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* Kumiko has just given birth...
* Gyoshoku is pacing around outside the house... has been doing so all night and now it's morning again and he's heard a baby crying and he really really really wants to go in, but the midwife scares him
* Gyoshoku was threatened with castration if he came in before he was called... mean old midwife
* Kumiko is pretty weak still, then...
* Kumiko asks the midwife for Gyo... wants him to be there...
* Gyoshoku is called, YAY, and comes inside as quickly as he can without actually running
* Kumiko has the baby in her arms, aww
* Gyoshoku stops at the door and looks over at Kumiko, is half afraid she's dead... her aura's really weak
<Gyoshoku> Kumiko?
<Kumiko> Gyo...? *tiredly*
* Gyoshoku sighs and rushes over, kneels beside her and looks at the baby
* Gyoshoku kisses Kumiko on the forehead "are you ok?"
<Kumiko> Hai... I'll live...
<Gyoshoku> you'd better, I'd have a hard time feeding the little one
* Gyoshoku winks
* Gyoshoku turns his attention to the baby and goes about counting fingers... toes are all wrapped up at the moment
* Kumiko smiles at him. "Yeah..."
<Gyoshoku> perfect....
* Kumiko looks down at the baby as well. "It's a girl..."
* Gyoshoku grins
* Kumiko was kinda hoping for a boy, but... can't really be disappointed, either
<Gyoshoku> she's so beautiful
* Gyoshoku actually thinks she looks kinda off coloured and wrinkled and her head is misshapen, but he figures that will sort itself out
* Kumiko nods
<Kumiko> Hai... she is...
<Gyoshoku> can I? *gingerly holds out his arms to take her*
* Kumiko nods and sits up just a bit so she can hand him the girl
* Gyoshoku takes her
<Gyoshoku> by the gods, she's so tiny... so light...
<Gyoshoku> I just can't... *looks at Kumiko* you're amazing
* Kumiko smiles up at him
<Gyoshoku> I heard you screaming... I considered killing the midwife and just coming in anyway, but I thought that might be counterproductive since I know next to nothing about what would have helped you
<Kumiko> That might not be all that good an idea, no... *smiles just a bit*
* Kumiko is generally smiley right now... is kinda also on the verge of tears... is just way emotional, darn birth hormones
<Kumiko> I'm just so glad... I had the training... to repress some of the pain, though...
<Gyoshoku> mm, hai
<Gyoshoku> oh... she's smiling!
* Gyoshoku watches his daughter have her first episode of gas
<Gyoshoku> even so... I know it was terrible..
<Gyoshoku> I'm sorry
<Gyoshoku> I wish I could have done it for you... or... something
<Kumiko> Gyo... it's alright... it's worth it, really... she's worth it...
* Gyoshoku sighs again
* Gyoshoku has tears in his eyes
<Gyoshoku> I just can't believe this is our child... you... we... made this person... her eyes are light, like yours
<Gyoshoku> did you see?
<Kumiko> I saw... *smiles*
<Kumiko> and she's perfect... *feels tears welling up in her eyes*
* Gyoshoku is crying now, quietly
<Gyoshoku> hai...
* Kumiko tries to sit up... wants to comfort him
<Gyoshoku> hey... no hurting yourself
<Gyoshoku> I'll be ok, I'm just happy
* Gyoshoku leans in and kisses her cheek, lightly
* Kumiko can feel a tear or two leave her eyes and roll down her cheeks. "I know... she's..."
<Gyoshoku> she's us... she's our perfect child... our love
<Kumiko> Hai...
<Kumiko> We should... we should name her...
* Gyoshoku nods
<Gyoshoku> do you still want me to name her?
<Gyoshoku> if you want to, it's ok
<Kumiko> I want you to...
<Gyoshoku> well... we could name her for your mother... *realises he doesn't even know his own mother's name, swallows hard* or we could start a new tradition
* Gyoshoku rocks the baby gently, she's started to fuss "shhh, now"
* Kumiko looks at him, prepared to take the baby if she's hungry...
* Gyoshoku rocks her a bit until she settles back down
<Kumiko> I don't know... maybe it's a good idea... to start a new tradition...?
* Gyoshoku smiles at Kumiko and then at the baby
<Gyoshoku> I like that idea
<Gyoshoku> very well
* Kumiko smiles back
<Gyoshoku> what do you think of Aiko?
* Gyoshoku asks them both simultaneously and is amused when the baby happens to turn her head to the sound
<Kumiko> It's a great name... and it describes her... so well... because she is...
<Gyoshoku> she seems to like it, too
* Kumiko stops because she's a bit overwhelmed by emotions again
<Kumiko> Hai...
* Gyoshoku looks at her, concerned
<Gyoshoku> everything ok?
<Kumiko> Hai... I'm just... tired... and happy...
<Gyoshoku> my poor koishii
* Kumiko was in labours all night and morning... so, yeah...
<Gyoshoku> look, Aiko, your mother is crying because she loves you so much... lucky baby, you
* Kumiko smiles as Aiko makes a little sound again
<Gyoshoku> yes, yes, I love you, too...
* Gyoshoku is so amazingly happy right now
* Kumiko laughs. "We both love you, little one..."
<Gyoshoku> hai
* Kumiko looks up to Gyo again. "...and eachother..."
* Gyoshoku looks back at her
<Gyoshoku> always, koishii
* Kumiko sniffles again... is really changing emotions alot right now...
* Gyoshoku is startled when Aiko starts crying in earnest and looks at Kumiko a little helplessly
<Gyoshoku> eh... she's got a set of lungs on her, anyway
* Kumiko holds out her arms for the child. "Hai... I think she might be hungry..."
* Gyoshoku hands her over and then helps prop Kumiko up with pillows behind her back before deciding he'd rather support her himself and just sitting behind her, letting her upper body rest against his chest
* Kumiko takes Aiko and strokes her lightly before going about breastfeeding her
* Gyoshoku is amazed by the process and wraps his arms around Kumiko right under her arms, so they're both kind of holding Aiko
* Kumiko leans back against Gyo and looks down at the child. "Were you hungry, Aiko-chan?"
<Gyoshoku> seems she must have been... look how happy she seems
<Gyoshoku> we can get a nurse for her, if you want... you don't have to feed her yourself if you think it will be a burden
<Kumiko> No... I want to... this is perfect...
* Gyoshoku grew up in a household where every child had a nurse, so he's just trying to be helpful
* Gyoshoku smiles
* Kumiko kinda knows that, but... she didn't, and she really, REALLY doesn't mind nursing Aiko herself... at least not at this point... there might be some time within the next three or four months that she'll be deadly tired of her, but right now? Nah.
<Gyoshoku> hai, this is what family should be...
<Gyoshoku> the three of us, supporting each other
<Kumiko> Yeah... *yawns a bit*
* Gyoshoku strokes her hair
<Gyoshoku> shall I send the midwife away, or do you think we'll need her for anything else?
<Kumiko> I don't know... I don't think so...
* Gyoshoku nods and waits until Aiko falls asleep, eating, then lays Kumiko back against the pillows gently and goes to pay the midwife
* Gyoshoku overpays her, is so happy at the moment
* Gyoshoku comes back and sits next to Kumiko again... feels a bit overwhemled by the fact that he's a father now
* Kumiko is so sleepy right now... was awake all yesterday, and then she was in labours all night and morning...
* Kumiko smiles up at him. "Hi chichi-ue..."
* Gyoshoku startles
<Gyoshoku> hi
<Gyoshoku> wow
* Gyoshoku hasn't slept either, but he's less tired than she is since she actually had to give birth and all he did was pace
<Gyoshoku> do you need anything? water? food? Shirobiki-san brought us some onigiri last night... it's still outside
<Kumiko> I'm a bit hungry, actually...
<Kumiko> and it'd probably be good to eat before sleeping...
* Gyoshoku nods
<Gyoshoku> yosh
<Gyoshoku> don't go anywhere *winks*
* Gyoshoku goes out and gets the box of onigiri and also gets her a cup of water while he's up
* Gyoshoku brings them back and sets them out beside her on the floor
<Gyoshoku> it's like a little picnic
<Gyoshoku> you've got your hands full there, koishii, shall I feed you?
<Kumiko> If you don't mind... *smiles up at him*
<Gyoshoku> hmm, let me think about it
<Gyoshoku> do I mind feeding the woman I love more than life itself, the mother of my child, the beacon of light in my forlorn existence, the flower of youthful beauty and piety, the... well, you get the idea
* Gyoshoku smiles and pretends to think
<Gyoshoku> hmmm
* Kumiko smiles up at him. "I don't think I look all that beautiful right now..."
<Gyoshoku> you do to me, koishii
* Gyoshoku picks up an onigiri and brings it to her lip for her to eat
* Kumiko eats... SLOWLY. ;)
* Gyoshoku doesn't mind the slow eating, is so happy she's eating at all
* Kumiko finishes eating and smiles up at him sleepily
* Gyoshoku leans in and kisses her lightly
* Kumiko kisses back
<Kumiko> Aren't you tired *yawn* too?
<Gyoshoku> hai, I am...
<Gyoshoku> but I'm mostly just worried about you
<Kumiko> I'm fine... everything's fine...
* Kumiko still has the baby in her arms, doesn't want to let go
<Gyoshoku> you say that... but you look so pale
<Gyoshoku> and I know you lost a lot of blood, even I can smell it
<Kumiko> But the bleeding stopped... and I'm not in danger... and... Aiko's here...
* Gyoshoku smiles down at them then yawns himself
<Gyoshoku> I know... I know, but I can't help it
* Gyoshoku smiles ruefully
* Kumiko smiles back, then yawns. "I think I need to follow Aiko's example now..."
<Gyoshoku> would it bother you if I joined you as well?
<Gyoshoku> I'll understand if you'd rather I stayed away for a while
<Kumiko> No... stay...
* Gyoshoku smiles and stretches out next to his wife and daughter
<Gyoshoku> she can sleep between us...if you don't mind
<Kumiko> No... then again, she seems quite happy where she is, too... *yawns*
<Gyoshoku> well, I'd be happy there too
<Gyoshoku> I just want you to be comfortable
<Kumiko> I am comfortable...
<Kumiko> she's so light...
<Gyoshoku> hmm, well, then I guess I just have to bite the bullet and admit I'm jealous, then
* Kumiko smiles at him. "But you were just offering to sleep elsewhere..."
<Gyoshoku> and I would have
<Gyoshoku> but I would have been terribly jealous
<Kumiko> Well... you'll just have to stay jealous, then...
* Gyoshoku pouts slightly
<Gyoshoku> I do?
* Kumiko inches closer to him
<Kumiko> I think you'll live...
<Gyoshoku> well, if I can't hold her, can I at least hold you?
<Kumiko> 'course... *yawns*
* Gyoshoku pulls her into his arms
* Kumiko snugs as close as possible, while still holding Aiko
<Gyoshoku> you know *yawns* I still have a lot to learn
<Kumiko> I know...
<Gyoshoku> I don't know the first thing about babies
<Kumiko> I'll teach you... when I'm'wake...
<Gyoshoku> I'm a better teacher than a student... just warning you
* Gyoshoku tightens his arms just a tad
<Kumiko> You'll learn...
* Kumiko yawns again and closes her eyes
* Gyoshoku kisses her ear and whispers "love you... always"
<Kumiko> *mumbles* Love you too...
* Gyoshoku lays his head down and closes his eyes as well... is tired
* Kumiko falls asleep quite quickly
* Gyoshoku stays awake a bit longer, is rather in awe so it takes him a while to drift off
* Kumiko was tired. Is asleep now.
* Gyoshoku eventually falls asleep with Kumiko and Aiko in arms... aww

[a week later]

* Kumiko is holding Aiko, trying to make the baby go to sleep
* Gyoshoku is asleep, has been run sort of ragged this week
* Gyoshoku is probably not as tired as Kumiko, though... he's less equipped for this kind of tired
<Kumiko> Shh, shh... please, Ai-chan... mommy is tired...
* Gyoshoku snorts awake and sits up, rubbing his eyes
<Gyoshoku> oops...
<Gyoshoku> I didn't mean to go to sleep
* Gyoshoku stretches
<Gyoshoku> no luck?
* Kumiko blinks over at him sleepily
<Kumiko> no...
* Gyoshoku sighs
* Gyoshoku gets up and heads over to where they're sitting
<Kumiko> Oh, Ai-chan... I wish you could talk... I wish you could tell me what's wrong...
* Gyoshoku sits beside Kumiko and rubs her back, peering down at the infant
* Kumiko yawns
<Gyoshoku> she's clean and dry and fed... maybe she's too content
<Kumiko> Maybe... I don't know...
<Gyoshoku> let me take her for a while
* Gyoshoku holds his arms out for her
* Kumiko nods and carefully places the baby in Gyo's arms
* Gyoshoku coos at her and bounces her up and down a bit, which sort of startles her out of her fussiness for a moment
<Gyoshoku> maybe she's hot...
<Kumiko> Maybe she is... I don't know...
<Kumiko> Are you hot, Ai-chan?
* Gyoshoku rocks the tiny baby back and forth and hums a little under his breath
<Gyoshoku> who knew such a little thing could make so much noise
<Kumiko> I don't know...
* Kumiko yawns
* Gyoshoku puts the end of his pinky to Aiko's lips and lets her suck on it a bit, it seems to calm her down a bit
<Kumiko> she didn't seem hungry just now...
<Gyoshoku> I think she just wants to suck on something, not because she's hungry maybe
<Kumiko> Maybe...
<Gyoshoku> my poor koishii, so tired
<Gyoshoku> sleep, I'll take care of this...
<Kumiko> How can I sleep when my daughter's sad?
* Gyoshoku smiles a little
<Gyoshoku> because you know her daddy will take care of her?
<Kumiko> well... that is a pretty good argument...
<Kumiko> but... listen to her...
<Gyoshoku> yeah... she seemed happier when you were holding her, and now she's kicking me
* Gyoshoku tsks her gently and tries rocking her again, which only makes her fussier
<Kumiko> Aww, Aichan, is daddy mean to you?
<Gyoshoku> horrendous, clearly
<Gyoshoku> oof, you're stronger than you look, little one
<Kumiko> Here, let me have her...
* Gyoshoku looks at the baby a little helplessly and hands her back
* Kumiko holds her arms to take the baby back
* Kumiko yawns and kisses the top of Aiko's head
<Gyoshoku> I am the worst father ever *mock pouts*
<Kumiko> do you want something to suck on, Aichan?
<Kumiko> and you're not, Gyo
<Kumiko> and if you ever say that again, I'll punch you
* Gyoshoku chuckles
<Gyoshoku> alright, alright
* Kumiko offers Aiko her finger to suckle on
<Gyoshoku> so violent, I never thought you were the type
* Gyoshoku picks Kumiko's braid up off her neck and fans her, it is very warm in the house
<Gyoshoku> I think I'll open the door
<Kumiko> that'd be nice...
<Kumiko> and you're the one always telling me it's ok for me to hit you if you go to far *smiles slightly at him*
<Gyoshoku> but you've never taken me up on it
<Kumiko> because me telling you not to is usually enough
* Gyoshoku goes over, opens the door and then wets a cloth and wipes his neck with it
<Gyoshoku> how is it so warm so early in the year, anyway?
<Gyoshoku> just yesterday it was too cool
* Gyoshoku brings the cloth over and wipes Kumiko's neck as well
<Kumiko> I don't know...
<Kumiko> Ooh... look... she's calming down now...
<Kumiko> was it too warm, Aiko?
* Gyoshoku smiles down at his daughter
<Gyoshoku> my little Aichan knows when things aren't right
* Kumiko nods and yawns
<Kumiko> is it better now, honey?
<Kumiko> can mommy please go to sleep now?
* Gyoshoku chuckles at them
<Gyoshoku> you've already spoiled her, look at that
<Kumiko> hmm?
* Kumiko looks over at Gyo
<Gyoshoku> she's so content laying there
<Gyoshoku> it's not fair, she never settles for me
<Kumiko> She does too...
<Gyoshoku> yeah, ok, but it takes a lot more work
<Gyoshoku> I think she realises I can't feed her
* Kumiko giggles slightly
* Gyoshoku kisses Aiko's head softly "not that I blame you, little one, your mommy's arms are the best in the world to fall asleep in"
<Kumiko> I think your arms are...
* Gyoshoku smiles at her and kisses her cheek
* Kumiko smiles back
<Gyoshoku> you're about to fall over
<Kumiko> I'm pretty tired, yeah...
* Gyoshoku gets up and then picks her up, still holding Aichan
<Kumiko> but at least Aichan's finally settling...
<Gyoshoku> come on, we're going to sleep outside
* Kumiko leans her head against Gyo
<Gyoshoku> it's cooler
<Kumiko> Alright...
* Gyoshoku takes them outside and sits down beneath one of the largest trees, his girls still in his arms
<Gyoshoku> I've been reduced to your favourite chair, you realise
<Kumiko> My very very favourite one
<Kumiko> do you mind? *yawns*
<Gyoshoku> of course not... though I'd like to think I was a little more than that
* Kumiko smiles and strokes Aiko's head
<Kumiko> You know I love you more than anything, Gyo...
<Gyoshoku> no you don't, but I wouldn't have it any other way
<Kumiko> well... maybe except Aichan... but I love her in a different way...
<Gyoshoku> I know, koishii
<Gyoshoku> if I had to spend the rest of my life as your chair, I'd count myself lucky to get to hold you
<Kumiko> You won't... *yawns*
<Gyoshoku> I know...
<Gyoshoku> go ahead and sleep, I won't let anything hurt you
<Kumiko> I know... nothing dangerous can happen when I'm here...
* Gyoshoku smiles and shifts her so most of her weight is against his chest
* Gyoshoku notes that Aiko has already drifted off to sleep
* Kumiko sighs happily
<Kumiko> she's sleeping... finally...
* Gyoshoku smiles and nods
<Gyoshoku> and there's a nice breeze out here
<Kumiko> yeah...
<Gyoshoku> and I'm holding the two most important things in the world
<Kumiko> This week... it's been a week, right?
<Gyoshoku> yes, one week exactly
<Kumiko> it's been fantastic...
<Kumiko> and so chaotic...
<Gyoshoku> wonderful and exhuasting
<Kumiko> yes...
<Gyoshoku> I've never been so proud and so afraid at the same time
<Kumiko> I know...
<Gyoshoku> she's so tiny
<Gyoshoku> and SO much work
<Kumiko> yeah...
<Kumiko> and she depends on us... completely...
* Kumiko snugs against Gyo
* Gyoshoku tightens his arms around her
<Gyoshoku> I love you, and her...
<Kumiko> I love you too
<Kumiko> and her... I love my Aichan so...
<Gyoshoku> she looks so much like you
<Gyoshoku> look at those eyes
<Kumiko> She's sleeping, Gyo
<Kumiko> how can I look at her eyes?
<Kumiko> *giggles tiredly*
<Gyoshoku> tsh, they look like yours
<Gyoshoku> I can even tell when they're closed
<Kumiko> Uh huh
<Kumiko> and how are you expecting me to compare her eyes to my own?
<Gyoshoku> well, you've got a mirror
<Kumiko> oh, yeah...
<Gyoshoku> besides, they certainly don't look like mine
<Kumiko> her ears look just like yours...
* Gyoshoku laughs
<Gyoshoku> ears, huh?
<Kumiko> Yes...
<Kumiko> the same shape... exactly...
<Gyoshoku> mhm, if you say so
<Gyoshoku> I'd prefer she look just like you
<Kumiko> She's not just my child, Gyo...
<Kumiko> and I want her to look like you... I want everybody to easily see that she really is the child of our love...
* Kumiko yawns again
<Gyoshoku> I don't think anyone will doubt she's mine, koishii
<Gyoshoku> you were a good girl until I came along *smiles*
<Kumiko> that's not the point... the point is... the point is...
<Kumiko> we named her Aiko... so I want her to look of both of us...
<Kumiko> and she does... and there's nooooothin' you can do 'bout it
* Gyoshoku chuckles again and kisses the top of her head
<Gyoshoku> you're so grouchy when you're tired
* Kumiko snugs up against him
<Kumiko> maybe...
<Gyoshoku> sleep, koishii
<Kumiko> Mmk...
<Kumiko> Don't let us stay out all night... mmk?
<Gyoshoku> she doesn't sleep more than a few hours anyway
<Kumiko> true...
* Kumiko closes her eyes
<Kumiko> Love you...
<Gyoshoku> love you, too
* Kumiko snugs up and drifts off to sleep
* Gyoshoku holds her and dozes a bit as well
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