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* Gyoshoku has spent the last few days at home with Kumiko, getting her settled back into their life and generally being mushy and lovey
* Gyoshoku was very scared about her safety, so needed some time off
* Kurousagi is in prison
* Kurousagi is bored and weak and pregnant
* Gyoshoku is now, however, standing outside the jail considering going in to talk to Kurou
* Kurousagi leans against the wall, eyes closed, being very very still
* Gyoshoku weighs the fact that she's a manipulative bitch against the fact that he wants to thank her, and goes inside
* Kurousagi opens an eye to study him
<Kurousagi> You're back... need more help?
<Gyoshoku> no, I wanted to thank you
* Gyoshoku hands her some fresh fruits and vegetables he brought for her
<Gyoshoku> here, you need something fresh
* Kurousagi sets them down. "Thanks."
<Kurousagi> Glad to see I'm not completely forgotten, I guess
* Gyoshoku rubs his neck, unsure of what to say
<Gyoshoku> no, you're not
<Gyoshoku> I have to live with the consequences of your actions every day
<Kurousagi> Influental, aren't I?
<Gyoshoku> you certainly are...
<Gyoshoku> don't sound so damn proud of yourself
<Kurousagi> I sounded proud?
* Gyoshoku sighs
<Gyoshoku> maybe I'm not being fair, but you hardly seem penitent
<Gyoshoku> anyway, I know Kumiko gets cravings for things, so... if you have any, let me know...
<Kurousagi> Does it matter? I mean, I'm going to die anyway, wouldn't want you waisting your money.
* Kurousagi is filled with selfpity at the moment
<Gyoshoku> you don't have to be so... *takes a deep breath* it matters
<Gyoshoku> no one says you have to suffer
<Gyoshoku> it was clearly a mistake to come here as you've already decided how I'm going to treat you
<Kurousagi> Oh, no, of course no one says I have to suffer... clearly, that's why I'm stuck here, without anything to do other than sleep and stare at the wall, with barely enough food to maintain living and not even allowed my old clothes
* Kurousagi hates the clothes she got here, they're so dull
<Gyoshoku> you're not supposed to be living it up either
<Gyoshoku> and at least you -are- fed, and clothed, and out of the elements
<Gyoshoku> your victims were not always so lucky
<Gyoshoku> need I remind you of the child who gave up on life because of you?
<Kurousagi> If you're talking about the little miko-in-training, that wasn't me.
<Gyoshoku> oh no?
<Gyoshoku> someone else made her kill her family?
<Gyoshoku> because if so there's another rabbit toting, young kuromiko out there I need to deal with
<Kurousagi> No, that was me. She was still alive, though.
* Kurousagi shrugs
<Gyoshoku> you have no pity for anyone but yourself, do you?
<Gyoshoku> I used to think -I- was selfish
<Kurousagi> I guess not
* Gyoshoku grits his teeth
<Gyoshoku> I have no idea why I bother
* Gyoshoku turns to go
* Kurousagi sighs
<Kurousagi> How'd you handle being locked up for months?
* Gyoshoku turns back
<Gyoshoku> meditation, reciting the teachings of my brothers
<Gyoshoku> you think you're the only one who's been cooped up in this life?
<Kurousagi> no
<Kurousagi> I don't fucking think so
<Gyoshoku> do you know how long I was confined to the monastary?
<Kurousagi> Years, I guess
<Gyoshoku> yes, years
<Gyoshoku> more than 3 years, actually
<Kurousagi> Did they hate you there? Shy away from even talking to you?
<Gyoshoku> sometimes
<Kurousagi> Lock you up and barely let you see the sky?
<Gyoshoku> but I wasn't as confined as you are, it's true
<Gyoshoku> I taught
<Kurousagi> and you never pitied yourself, did you?
<Gyoshoku> sometimes, but I also knew I was lucky
<Gyoshoku> you don't know anything about me, you don't really have any idea how sorry for myself I -could- be
<Kurousagi> No, I guess I don't
<Gyoshoku> I'm just another toy to you, like all the others
<Kurousagi> Clearly.
* Gyoshoku sighs deeply
<Gyoshoku> well, in spite of myself, I do give a shit what happens to you
<Gyoshoku> so... maybe I could take you out of here for a few minutes now and then...
* Kurousagi looks up at him
<Kurousagi> really?
* Gyoshoku nods
<Gyoshoku> I have to clear it with the others of course, and Kijou will probably give me even more dirty looks, but... you do need exercise
* Kurousagi nods slowly
<Gyoshoku> after all, you did help me find Kumiko
<Kurousagi> Yeah... I did
<Gyoshoku> thank you for that...
* Kurousagi shrugs slightly. "You're welcome, I guess."
<Gyoshoku> I mean it... it was very important for me
<Kurousagi> yeah, I figured
<Gyoshoku> who knows what might have happened to her otherwise
<Gyoshoku> she needs me, you know... and it's nice to be needed, but scary, too
<Kurousagi> Well, he did tell his plans for her quite clearly...
<Kurousagi> To be needed... yeah, that's probably a nice feeling.
* Gyoshoku looks down
<Gyoshoku> I needed you... and you were there for me
* Kurousagi grins wryly. "Yeah. Amazing how bored I was at the time."
* Gyoshoku frowns at her
<Gyoshoku> teach me to try to be grateful
<Gyoshoku> gods, you're sour
<Kurousagi> Yeah, I know
<Kurousagi> maybe because I don't want to ever get fucking attached to anyone ever again, and if I'm nice to you, I might end up that way anyway
<Gyoshoku> what's the harm? as you said, you're going to die anyway
<Kurousagi> because then I'll just get more depressed over leaving people I care about behind
<Kurousagi> because that's the point... I always lose them...
<Gyoshoku> well, that's not my fault, so try not to take it out on me, ok?
<Kurousagi> No, it's not your fault, but... never mind
<Gyoshoku> I can't stay, I have work to do today... but I'll bring it up, about taking you out...
<Kurousagi> Ok
<Gyoshoku> and... I know it's not much, but, if you're bored *fishes around in his robes and brings out his writing set and a scroll*
<Gyoshoku> you can borrow this
* Gyoshoku holds it out for her
* Kurousagi lights up a bit and reaches out to take it
* Gyoshoku smiles at her
<Kurousagi> thanks
<Gyoshoku> just... don't write anything that'll get me in trouble *winks*
<Kurousagi> I've seen your handwriting, I don't think I could imitate that
* Gyoshoku chuckles
<Gyoshoku> I meant spells
<Kurousagi> Oh, I'll stick anti-houshi-wards all over the place
<Kurousagi> that'll clearly work
* Gyoshoku laughs
* Gyoshoku affects a sad face
<Gyoshoku> you really want me to leave you alone that much?
<Kurousagi> ...not really, no
* Kurousagi smiles a bit. "I just don't know that I can really do any shinigami right now, with that artefact there."
<Gyoshoku> true
<Kurousagi> normal ofuda, maybe, but you're not a youkai
<Gyoshoku> let's not try that, though
<Gyoshoku> I'd rather not be locked up beside you
<Kurousagi> I won't... I have better use for paper than making ofuda
* Gyoshoku nods
<Gyoshoku> I'll see if I can find you a set of writing things you can use more regularly
* Kurousagi nods slowly
<Gyoshoku> stay well, and I'll come back later
<Kurousagi> Alright...
* Gyoshoku waves and leaves
* Kurousagi lifts her hand in return, then sighs once he's gone again
<Kurousagi> <I'm not even in shape to play him right now... what's wrong with me?>
* Gyoshoku goes about his day like normal, but does ask the others about taking Kurou out for walks... gets about the shocked and horrified reaction he expected
* Gyoshoku has to swear on everything he holds dear, and some holy things as well, that he will be responsible for anything that happens due to giving her a little freedom and that he will be vigilant, but the others are mostly moved by his pitiful description
* Kurousagi eats vegetables and practises writing
* Gyoshoku swipes some writing things from an unused desk and a few scraps of paper and goes to see Kurou again before he leaves for the day
<Gyoshoku> well, you look happier
* Kurousagi looks up from her writing, a small ink-smudge on her cheek
* Gyoshoku smiles
<Gyoshoku> you have ink on your face
<Kurousagi> Oh... *moves up her hand* ...where?
* Gyoshoku points on his own face "here"
* Kurousagi rubs lightly. "Better?"
<Gyoshoku> yeah, it's nearly gone
<Gyoshoku> have a good day?
<Kurousagi> Much better than usual
<Gyoshoku> good ^_^
* Kurousagi smiles a bit and puts down the writing utensils. "Did you get permission to take me out?"
* Gyoshoku nods
<Gyoshoku> reluctantly, but yes
<Gyoshoku> I'm to keep my eyes on you all the time and we're to be tied together, and I'm not to take you beyond the power of the artefact
<Kurousagi> Tied together, even?
<Gyoshoku> yes, they're a little paranoid
<Gyoshoku> also, you're not to address anyone while you are outside, or speak to anyone but me...
<Gyoshoku> again, I think they're over reacting, but *shrugs*
<Kurousagi> Alright
<Gyoshoku> and no more often than once a week
* Kurousagi nods. "Ok."
<Kurousagi> It's not like I'm thrilled about the thought of talking to them...
<Gyoshoku> they did agree to increase your allottment of fresh foods
* Kurousagi nods
<Gyoshoku> and I swiped this for you, so pack mine up, please *shows her the writing stuff*
<Kurousagi> Alright... *starts packing it up*
<Kurousagi> You're not exactly the holiest person ever, are you?
<Kurousagi> Not that I'm one to talk
<Gyoshoku> I don't know what you mean, I'm very holy...
* Gyoshoku smiles
* Kurousagi chuckles
<Kurousagi> Clearly
<Gyoshoku> practical doesn't have to mean bad
<Gyoshoku> I mean, it's not like the gods are going to eat the offerings, or like the illiterate manager will be using this writing stuff
* Gyoshoku let it slip that his fresh food he brought her was alter offerings, oops
* Kurousagi chuckles a bit more.
<Kurousagi> No, that's true
<Kurousagi> Still, most people'd call it theft
* Kurousagi isn't the least bothered about it, of course
<Gyoshoku> psht, not using it is wasteful and against the teachings of the great Budha
<Gyoshoku> or something
<Gyoshoku> I'm sure I could find some teaching somewhere to back me up
<Kurousagi> Loving isn't good either, according to Buddha, you know
<Gyoshoku> yeah, well... he didn't know everything either
<Kurousagi> Because if you love, you lose, and losing something you love leads to suffering and being unable to enter nirvana
* Kurousagi knows this stuff
* Gyoshoku raises his brow
<Kurousagi> that's the basics of your religion, houshi
<Gyoshoku> you sound like my old masters telling me why I shouldn't seduce the village girls
* Kurousagi laughs
<Gyoshoku> look, I know what I'm -supposed- to do
<Gyoshoku> but I'm not hurting anyone, and Buddha is merciful
<Kurousagi> He's nothing, actually... what with having entered nirvana already
<Kurousagi> unless you're talking about the bodhisatva...
<Gyoshoku> stop showing off
* Kurousagi chuckles. "Sorry, it just amuses me."
<Gyoshoku> that I'm flawed?
<Kurousagi> No, getting to talk with someone about something I read
<Gyoshoku> read where? what kind of scroll did I give you?
<Kurousagi> Oh, I read that a few months ago
<Kurousagi> About the time we first met, I think
* Gyoshoku thinks back and then freezes
<Gyoshoku> yes....well....
<Gyoshoku> can I have my things, please?
* Kurousagi hands them to him
* Gyoshoku doesn't want to think about that time, about how desperately sad he was
* Gyoshoku puts them away and hands her the stolen utensils
* Kurousagi takes them and puts them away in turn
* Gyoshoku turns to go without another word but stops by the door
<Gyoshoku> tell me truly... what part did you play in killing my brethren?
<Kurousagi> I stood at Kagai's side and watched
<Kurousagi> Nothing more, nothing less
* Gyoshoku bites the inside of his lip and nods
<Gyoshoku> and... did they suffer?
<Kurousagi> It went pretty quickly, as I remember it
* Gyoshoku closes his eyes and swallows
<Gyoshoku> *softly* alright
* Gyoshoku really was devestated at the loss
<Gyoshoku> it's true you know... love really does lead to suffering
* Kurousagi nods
* Gyoshoku isn't looking at her, is faced away
<Kurousagi> Which is why I'm never going to love anyone ever again
* Gyoshoku smiles faintly
<Gyoshoku> I thought that... I thought I would be immune... don't say never, Kurousagi
* Gyoshoku goes
* Kurousagi shrugs and goes back to practising writing, thinking, sleeping, etc
* Gyoshoku goes about his week and finds he doesn't want to see Kurou again for a while, it's draining... is eventually overcome by pity, though, and returns about 10 days later
* Kurousagi is drawing tiny kanji on her last piece of paper
* Gyoshoku enters the prison, brought more paper and more fresh food with him
* Gyoshoku stays silent, though, and watches her
* Kurousagi is concentrating on what she's writing
* Gyoshoku watches quietly
* Kurousagi stops and rubs her eyes tiredly
<Gyoshoku> what are you working on?
* Kurousagi looks up to see him. "Nothing special... thoughts, poems, whatever..."
<Gyoshoku> I brought you some more paper
<Kurousagi> Oooh... that's good... I was starting to write really small because I was running out...
* Gyoshoku hands her the paper as well as the food
* Kurousagi takes them and sets them down
<Kurousagi> thanks
<Gyoshoku> sure...
<Gyoshoku> I have some time this morning, if you want to go for a walk
* Kurousagi nods, lighting up a bit. "That'd be nice..."
<Kurousagi> Pacing the cell just isn't very fun
* Gyoshoku chuckles softly
<Gyoshoku> no, I'd imagine not
* Kurousagi moves to get up... moves a bit slowly, but it should be pretty clear that she's not, say, in her seventh month
* Gyoshoku nods to the guard who opens the cell and then ties Kurou's hand to Gyo's
* Gyoshoku tries not to think of how much like a wedding tie this looks
* Kurousagi smiles wryly at their hands, but doesn't point it out further
* Gyoshoku shifts his shakujou to the other hand and clears his throat
<Gyoshoku> after you
* Kurousagi heads out
* Gyoshoku walks with her
* Kurousagi looks around once they get out
* Gyoshoku studies her as they walk, compares her movements to Kumiko's
* Kurousagi rubs her eyes... brighter than she's used to... and a bit hormonal and teary-eyed too, though she won't admit to that...
* Gyoshoku steers her toward a usually abandoned courtyard
<Gyoshoku> this way is probably best
<Kurousagi> Ok...
* Gyoshoku tries to ignore the stares of his coworkers
* Kurousagi looks around... it's so bright
<Gyoshoku> we can stop when you get tired
<Gyoshoku> I can't tell if it's because you're taller, or if it's the poor conditions, but you don't seem to be as burdened as Kumiko is, and you're further along than she is
* Kurousagi chuckles slightly. "Oh gods... you still..."
* Gyoshoku looks at her, confused
<Gyoshoku> what's funny?
* Kurousagi shakes her head. "I just hadn't realised you'd still be buying that lie..."
<Gyoshoku> lie?
<Gyoshoku> you're obviously pregnant, so...*realises*
<Gyoshoku> you bitch... you stupid, fucking bitch
<Kurousagi> Yeah, that's me
* Gyoshoku is -this- close to slapping her silly
<Gyoshoku> we're going back... and you can rot in that damned cell
* Kurousagi takes a deep breath and nods slowly
* Gyoshoku turns and starts tugging her back toward the prison
* Kurousagi can feel tears welling up in her eyes
* Kurousagi doesn't want to cry, damn pregnancy hormones
<Gyoshoku> I cannot believe you...
<Gyoshoku> all the pain I put Kumiko through because of you
* Gyoshoku is pissed off... very
<Kurousagi> Yeah, I'm horrible...
<Gyoshoku> shut up
* Kurousagi shuts up, works on keeping her tears in
* Gyoshoku pulls her back down to the cell, tears the tie off and shoves her in, slamming the door after her
* Kurousagi stumbles in, catches herself before falling and slowly sits down on her bed
* Gyoshoku fumes, standing outside the cell
* Kurousagi curls up and allows herself to cry, thinking he's gone already
* Gyoshoku hears the crying and turns back to look at her... gah, that stupid bitch
<Kurousagi> *mumbles* I'm so stupid... I should've... I should've just... kept lying... I don't know
<Gyoshoku> yes, just keep on lying, that solves everything, right?
* Kurousagi looks up, trying to wipe away her tears
* Gyoshoku looks at the guard and sends him away
<Kurousagi> it'd have gotten me some more minutes outside anyway
<Kurousagi> Why're you still here?
<Gyoshoku> why did you lie?
<Kurousagi> I don't know
<Kurousagi> I didn't want to get killed if you found me, I guess
<Gyoshoku> I've never killed another human being, I wasn't going to start with you
<Kurousagi> it was a stupid impulse, I guess
<Kurousagi> like everything else I've ever done
<Kurousagi> stupid
<Gyoshoku> be honest, you thought it was funny
<Gyoshoku> you thought "haha, I'll make the houshi suffer, and his wife"
<Kurousagi> maybe I fucking did
<Gyoshoku> yeah, well, it worked
<Kurousagi> alright
<Gyoshoku> I suffered and she suffered... she got so sick I thought she would pass out
<Kurousagi> interesting to hear
<Gyoshoku> and all the time, it was just a lie
<Gyoshoku> what about now... is this one mine?
<Kurousagi> yeah
<Kurousagi> I don't know
* Gyoshoku nods
<Gyoshoku> now we're getting somewhere
<Kurousagi> the aura reminds of yours, a bit, but I'm not sure
* Kurousagi shrugs
<Gyoshoku> hell, maybe it's not even human
<Kurousagi> I didn't fucking sleep with youkai
<Gyoshoku> really? how am I supposed to know that?
<Kurousagi> fine, don't believe me
<Gyoshoku> come here
* Kurousagi gets up slowly... is starting to feel a bit sick... damn it.
* Kurousagi walks over to the door
* Gyoshoku kneels down and puts his hands on Kurou's abdomen
* Gyoshoku closes his eyes and feels for an aura
<Gyoshoku> <shit>
* Gyoshoku gets up and steps back
<Gyoshoku> alright, you can sit
<Gyoshoku> you look like hell
* Kurousagi sits down, sighing
<Kurousagi> gee, the compliments just keep coming
<Gyoshoku> shut up, I don't want to hear your sarcasm just now
<Gyoshoku> you have no right to complain to me, ever
<Gyoshoku> understand?
<Gyoshoku> do you have any idea what you put me through?
* Kurousagi sighs slightly. "I guess I don't."
<Gyoshoku> I think it's a boy
<Gyoshoku> in case you wanted to know...
<Gyoshoku> it feels like a boy
<Kurousagi> great
<Gyoshoku> and... it's... probably mine... which means this is your own damn fault
<Kurousagi> yep, my own fault
* Gyoshoku sighs and leans against the wall
<Gyoshoku> you're a mess, you know that?
* Kurousagi is still pretty close to tears, and feeling a bit sick... just shrugs
* Gyoshoku narrows his eyes and looks at her
<Gyoshoku> don't think you're going to make me feel sorry for you
* Gyoshoku is starting to, despite himself
<Kurousagi> ok
<Gyoshoku> <damnit>
<Kurousagi> then you'd better leave now
<Gyoshoku> maybe I will
<Kurousagi> or I'll be gaining cheap sympathy points when I throw up
* Gyoshoku frowns, concerned
<Gyoshoku> it's late in the game for morning sickness
<Kurousagi> whatever *shrugs, is turning greenish*
* Gyoshoku is a born sucker... he just can't stay angry when someone's sick or suffering
<Gyoshoku> hold on, I'll get help
* Gyoshoku goes and finds the guard, gets him to open the cell and goes in to sit next to Kurou, pulling her hair off her neck
* Kurousagi ends up throwing up... damn body
* Gyoshoku sends the guard to get a healer
* Gyoshoku holds her hair back and rubs her back
<Gyoshoku> any better?
* Kurousagi feels pretty miserable, actually
<Kurousagi> I guess...
* Gyoshoku gets her a glass of water
<Gyoshoku> here, drink this, slowly
* Kurousagi drinks
* Gyoshoku has had a lot of experience with vomitting by now
<Kurousagi> I thought you weren't going to feel sorry for me?
<Gyoshoku> for a smart woman, you don't know when to keep your mouth shut
<Gyoshoku> when someone's nice to you, just let them be nice
<Gyoshoku> can you walk? we should move you away from the mess so the smell doesn't make you sicker
* Kurousagi shrugs. "I don't know."
* Gyoshoku gets up and holds his arm out
<Gyoshoku> come on, try
* Kurousagi takes his arm and manages to get to her feet
<Gyoshoku> good, now... we're not in any hurry so go as slow as you need to
* Kurousagi moves slowly
* Gyoshoku leads her to a bench where the guard normally sits
* Kijou gets there
<Gyoshoku> she threw up, and she seems pretty weak, it's too late for morning sickness, so I thought you should take a look
* Kijou nods slowly. "Alright..."
* Gyoshoku moves away and lets Kijou examine Kurou
* Kijou examines her
<Gyoshoku> what's wrong?
<Kijou> Well, she's not in a very good condition overall...
<Kijou> I guess she got upset over something, that can affect people like this sometimes
* Gyoshoku nods
<Gyoshoku> alright, thanks
* Gyoshoku makes the guard clean the mess up, pity the poor guard
* Gyoshoku takes Kurou back to the cell once it's been cleaned
* Kijou gives some general advice and then stalks off, rolling his eyes a bit at Gyo's reactions
<Gyoshoku> you should rest now *ignores his hostile brother in law*
<Kurousagi> ok
<Gyoshoku> hopefully our next walk will be better
<Kurousagi> but... *stops, shaking her head*
* Gyoshoku sighs
<Gyoshoku> I can't just let you rot in here
<Gyoshoku> you deserve to, don't get me wrong
<Gyoshoku> but... think of it as me being selfish, if it makes you feel better
<Gyoshoku> I can't be the sort of man who abandons a sick pregnant woman
* Kurousagi smiles wryly. "Alright."
<Gyoshoku> it's a curse
<Kurousagi> The hero houshi
* Gyoshoku smiles faintly and shakes his head
<Gyoshoku> it's silly, ne?
* Kurousagi shrugs
<Gyoshoku> rest up, and next week, we'll try to stay out more than two minutes
<Kurousagi> ok
* Gyoshoku pats her arm and leaves the cell, closing the door behind him
<Gyoshoku> you know, Kijou thinks I'm having an affair with you
* Kurousagi chuckles slightly. "I'm so seductive right now."
<Gyoshoku> I think it's that I'm so untrustworthy that's the problem
<Gyoshoku> anyway, I thought that might amuse you
<Kurousagi> yeah...
<Kurousagi> see you
* Gyoshoku nods
<Gyoshoku> take care
<Kurousagi> ..and you
* Gyoshoku leaves and goes off to be by himself for a while and wish he could stay mad at manipulative people who have hurt him so much
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