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* Kumiko is... walking with Gyo. :)
* Gyoshoku is walking with Kumiko, yes
* Jiro is new to town, sitting by the side of the road
* Jiro is so depressed, sigh sigh
* Kumiko smiles up at Gyo.
* Jiro is poor and has taken to being a wandering farm hand to avoid the army
* Gyoshoku smiles back
* Gyoshoku and Kumiko are in town on some random errand
* Gyoshoku needs more ink, yeah, that's it >.>
* Gyoshoku really hates making ink
* Jiro hears people coming and hides, doesn't like meeting people in case they're soldiers who'll beat him
<Gyoshoku> you didn't have to come with me, you know, koishii
<Kumiko> But I wanted to... *smiles up at him*
<Kumiko> it's not a long walk anyway...
<Gyoshoku> no, it's not
<Gyoshoku> and I'm glad for your company
<Gyoshoku> besides, you -are- the one who used up all my ink with your mistakes *wink*
<Kumiko> Well, you're the one who insisted I learn in the first place... *smiles*
* Jiro thinks this guy sounds familiar... but that can't be because this person he's thinking of is dead
* Jiro peeks out
<Gyoshoku> true, and you've been doing a wonderful job
<Gyoshoku> but you do go through the ink
<Gyoshoku> someday I'll have to teach you to make your own, and then you'll realise why I insist on buying it
* Kumiko nods. "Ok..."
<Kumiko> Saku-chan doesn't like it much...
<Gyoshoku> well, it stinks horribly
<Gyoshoku> that was my least favourite job at the monastary, and since I can't cook worth a damn, I got it more than my share
* Jiro can't be is, he even mentioned the monastary.
* Jiro fights the urge to jump out and challenge this idiot to a fight right now, if only he had a knife or something
* Jiro wants to scream, but bites his tongue and just watches
<Kumiko> My poor, mistreated Gyo...
* Gyoshoku laughs
<Gyoshoku> oh yes, it was hellish
<Kumiko> Good thing you have me now...
<Gyoshoku> hai, that's the best thing in the world
* Gyoshoku bends down, and since they're not quite into the village yet, gives her a kiss
* Kumiko kisses back
* Jiro feels like exploding, the GALL of this man
<Gyoshoku> mmm, be careful or we won't make it to town
* Kumiko smiles and pulls back a bit. "Oh, we'd make it to town... eventually."
* Gyoshoku laughs again
<Gyoshoku> little vixen
* Jiro grinds his teeth... urge to kill rising...
<Kumiko> You're the one who kissed me...
<Gyoshoku> I can't help myself
<Gyoshoku> you're just so sweet
<Jiro> <she was sweet, you bastard... you ruined everything>
<Jiro> <you ruined my life>
* Jiro creeps slightly closer
* Kumiko smiles and steps back.
* Gyoshoku sighs happily
<Kumiko> So... are we going to stand here all day looking at eachother? *winks*
<Gyoshoku> I'd be ok with that
<Gyoshoku> but, no, there's too much to do
<Kumiko> Yeah... so, let's get going, then..?
* Gyoshoku slips his arm around Kumiko and steers them toward town
<Gyoshoku> yosh, yosh
* Jiro feels sickened, why should this man who ruined his life get to be happy?
* Kumiko smiles up at him again and walks with him toward town, whee
* Jiro follows them and then cuts through the woods to make it to town before them
* Jiro waits by the merchant's stall, doesn't think he'll be recognised, but has to make sure
* Gyoshoku and Kumiko make it to town, whee
* Kumiko and Gyo head for the merchant's stall
* Jiro watches them approach and fixes a smile on his face, notes that the woman is very pretty and quite obviously carrying a child... for some reason this just makes him angrier
* Gyoshoku totally doesn't notice the stranger by the stall
* Gyoshoku starts negotiating with the merchant while Jiro sidles his way over to Kumiko
<Jiro> ohayou *bows politely* can you tell me where the tea house is here?
* Kumiko returns the bow and smiles slightly. "Ohayou, nii-san... Yes, the teahouse is down the road and to the left... it's quite easy to find, once you get close."
<Jiro> I'm very grateful, nee-san. I'm new in town, you see.
<Jiro> or, is it Bonsai-sama? *nods to Gyo* I hope I didn't offend.
* Kumiko smiles slightly again. "Absolutely no offense taken, nii-san... I'm actually still not used to being 'bonsai-sama', so I don't even notice when people get it wrong..."
<Kumiko> Have you come to visit the shrine? I'm afraid we don't get as many visitors these days as we used to...
* Jiro thinks fast
<Jiro> hai... I like to pay my respects
<Jiro> Midoriko-sama once saved my village from a youkai
* Jiro is totally lying
* Gyoshoku haggles, is so not paying attention
<Jiro> I was just hoping for a meal before I made my way out there... I used to live at a tea house in my youth, so I usually wind up there whenever I visit a new place
* Kumiko smiles. "You grew up in a teahouse too?"
* Jiro smiles back, this woman is so kind... she clearly deserves better... kind of reminds him of his dear Yukiko
<Jiro> hai, my father and mother ran it
<Jiro> don't tell me one as dignified as you had a background similar to mine
* Kumiko smiles. "I grew up in the teahouse I just described the way to, nii-san."
* Jiro is clearly astonished, she looks too pretty to have been a teagirl, and the resemblence to Yukiko is even stronger now
<Jiro> this one is called Jiro, Bonsai-sama. It amazes me to have so much in common with a lady such as yourself
<Kumiko> I'm Kumiko... and I'm really just the daughter of a teahouse owner, who happened to marry a houshi... don't think so highly of me...
* Jiro glances at Gyoshoku and successfully hides his disgust
<Jiro> that must be an interesting story
<Jiro> I didn't think most houshi married
* Gyoshoku is odd, ok, deal with it
<Kumiko> Well, Gyo's one of the exceptions... *smiles and looks over to Gyo as she mentions his name*
* Gyoshoku hears his name and looks back, smiling at her
* Gyoshoku notes she's talking to a stranger... he looks kinda familiar, but all farmers kind of look the same to him
<Gyoshoku> talking about me behind my back again?
<Kumiko> Hai, of course.
* Jiro just kind of stands there, stiffly
* Gyoshoku nod at him politely then goes back to buying the ink
<Jiro> <must not have known me... bastard...>
<Jiro> how long have you been married?
* Gyoshoku is half listening to the conversation now that it's gotten his attention
* Kumiko bites her lip thoughtfully. "A half year, if I remember correctly..."
<Jiro> <and the monastary was destrayed around that time... no wonder he survived... all this time, I thought he was dead, and he was living with this woman, being happy... aaarrgggh>
* Jiro smiles
<Jiro> well, congratulations, then
* Gyoshoku concludes the sale and turns back to Kumiko
* Kumiko smiles back. "Thank you."
<Gyoshoku> do you need anything else while we're here?
<Gyoshoku> sorry to break up a pleasant conversation...
<Kumiko> *to Jiro* Excuse me... *turns to Gyo* Well... we're a bit low on soap, I think, but we have enough to last us another while...
* Gyoshoku smiles a bit "But is it the right kind? Pick out what you want while we're here and I have some money left" *winks*
* Kumiko smiles at him, then excuses herself further to Jiro, before going about picking out some soap. :)
* Jiro watches her a moment, then bows, finally, to Gyo
<Jiro> Ohayou, houshi-sama
<Gyoshoku> Ohayou. Are you from this village? You seem familiar, somehow, but I know I haven't seen you lately.
<Jiro> no, I'm just visiting the shrine
<Gyoshoku> do you come often, maybe I've seen you there
<Jiro> this is my first trip
<Gyoshoku> hmm
<Gyoshoku> well, it's nice to meet you now in any case
<Gyoshoku> maybe it was when I travelled more... did you ever meet any wandering houshi about 3 or 4 years ago?
<Jiro> ...not that I can recall...
* Gyoshoku shrugs... finds this guy really dull
* Kumiko picks a flower-scented soap and heads back with it to Gyo. "This smells good..." :)
<Gyoshoku> Oh? *sniffs it*
<Gyoshoku> you're always trying to make me smell like flowers
* Kumiko giggles. "Does that bother you? I can find another one..."
<Gyoshoku> it's not very manly... but if you like it, that's enough for me
* Gyoshoku has kind of been growing his hair out again, btw, since that's what he was used to
<Kumiko> but if you don't like it, I can find another... really...
<Gyoshoku> I like it, I just have to tease you
* Gyoshoku smiles at her
* Jiro has kind of stepped back, is trying not to slap Gyo
* Kumiko smiles back. "Alright, then..."
* Gyoshoku jokes with Jiro "You see, when you're married, you like whatever she likes... if you know what's good for you"
* Jiro grits his teeth "I wouldn't know"
<Gyoshoku> Oh, well, you'll find someone
* Jiro blinks at his forwardness in astonishment
<Jiro> if you must know, I had someone... but I lost her to someone else... she wasn't what she seemed
<Gyoshoku> well, if you really cared about her, you'd have fought for her... maybe you still can
<Jiro> maybe...
<Jiro> but not everyone's a fighter
<Gyoshoku> I've always believed in going after what you want *shrugs again*
<Jiro> somehow, I believe that of you
* Kumiko hands the soap to Gyo... he's better at negotiating prices... much more intimidating than she is.
* Gyoshoku smiles at her and hands her the ink in exchange
<Gyoshoku> yosh, I'll be just a moment
* Gyoshoku turns back to the merchant
<Kumiko> Alright. *takes the ink*
* Jiro is staring after Gyo, a sort of half angry, half bewildered look on his face
* Kumiko blinks at him.
<Jiro> *mutters* I don't understand him... does he really care about anything?
* Kumiko didn't fully catch that, so refrains from answering.
* Jiro catches himself and smiles apologetically at Kumiko
<Jiro> Gomen... your husband stirred up memories long past
<Kumiko> Oh... It's alright. *smiles*
<Jiro> he's a confusing person. it's like he doesn't take anything seriously
<Jiro> maybe that's what happens when you're happy... when you get everything you want
* Kumiko nods. "Maybe..."
<Jiro> when you don't see the one thing on which happiness depends snatched from you
* Jiro mutters to himself, casts a venomous look at Gyoshoku, and then stalks off, quite unaware of how creepy he probably looks and sounds, just caught up in his anger
* Kumiko looks after him as he stalks off
* Gyoshoku , having negotiated for the soap, turns back with a smile
<Gyoshoku> all done
* Kumiko looks after Jiro for another moment, then turns to Gyo. "Oh? Ah... alright."
<Gyoshoku> something wrong, Kumiko?
<Kumiko> No... that was just a very odd man...
<Gyoshoku> I didn't much notice
<Gyoshoku> he seemed pretty normal and boring to me
* Kumiko smiles. "Maybe he just seemed odd to someone as normal and boring as me, then..."
* Gyoshoku chuckles
<Gyoshoku> you might be normal, but you're not boring
<Gyoshoku> what makes you think he's odd?
<Kumiko> just a bit how he acted after talking to you...
* Kumiko shrugs. "It probably doesn't matter all that much..."
* Gyoshoku smiles at her
<Gyoshoku> Probably not
<Gyoshoku> who knows what people are thinking
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