in myself
* Gyoshoku kisses her gently
* Kumiko kisses back
* Gyoshoku sighs
<Gyoshoku> is it still raining?
<Kumiko> Seems like it
<Gyoshoku> well, I can't very well walk back in the rain, right?
<Kumiko> No... *strokes his face*
* Gyoshoku grins
* Kumiko smiles back at him
<Gyoshoku> are you very busy?
<Kumiko> Not really...
<Gyoshoku> well, in that case *kisses again*
* Kumiko kisses back
<Kumiko> I mean, I'm going to start making lunch soon, but... that can wait *smiles at him*
* Gyoshoku chuckles
<Gyoshoku> I'm not all that hungry anyway
* Kumiko kisses him. "Alright..."
* Gyoshoku kisses back and throws the blanket aside... he's not cold anymore anyway
* Kumiko moves her hands over his skin. "Mmm... I like your skin..."
<Gyoshoku> it likes you too
* Kumiko smiles and kisses his skin. "Good..."
* Gyoshoku kisses her neck and pulls her kimono open wider at the throat
* Kumiko moans softly and presses closer to him
* Gyoshoku nibbles her skin gently
<Gyoshoku> you have *kiss* way too many *kiss* clothes on
<Kumiko> Mmm... I guess... we should do something about that...
* Gyoshoku chuckles
* Kumiko reaches back... silly obi being tied back like that...
<Gyoshoku> let me
* Kumiko is glad to let him
* Gyoshoku unties it and pulls it off, it's gotten a lot more difficult for her lately
<Gyoshoku> you know, I like this pregnancy horomone side effect ^_^
* Kumiko hugs him tightly. "Whatever are you talking about?"
<Gyoshoku> I'm talking about the fact that this is the... third, fourth time and it's only the second day of the week
* Kumiko blushes a bit
* Gyoshoku caresses her skin and pushes the kimono off her shoulders
<Kumiko> Well... I... love you very much?
<Gyoshoku> mhm *kisses, running his hands across her skin*
<Gyoshoku> but you've never *kiss* woken me up in the middle *kiss* of the night before
* Kumiko moans again. "I'm sorry?" *kisslyness*
<Gyoshoku> I'm not *moans* complaining
* Kumiko nibbles on his neck. "I guess... maybe I love you more every day?"
<Kumiko> Or maybe it's *nibble* pregnancy hormones... *kiss*
* Gyoshoku gasps and then sighs happily
<Gyoshoku> whatever it is, mmmm, I like it
* Kumiko trails her hands over his body some more. "I do love you... so much... you know."
* Gyoshoku moans and returns the favour
<Gyoshoku> I know, and I love you
<Kumiko> Mmm... good...
* Kumiko hugs him, tummy slightly in the way.
* Gyoshoku shifts to the side and pulls her closer
* Gyoshoku has had to get more creative in the last few weeks, but he's got a wealth of knowledge to draw from, so... he manages
<Kumiko> Mmm... You know... my skin *gasp* likes you too...
* Gyoshoku laughs "it better by now"
<Kumiko> Yes... mmm...
* Gyoshoku kisses her deeply and then procedes to get creative in a way that is very satisfactory to both pregnancy and husbandly horomones
* Kumiko has her pregnancy hormones stilled for the time being... enjoys the process of doing so very much... yes.
* Gyoshoku enjoys the process too
* Gyoshoku is very tired out by the process however
* Kumiko hugs him once they're finished being creative
* Gyoshoku is a very creative person, really...ask anyone
<Kumiko> thank you...
<Gyoshoku> no, thank you
* Kumiko is the only one who'll get to see this side of his creativity anytime soon, though ;)
<Kumiko> Do you have to be so difficult to thank? *winks*
* Gyoshoku chuckles
<Gyoshoku> what are you thanking me for, anyway?
<Kumiko> for coming home and satisfying my pregnancy hormones, clearly *giggles slightly*
<Kumiko> and for being you, because I love you so *kiss*
* Gyoshoku kisses back
<Gyoshoku> that's not why I came home
<Gyoshoku> well... maybe it is a little bit
<Gyoshoku> or... a lot, but... not, you know... entirely
<Kumiko> I know...
* Gyoshoku blinks
<Kumiko> or... you said... but... *hugs*
* Gyoshoku laughs and hugs back
<Kumiko> I'm glad that when you're uncertain, you come to me to talk it through... that you don't just keep it all to yourself...
<Kumiko> because I always always want to help you if I can
<Gyoshoku> and you do, every time
* Kumiko smiles at him
* Gyoshoku smiles back and kisses her
<Gyoshoku> of course, it doesn't hurt that the first thing you do when I come home is take my clothes off *winks*
* Kumiko giggles
* Gyoshoku stretches
<Kumiko> you WERE soaked, mind you
<Gyoshoku> I seem to be soaked again
<Kumiko> Mmm... you do...
<Gyoshoku> nothing else to take off though *yawns*
<Gyoshoku> what'd I do with the blanket anyway?
<Kumiko> uhm... keep your warmth?
<Gyoshoku> no, when I threw it...where'd it go?
<Kumiko> Ah... hm
* Kumiko looks around and finds it
<Kumiko> Here...
* Kumiko pulls it over to them
* Gyoshoku spreads it across them both
<Kumiko> Mmm... I love you
* Gyoshoku gathers her up beside him
<Gyoshoku> I love you, too... so much
<Gyoshoku> and, you've never been more beautiful
<Gyoshoku> and tell your baby to stop kicking me
<Gyoshoku> hey! calm down in there
* Kumiko pats her tummy. "I think he just woke up..."
<Gyoshoku> bad timing *yawns*
<Gyoshoku> go back to sleep, little one, the fun's over
* Kumiko giggles
<Gyoshoku> ok, now she's doing it on purpose
* Kumiko strokes his cheek
* Gyoshoku kisses her fingers and sighs
* Kumiko shifts so she's lying slightly more on her back. "I think he might not like me laying on my side very much..."
* Kumiko persists in using a masculine pronoun for the baby
<Gyoshoku> I like you laying on your side
<Gyoshoku> but, oh well, I can get used to anything
* Kumiko snugs close to him sideways and turns her head to his side
* Gyoshoku snugs back
<Kumiko> it's just for a while... *smiles at him*
<Gyoshoku> yeah, yeah
<Kumiko> and then we can snuggle normally... whenever not busy with the little one...
<Gyoshoku> or maybe it can snuggle with us
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